Saturday, November 29, 2008

Upcoming - SHRUG 5th Dec, Civic Underground

Its great to follow fellow DJs rise up in the scene and thats exactly whats happening with a new event called SHRUG which launches this Friday. Organised by the same people that bought us the awesome Sunday School nights, expect nothing but some of the best music, DJs and of course one of the best crowds around which these guys always seem to attract.

Opening this Friday Shrug features ; Tim Culbert, Life DJ's, Alex Marsh(Sunday School resident), Dave Stuart (Sunday School resident)

The crew who’ve brought you the best of local up coming talent in deep tech, prog and techno at their Sunday School nights at the Bunker proudly present SHRUG!!!

As always we’re putting together a night of quality music that you wont find in the majority of clubs around Sydney. You’ll be treated to what we’d consider a perfect flow of music throughout the night starting with some deep techy grooves to get you on the dance floor.

Friday 5th December
10:00pm - 4:00am

Civic underground
Cnr Pitt & Goulburn sts, Sydney

$15 / $10 before 11pm or on Guest list

Tim Culbert
Tim first stepped behind the decks in 2001 under the watchful eye of his funky house spinning DJ mate Mo’Funk. But Culbert quickly found himself craving something deeper, eventually discovering the progressive tribal sound of Steve Lawler and Danny Howells - from here his musical journey has twisted through deep house, tech house, progressive and techno, although Culbert says “I prefer to just call it house music.”

Culbert is regularly called upon for warm-up duties for Sweetchilli-sponsored events – most notably opening the main room at Home for the 2008 Livewire event featuring Paolo Mojo and Supermayer.

His union with Robbie Lowe has also borne fruit, with Culbert recently playing before Lowe and Tiesto for the Dutch trancer’s performance at the Hordern Paviliion in May 2008. Now Tim and Robbie have joined forces – their uncannily similar sound has become the cornerstone of their new Colour parties, launched with a special 4-disc promo mix and has expanded to include fellow Sydney progressive house production whiz Matt Rowan in the future.

Culbert has also stretched his wings beyond the DJ Booth, having been on board as a resident DJ alongside Grant Taplin on internet portal Proton Radio’s .AUdio show since September 2005. And a production career is also on his agenda, although for now any output will remain secret until his inner perfectionist is ready to share them with the rest of the world. He also recently co-found Thug Records which showcases cutting edge underground music from both locally and abroad.

Tim’s latest colour mix;

Life DJs

The Life DJs are Rod Lee and Ken Knott. Meeting fortuitously through a friends sisters boyfriend the two quickly realised they had much more in common than a few degrees of separation. Forming a studio partnership in early 2005 saw the boys spending unnatural amounts of time together working on their studio tans… recently resulting in an EP released on the boys own label – Life Music.

Life, undeniably the most successful night at uber club Favela, proved that the boys were not alone in their passion for quality, forward thinking music and a damn good time. Disregarding genre barriers and refusing to be yet more trend followers worked and gave the boys a unique opportunity to develop unhampered by the 'pop' culture of the time. Fast forward 20 months and the boys are reaping the rewards equally as much as the lucky people on the dance floors who get to share in what is quickly becoming contagious… a Life DJs set

Taking the life ethos of pushing boundaries into the DJ booth requires constant attention and innovation. Spending countless hours in the studio and investing serious time honing their stage craft, the boys are consistently embracing new technologies to make their sets fresh, exciting and unique.
Rod and Ken have now developed a hybrid live/DJ setup that incorporates Ableton Live, 3 CDJs, 2 midi controllers, EFX and Soft Synths to put the full gamut of their DJing and production skills to use in every single one of their sets. Pooling their creative resources together including original tunes, remixes and specially made FX together with the skills and knowledge gained from years of Djing means that during every life DJ set you are guaranteed to witness 2 performers leaving nothing on stage or in the booth.

Life DJs live mix recorded October 3rd in The Cave at the Chinese Laundry.



Alex Marsh

Hailing from the UK, Sydney DJ Alex Marsh was heavily influenced by legendary London nights such as: Renaissance, Bedrock and The Gallery.
Having secured a residency at the successful Sunday School Alex likes to push his own unique sound refusing to be pigeon holed by one genre. With this passion and enthusiasm for all styles of music and a real understanding of building a set Alex is a welcome addition to the Sydney scene. He has quickly become a well respected proponent of using Abelton during his DJ sets drawing comparisons to another famous “Alex” from the UK. Having recently set his sights on production and refusing to be "just another DJ" there is still much more to come from this Londoner.

