Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Site (Under construction)

Hey peeps

In case you were wondering 'sydneylovestechno' is moving to a new website. Hold tight as it is still under construction.

Aslanidis Sonic Network 8: Exhibition at Gallery 9

Check it out! Nov 3rd-27th at Gallery 9. Info below.

Since the 1990s, John Aslanidis has been exploring the relationship between sound and vision. In each painting, Aslanidis uses colour and line to create chromatic intensities that resemble the experience of listening to music. Aslanidis is interested in portraying an “optimistic vision”.

Aslanidis describes this new series of work as “sonic currents”. He explains: “This latest phase adds another level of complexity, and interactivity, between the intersecting patterns in the paintings. My intention is to create imagery with a sonic resonance where there is no start or end point. They capture a fragment of infinity and represent a sense of a perpetual change.”

Heavily influenced by the field of electronic music and its sub-genres including dub, minimal techno and hip hop, Aslandis was a member of Clan Analogue (a collective of electronic sound and visual artists) during the 1990s. He has achieved international recognition and has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas including regular exhibitions in New York at Tobey Fine Art from 2001 to 2008.

Most recently John Aslanidis was included in Sight & Sound: Music & Abstraction in Australian Art at the Arts Centre, Melbourne. In 2011, he will undertake a 5-month residency in New York at the prestigious Location One. He will also exhibit twice in Berlin at dr. julius I ap. The first is a group show titled Constructive / Concrete / Multiple opening on 16 December 2010 running until February 2011. The second opens in October 2011 and is a collaboration with sound artist Brian May.

Monday, November 1, 2010


New electronica pop artist from Sydney's inner west. Recently featured on Triple J Unearthed, this definitely an artist to watch. Laid back electronic pop, in good way.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Never Fear Im Still here!

I have received a few comments/emails over the past month asking whether the blog will still continue or if its coming to an end....

Let me assure you its definitely NOT ending, merely been on a break, so to speak.

There is a ton of content waiting to posted and the weekly gig guides will continue but there will be quite a few changes on the blog in the coming weeks.

Thanks for everyone who has followed thus far, and please do not delete your feeds! More posts coming I promise!


PS: Again, if you would like to contribute please shoot me an email at sydneylovestechno AT gmail.com I may take a few days to reply but I am definitely looking for some keen beans who want to do some very casual blogging here and there on techno in Sydney and whereever really. Let me know

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sasha's new Audio Visual Setup premiers at Big Day Out

Sasha, the name synonymous among hundreds of thousands of clubbers and one of the few original UK super-star DJs still making a name for himself showcased his new audio and visual setup right across Australia over the last month as part of the Big Day Out Festival, one of the most popular and prestiges Aussie festivals to play at.

The setting was the famous Boiler Room which had its birth in the huge empty warehouse of Homebush Bay (Sydney Olympic Venue area) but has hosted the whos who of electronic music over the last 7 years.

Working with a team from Montreal, responsible for some of the LED installations of Circus De' Sole, the setup was custom built with lots of smaller LED screens and special mountings which was specially shipped to Australia for the tour. Sasha has noted that the set-up was a response to the festival set where it can become a challenge to bring deeper sounds and creating an environment where people get into the groove of a set.

“I’ve always wanted to do something more, and do something different. I’m not the DJ who plays all the big anthem tunes …. What I want to do is have something that is separate from my club shows. So this festival set is gonna be an hour and a half long, the music is going to be linked to the visuals and it’s going to be a whole different experience." -taken from ITM Interview by Angy

The screens are placed behind and infront of Sasha, who is situated in the middle and sillouetted by the visuals around him. Visuals react to the music and it was tweaked through out the entire Big Day Out tour however Sasha noted on twitter, "...the visual show was tweaked as the tour went on and Perth got the best out of us"

With Sasha only recently playing a special open-air afternoon set in November at Chinese Laundry in Sydney, there were many rumors of Sasha living in Sydney over the summer and possibly playing another club show, however according to the man himself thats not true. "I know there were lots of rumors about me playing another gig in sydney but I am in oz for Big Day Out and having an amazing time.....I will be back very soon I hope. I love oz."

