Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pigeon Soup (Warehouse Party)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending and playing at one hell of a warehouse party here in Syd. Aptly named, Pigeon Soup, this was a real warehouse party. Think 20 meter high ceilings, dusty floors(and air!), calendars on the wall dating back 4 years, manually cut power cables and abandoned water cooler units in the corner that made it feel like the originally owners left in a bit of rush... This was an actual abandoned warehouse with multiple areas just waiting to be invaded by inner-city music crews. And so it was!

I arrived expecting something small but instead was presented with three different music 'stages' or areas if you will each with its own set-ups and artists/DJs. One for the sounds of prog, minimal, and techno, another around the corner for the sounds Drum n Bass and dubstep as well as a live mc/improv area outside.

'Bass Directive' Stage, the one myself and others played at, started packing out around 10 with a constant mass of open-minded people all night right until some time in the early morning. Although this can be said for every other area too. If I have a modest estimate I would say somewhere around 1500-2000 people rocked up to this free warehouse party and the vibe was awesome. Friendly, up-for-it party people. Jamie Tek and Ian D dropped some minimal-tech, deep-techno and house tunes which everyone lapped up. Think the sounds of Radio Slave Koma Koma to Precious System's The Voice From Planet Love (which went downs very nicely!).

Element and enimateK were pumping out the prog-house and slamming techno which really got the place in a frenzy. Solid tunes, great mixing and Elements driving style really kept the punters on edge. At one point a small group of people formed on a (precarious) landing behind and above the DJ area. They were just rocking out so hard I though they would all tumble down on us. Luckily that didn't happen. A definite highlight was seeing Element dropping Dubfire's remix of Radio Slave Grindhouse to a mass of warehouse ravers. Really, the only way to play that dark number. Definitely on the list of best-techno-warehouse-tracks!

Element @ Pigeon Soup

2Flies was the name of the other area/organisers where I saw some awesome live Drum and Bass played out. Fast paced, great break downs, I'm not too sure if the guy was playing his own tunes or just mixing through software. Either way there were some insane moments in that area as well as some insane tunes. Check the video below;

The other area outside was like a live mc/rap and/or Improvisation area. Basically, put up a live drummer, an MC, and someone bashing out wonky bass lines on a classic Moog Sythesizer and you have a recipe for WIN! Epic win in fact. People were loving it with everyone around the area just bouncing to the beats. Check the grainy video below...

Live synths, live drums, live vocals. Abandoned warehouse...

Bass Directive

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