Dave Stuart

The perennial late bloomer……Dave has always been passionate about listening to music and has been hanging around the Sydney scene for what seems like forever but keeping a low profile as being an always modest individual. Only starting to learn to DJ about 18 months ago Dave’s already played at several of Sydney well known clubs and has been running his own night specifically for up & comers, Sunday School, since July 2008.
• Sunday School @ The Bunker (resident)
• Homeskooled @ The Burdekin
• Deadly Domingos @ Favela
• Knocked up @ ARQ
• DSS Warehouse Party – September
• Midi In The City – November
• Civic Underground – Saturdays
Dave’s style could be summed up in one word…DEEP…whether it be House, Tech-House, Progressive or Techno, you’ll find his sets incorporating a deep groove throughout.

Bjorn Wilke & 16bit Lolitas tonight!

Forgot to mention the world famous house duo 16bit Lolitas are banging away 2nite at Chinese Laundry, should be a very good time.

Also on the cards is Sydney favourite Bjorn Wilke gracing the decks at KINK for this weekend and this weekend only after recently relocating to Germany.

Remember say "Sydney Loves Techno" at the door for KINK for reduced entry...

Coolest venue....somewhere in Sydney

I was looking through photos of the past events and came across these pictures of the last TECHnique party which plays hosts to some of Sydneys best underground DJs and VJs..

Take a look here and tell me that is not one cool looking venue, have to get along to the next Technique party thats for sure...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Congrats to Darko VJing Godskicthen tent

Fellow s.l.t reader and blogger, Darko, has scored his first big VJ set at the Godskitchen tent at GG this Sunday! You might of remembered me blogging on about the awesome visuals of the last Midi In the City Party!? Well this is the man responsible so check him out of your there!

Promo Vid here;

technique - 07/08 from bleep on Vimeo.

Black Friday for nightlife in Sydney....

The current NSW Government has being and continues to be one of the worst performing governing bodies in the entire history of NSW.

Today at 9am the NSW Government decided to impose the 2am lockout that so brilliantly failed in Melbourne but for some reason they believe will be a success in Sydney. What this means is that between the hours of 2am-5am
  • No one can leave and re-enter or enter the club
  • drinks must be served in non breakable plastic! - I mean what the fuck does that have to do with orderly behaviour, if some one is stupid enough to get into a fight and smash a glass, they'll use what ever other objects that are near by. Chair, stool, pool que should we ban these as well!
  • No double shot drinks or drinks with too much alcohol - because unfortunately here in Sydney we can decided when he have had enough to drink. We just have to be told by our oh so helpful government
  • 10min NO-SERVE periode in each hour between 2-5am, that is for 10min no alcahol can be served for every hour
Now apprently the some of the Hotels have already taken this to court this afternoon with a another hearing next Wednesday. What happened was the government fasttracked the law to be passed at 9AM today so as to avoid the hearing in court today and thus make it law today.

Alot of the bigger clubs have being excempted with speical condiditons but to be honest this is going to hurt all the boutique night clubs, the underground clubs and our music and art culture of the city which thrives on a all night open policy.

Will the law last? My prediction FUCK NO! Too many clubs will apply for excemption, and it will in all lickly hood increase violence as clubs, unable to make enough money with the tough restrictions proably wanting to close at 2 now anyway and avoid the hassel.

NSW becomes more and more akin to a police state, as the government and police decide when, where and now at what time we are able to have fun...

Feel free to download the offical Government Gazzette here for full information on all restrictions.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gig Guide! - Sydney Summer takes hold...prepeare for madness - loco!

Its the GIG GUIDE!
(Queue corny crowd cheers typical of those used in 1930s radio

Yes, so as Summer starts to take hold (well take hold then leave us with rain, then take hold again fuck the weather has being bizarre lately) this weekend has something in store for you no matter what genre of music your into. However we just care about the electronic & techno side of things ja!..and anything obscenely cool...

