Monday, August 24, 2009

Space Cadets Podcast 001 - Nic Scali (& other Sets)

Its up! Took me a while to get working but Space Cadets now has a podcast which will feature one stand-out set from the night. So if you're lucky enough to be there or just cant go out Thursdays, you can now check what went down through itunes or whatever podcasting software you use.

What about the other sets you ask!? As usual all sets will be posted on the blog however only one will be selected for the podcast after each night.

Welcome to the Space Cadets Podcast! After each night a set, recorded live at Space Cadets, will be selected for the podcast showing off the awesome music and DJs who sweat it out each Thursday night.

To do the honours Space Cadet resident DJ Nic Scali delivers this epic set which had the place pumping till close sometime on Fri morning. Expect the chunky and slightly quirky house and techno stylings Nic's known for.

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Sets from Space Cadets 13-08-09 (Stream of click-through to download)

Mitch Crosher warm-up @ Space Cadets 13-08
After HUGE sound problems with the venue, Mitch got on the decks to deliever a great tech-house set. Scoring gigs all over the place Mitch is becoming known for his funk tech stylings.

Ash Le Rouge @ Space Cadets 13-08

Having already played at many other parties Le Rouge combined his disco edits with some minimalish tinged house before pushing it up a notch close to the end. Definitely one of the more pop-ier sets at Space Cadets

Alex Caminer @ Space Cadets 13-08
Alex jumped on to take it deep down into warped-house land. If you havent heard him already and you read this blog then your missing out.

Nic Scali @ Space Cadets 13-08

Next Space Cadets Thursday is 3rd September

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