Still, the rumour mill must go on and I have being told by many that Sash Sydney Harbour cruise party is being tossed around...Lets hope it becomes a reality!

Have a read of this great article by InTheMix reporter Angy, who interviewed Sasha after his November club tour in Australia.

Sasha Behind stage BDO

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Design and Music

After a hectic weekend, seeing Trevor Jackson, Aireoplane and Yen at Hyde Park Barracks and ducking into the back of a Spanish club to check out Shit Robot the night after, I thought I would post up a some articles from couple of other places to complete the rainy Sunday afternoon here in Sydney. With Australia day around the corner and your sick day notice in for tomorrow, no doubt, I'm sure some reading is in order.

While talking with some friends over the weekend the notion of design and music seems to be more prevalent today then ever. Designers and musicians, especically electronic musicians, seem to go hand in hand. Whether its cover art, web site design, graphic design or even the live visuals associated with a DJ act its seems the visual component is a side that can be skilfully used to 'enhance' the music; show a different aspect or perspective. While many people, at first, may just see the swirling live visuals as some sort of way to further trip out drunken (alcohol or otherwise) people the visual component is as much a valid art form as the music itself and needs to be taken more seriously in my opinion.

Becks festival bar was graced with the edgy visuals of VJ Morph which in many ways perfectly complemented the edgier sounds of spaced out disco coming from the time-code vinyls of Trevor Jackson. While in the background saw visuals projected onto the old Sydney Barracks building of which some were designed by visual artist, Julapy. Check it out below, but much of his designs come from code, rather than sampled visuals.

pachinko_02 from lukasz on Vimeo.

Ghostly International is another electronic label known for some unique and defined visuals. Cover art or live much of it is directed and created by Michael Cina who's work extends far and beyond that of underground music labels. Have a read of the interview with him below to gain some insight into this much overlooked industry.

Michael Cina: The Ghostly designer and type wrangler talks about the cosmos, getting loose, and Led Zeppelin.

Back to music, I can safely say Trevor Jackson at Hyde Park Barracks last Friday pumped out some great house and new disco. Steering away from the obvious, going down the slightly gritty but keeping it lively it was a set that was happily lapped up by everyone. Have a read of Dr Tad's review below;

Disco Dissertation: Stunning Output (Review of Future Classic Night with Trevor Jackson)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gig Guide (22nd-26th)

Its the gig guide! Tons of stuff happening as well as Sydney festival events. Also next wed is DJ Yoda at hyde park barracks as well as the infamous yacht club on Australia Day next tuesday!

Future Classic Night @ Sydney Festival ft. Trevor Jackson, Yen(live) & FC DJs - Hyde Park Barracks

Void ft. Silke - Phoenix Bar - Syds leading dub-step night

Suspect - Henry Afrikas - underground house on the north side

Mr Meanr - Chinese Laundry

Hole In The Sky night - Good Small Club

Shit Robot, Jimi Polar, Diatribe - Good God Small Club

Sebo K - Lady Lux

Wham - World Bar, Kings X - Top floor techno mayhem in this famous town-house

Musik Matters - Favela - Dedicated to the true house sounds of Sydney

Club Club - Chinese Laundry - Every weekend hear some of the best in techno, prog and house in the Cave

Spice - Home Terrace - The first spice in n the iconic Home nightclub

The Bunker afterhours ft. Sebo K - From 4:30am Bunker Bar

Apres - Tilbury Hotel - Future Classic Afternoon sessions. Expect the unexpected.

bSide - Beresford Hotel - The new night hosted by fbi presenter Lorna Clarkson with an eclectic mix of local DJs

Sunday Sessions ft. Ben Morris, Robbie Lowe, Culbert, and Tim Jirgenson - The Deck, Luna Park - From 3pm an afternoon by the harbour

Tue, Australia Day

Ben Watt & Dixon - Starship Sydney - This will be epic

Final Gig Guide up Thursdays.
Send your event info sydneylovestechno at gmail dot com