  1. Minimal Fuss presents Pepperpot @ Civic Underground
  2. Eat Musikk ft. Mattt & Sari - 2 risings stars in the Sydney scene, Mattt at only 22 being one of the best minimal DJs at that age and Sari a rising deep house star. Without a doubt a good night out
  3. Dirty South @ nevermind - Aussie star although more affliated with electro however his sets dont sit in that genre. 3hr set drop "Sydney Loves Techo' at the door for discounted entry
  4. Paul Van Dyke @ Home - again, his sets are lendgendary and his skills as a DJ are at the top of his game. Dont just expect trance, espiecally these days where most of these superstar DJs make there hypnotic sets with the help or Prog and techno ahum...

  1. KINK @ nevermind presents Bjorn Wilke - Yes his back in Sydney for one weekend for a very speical set at the new club on the block nevermind! Will be off the hook. Drop 'Sydney Loves Techno' at the door for discounted entry
  2. Earth Festival @ Centinal park; this sounds like just plain fun and hippiness;A giant indoor 360 cinema Orb, live music, the biggest drum circle in the Southern Hemisphere, Chai tent grooves, trapeze classes, thousands of yoga legs stretched out and the best food ever all come together in a major celebration of planet earth.
  3. Society - Boutique Sydney - NEVER heard of this or the organisers before; Society presents a night of progressive house with tribal infusions, bringing Sydney the sounds of the Ibiza summer --> sound good though
  4. Robert Babicz @ Chinese Laundry
  5. Simone Caldwell @ Civic Underground
  1. GLOBAL GATHERING! RAAAAHHH! - yes, the time has come for entertainment quater madness. My whish to see list Sasha, Kraftwerk and Gorrillaz
  2. Faction @ Bunker Bar - underground tech, prog and minimal goodness
  3. SMUT @ nevermind - unoffical global gathering afterparty, people from the festival get in for free however!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday School review/recap 23rd Nov :: Awesome night! Awesome music!

Well another Sunday School past and it was no quiet one that's for sure with one first timer and the rest all showing us how much they have progressed over the past few months!

PHOTOS HERE: and on InTheMix Gallery section for Sydney

7-8pm - Jamie Tek; The new starting time for Sunday School even the staff were shocked to see me down there so early but all was good and we started around 7pm with people rocking up all through that hour. I played a pretty chilled out set with some trippy DJ Koze remix of Apologies and some Ricardo Villalobos 4WD remix slowed right down and chucked in for good measure (For those wondering Its one of my favourite tracks of year!). I think everyone enjoyed it and thanks for the great feedback to everyone!

8-9pm; Dave Stuart; Chucked it up a notch or better yet down a tone with DEEP being the order of the hour. Although Dave does play Deep most of the time this was a quite the groovy deep set that didnt overpower but didn't put you to sleep either! His set picked up the pace so for first time Johann Mentz to take over, promo below

9-10pm Johann Mentz; Johann played his first set at Sunday School and I believe first club set and by no means did it exhibit any signs of a first timer. His mixing was tight, tracks flowed and it was a very funky tech house style set. As I said to him later its always difficult (in my opinion) playing a funky techy set with out playing heavier style tracks to keep up the intensity. But he did it and did it well, promo below

10-11pm; Alex M; Alex M always has a unique take on Progressive styles and it really shined in his set last Sunday. With heavy influences on UK Prog stars (such as Sasha) his sets always seem to build and build even though he has only an hour to play with! Would love to seem over 2 hours? Either way every felt the intensity raise with hands-in-the-air action towards the end of his set!

11-12pm; Element; Well Element followed on nicely from Alex's set taking a risk by starting heavy (his words not mine!) and it paid off! It was progressive house at its heaviest and biggest sounding. His beatmatching was spot on and I liked a lot of his transitions too even though the music did cut out for a couple of seconds near the end of his set (note to Element; NEVER try moving a turntable when a record is playing...CDJs are infinitely superior muhaha) . But at Sunday School we're none to fussy of things like that so check out his promo mix below;

12-1am; Chris Combe; Yes Chris the techno head who seems to be able to ID every track I play haha. Combe put on his techno shoes and was unrelenting with some great techno songs that had everyone going, I found it hard to leave half way through his set as it just kept building in intensity, so much so that some fellow Sunday Schoolers just felt the need to keep on partying in Cross returning home in the daylight hours of Monday...
Be sure check out his new mix below;


Also on a side note Dave Stuart and Alex M are moving up to play/host next week event SHRUG at Civic Underground, 5th December but more on that soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Booka Shade & Carl one night! ah!

This is my most mamoth blog to date, read on if you will;

Yeah I know, sounds like too much fun for one night! right!? Well I did it, I did that danced all night and came back albeit during morning hours of the next day.

So the night started at Enmore theatre where Booka Shade played as part of the Stereosonic festival. Before them were Japanese Pop Stars who I had never heard of before (refer to gig guide) but they pretty much blew away the half-full Enmore theatre with their live performance, which involves 2 guys on a laptop and 1 dude on keyboards banging out uh...proggy, techy, almost electro type house/techno. That's my best description, if anything imagine 10 distorted sythns all chucked in one pot and mixed around. While they finished the DJ (who I HAVE to find the name of as I really enjoyed his warm up set) got the crowd moving as the Enmore packed all the way to the back while the Booka crew set up on stage. Bookashade are duo with Arno Kammermeier on electronic drum kit and Walter Merziger playing sythns and melodies while also arranging things live through midi controllers.

As Booka Shade finally graced the stage to an enormous roar (while I was still stuck in line waiting for some bar chick to take 30min to give everyone a can of beer!!!) I raced down to be blasted by some heavy drum beats and typical Booka sounding synths and sounds (havn't heard the new album yet so no track IDs but they did play Charlotte & In White Rooms). There live stage set-up is quite surreal, theatrical and cinematic. They had all the lights responding differently to every track and LED panels on their gear cases was a nice addition to what otherwise would of being boring looking case to store the mountain of gear they tour with!

They also had lights on their faces that would flash different colors depending on the track with smoke that would blast out from behind them so you can start to see why I say its quite a theatrical live show. None the less the crowd LOVED IT! I mean when I was at the back the ENTIRE FLOOR WAS BOUNCING UP AND DOWN because everyone was going was like being on trampoline but on a dancefloor.

Anyway as their time was coming to the end what did I hear slowing rising through the layers of instruments they had going???? Thats right IN WHITE ROOMS! I seriously doubted them playing that but they did...and boy did it fucking go off!! Overall I found Booka a tad more poppy than what I had anticipated by never the less still an amazing live show. The duo have being travelling the world with this show and its one of the most surreal thing to see a whole crowd going crazy to such a mellow song like In White Rooms...
From Booka & Carl (for blog)

So I left around midnight with exactly AN HOUR to get to the Arthouse (In the city), sell my ticket, get through the door and catch Carl Cox stepping up to the decks at 1 do-able!? Yer but alas it was not meant to be.

I have one peice of advice when leaving Enmore Theatre DONT WALK TOWARDS THE CITY! If you want to catch a cab asap! It was ridiculous trying to get a cab anywhere on King St (Newtown's main strip) on a Saturday night. So anyway 20minutes later I manage to hop in cab with some photographer who wanted to go to surry hills first! Argh! So while I'm in this cab with a way to chatty Cab driver, who was basically cross examining this photographer I was counting the minutes away as he leisurely drove to Surry Hills to drop of the other passenger. When I finally make it to the Arthouse, which by the way the Cab driver had no idea of its location!, I got slapped with a double fair bill! I know! WTF!! 'Apparently if your in the cab at the time they can charge you for that as well even though the other guy paid...maybe this was just crap the cabby made up but in the midst of it all and with like 20min left until Carl Cox comes on I just paid the bastard and ran down to the Arthouse to be greeted by a nice line of patrons trying to get in...

So with 2 tickets in hand, one of which I had to sell (due to mates pulling out but that's another story) I managed to sell one of my tickets instantly as there were a lot of people looking to get in and not pay the door price for a ticket! GREAT! Tickets sold waiting in line 15min until Carl steps up and I'll be in for sure by then right! WRONG! SO FUCKING WRONG!!!

As I started to look around I realised two things, one the line I was in wasnt moving and was just getting longer and 2 the other line with people who had Moshtix was just as long and not moving as well. I thought this was just a 'organisational' hold up, you know maybe they were waiting for..something that would hold up a qeue for a concert like a computer error but after 10min and with 5min until Carl came on I started to worry and the line, that was building by the minute, also started to get a little on edge. However I was still positive we would be in just in time...again WRONG!

First thing I noticed people leaving the event that ALREADY HAVE A WRIST BAND were being refused entry and had the line up at the back. I thought that was little odd but nothing to worry about. Then come midnight, I havent moved an inch the line was double the size and the line on the other side of the entrance also had not moved an inch. NOW I was starting to worry! Another 5min nothing, then another 10 nothing, another 15min and the only respone we got from overly charged security was basically SHUT THE HELL UP and stop asking questions about when we could possilby be let in. 30min and this was getting, really unacceptable and the guys in front of me had already being there for 40 so understandably we were starting to all get a little rowdy. So the question was and still is WHY DID WE HAVE TO WAIT OUTSIDE FOR A HOUR BEFORE BEING LET IN!!!??? By that point we had all guessed that it was too full inside but if thats the case then just turn us away (it was around 70 waiting outside) and refund our money but dont let us wait in the cold AND miss the headliner for no good reason!!!!! As till now there is still official response I suspect as we were in the minority they never will be so lets just speculate and say the organisers were all dickwads for making us wait by overselling!...

Carl Cox gig causing a riot!

I'll stop whining now as what where here for is to hear how Carl Cox went down and let me tell you, it was something special. Ignoring the fact that there was no space to move (only mosh) and the bar was pretty inaccessible Carl Cox still managed to bring the house down with hands-in-the-air action at every breakdown. I seriously had trouble identifying ANY of the songs he played. It was fast, hard, banging techno. No wussy shit here. It grooved and flowed like only Carl can make it and he was as enthusiastic about it as if this was one of the few nights he got to play this hard and fast to such a small crowd. I mean this is just pure speculation but his set was COMPLETELY different to the many a recorded Space set I have of him, or when he played at WMC or some other festivals but then again this was Carl Cox at the most intimate and well everyone seemed to have loved it, especially the man himself! To put in his own words

"Sydney, your looking marverlous tonight..."

I do believe however that the crowd response and atmosphere could of being far better if just a couple of elements were different. For one thing the venue was bursting at its seems it made a hippo in school-girl tights look loose...But hey in the end I had fun and so did everyone else (except those ticket-holding few that actually did get turned away..OUCH!) . I cant wait to see this guy back in action. Next year some time, I'm sure.

You heard it 'hear' first - DIRTY SOUTH to play exclusive sideshow this fri!

That's right, Dirty South will be playing as headliner for this Friday @ Sydney's newest and one of the best night clubs, nevermind...

Will try and get something special for all you blog readers! Stay tuned

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gig Guide! - Massive this w/e - Carl Cox, Bookashade in Syd!

Massive weekend this Saturday as part of Stereosonic Festival we see Booka Shade and Carl Cox grace our fine city in what will be 2 very special shows. One because Carl is a legend and universally considered to be one of the best DJs on earth and he is also something of a DJ idol to me (and many haha) but also because he is playing an intimate gig in the beauty of the Arthouse with some of Sydney's Finest! Apparently with seriously vamped up production the night may verywell become as sort of mini-space-ibiza party!

But before that I'm also seeing (like many) Booka Shade performing live in what I have heard is one of the most amazing live electronica shows you can ever see!! With support from Japanese Popstars who, I have never heard of, this should be a great gig none the less!

Then we have Harbourlife which sold out in like 10mins but with Felix and DJ Sneak I'm sure it will be mayhem.

Not to forget KINK ft. Sydneys rising start Defined By Rhythm and Sunday School ft. up-coming DJs in vast city..oh and Smut, the infamous Sydney Sunday night....


  • Booka Shade Live - Enmore Theatre
  • Carl Cox & Friends - Arthouse
  • KINK ft. Defined By Rythm - nevermind
  • Club Club ft. Kazu Kimura - Chines Laundry
  • HARBOUR LIFE ft. Felix Da Housecat & DJ Sneak - Sydney Harbour
  • Sunday School - Bunker Bar - Upcoming DJs check post below!
  • Pacha Sunset Sessions - Cargo - should be interesting, just local talent playing I bleieve + oh and Pacha Girls ;)
  • Smut - nevermind - Over the years there has been a night that has played host to scores of the worlds best local and international djs as well as providing a haven for the kids who wouldnt stay home on a sunday night and now one of Sydneys best kept secrets returns..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Defined By Rhythm - Reflections Mix

Defined by Rhythm has being making a name for himself over the past couple of years for his great sets and the fact he runs 2 great techno/tech-house nights around. Namely THE BOX and Subservice.

Catch him 2nite playing at THE BOX ft. Telefunken & and headlining KINK tomorrow at nevermind!

Defined By Rhythm - Reflections - Nov. 2008 - LINK HERE

Rather than recording a mix of the freshest new tunes, I've decided to show case some of the tunes that have been making their way into my sets on a regular basis over the last few months. Enjoy
1. Stephan Bodzin – Bremen Ost
2. Gregor Tresher – Black Rain
3. Collins & Behnam – Palinka
4. Einmusik & Stimming – Magdalena
5. Paul Ritch – Crazy Madness (Luca Bachetti Remix)
6. Tim Green – Creature
7. Super Flu Rattleschneck
8. Johannes Heil – E
9. Len Faki – My Black Sheep
10. Bloody Mary – Daylight (Paul Ritch Remix)
11. Nicolas Masseyeff – Deva
12. Minniow – Where's My Pill (Florian Meindl Remix)
13. Rex The Dog – I Can See You, Can You See Me? (Oliver Huntemann Remix)

Interestingly Paul Ritch makes it twice in the demo which, to be honest, isnt surprising the guy has being gaining a lot of attention these past few months with some kicker remixes and productions. Check him out below destroying the dancefloor of Lost Baggage last time Paul was playing live in Sydney!

Also Oliver Huntemann for those of you not in the loop will be playing a Field Day 2009! He is replacing Trentmoller which couldnt make it due to "serious personal reasons"....yer I'm wondering what how serious is serious too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunday School...need to repent? Come see Up-n-Comer DJs this Sunday!

Well its another Sunday coming up and you all know what that means! its SUNDAY SCHOOL TIME! For those who don't know, NO its not religious electronic music its a night for up and coming Sydney DJs playing Prog, Tech and techno.

Basically new DJs on the scene showing off what they can do behind the decks. Its very relaxed night so I encourage every one to drop by and have drink, have a dance and/or chill out in one of the big seats and enjoy the quality tunes in the comfort of the Bunker with its kicking sound system as well.

Or if your a new DJ wanting gigs or looking for new DJs for your night, definitely come and check it out...

Sunday School is at Bunker Bar (underneath The Bourbon, Kings X) with $3 drinks until 9! Free entry all night as usual.

So this weekend we have
7-8pm - Jamie Tek 8-9pm - Dave Stuart 9-10pm - Johann Mentz 10-11pm - Alex Marsh 11-12am - Element 12-close - Chris Combe

7-8pm - JAMIE TEK (ME!) opening the place out I'll be playing a very chilled out warm up set. Who knows what styles and genres this may cross...come find out ;)

My last Promo Mix:

8-9pm - DAVE STUART - The Sunday School fajer (think Austin powers) will be uping it a notch and preparing the floor for the new guys to strut their stuff. Expect nothing but excellent prog house from this guy. Here's a live recording of him from another Sunday School and its one of my favourite live mixes right now...
check it here

Droid Musak – Deepchild
Safari – Andre Kroml (james holden mix)
The Black Sniper – Dan Welton
Who Two – Marek Hemmann
Bummelzug – Daso (HOSH mix)
Womanizer – Peter Dildo
Muzak Express – Xpress 2 (Skylark mix)
Blackroom Entertainment – Tiger Stripes
Control – Dataworx
Scoville – Oliver Klien
A Fine Balance – Ned Shepard (Quiver mix)
Harddrive – Montero
Snorkel – Ido Ophir

9-10pm - JOHANN MENTZ - First time set for Johann and probably not his last. I believe there will be some great deep tech and house but take a listen here as this is the vibe his going to be setting;

also Johann has MORE mixes so if you liked that one be sure to check out for his other mixing styles + underground music group ;)

Subterranean Tales – Johann Mentz - September 2008 (Deep Set)
1. Jaguar Shoes (Ripperton’s Lonely Predator Reshape) – Kevin Griffiths
2. 8 Mile Road – The Asphalt
3. Back seat – Robert Dietz
4. Swim (Peter Dildo Mix) – Matthias Tanzmann
5. Pillow Head – Bear Weasel
6. Super 8 Motel – Jacksonville
7. Puta – Nikola Gala
8. Laugh Lines - Gruber
9. Keep On – Dan Berkson featuring Robert Owens
10. Noala – Nikola Gala
11. Moonraker (Magik J Remix) – Foremost Poets

10-11pm - ALEX M - Alex "must make mix" according to him and I second that! He is a Sunday School resident but being its more of a peak time set I'm sure he will get the dance floor moving :P

11-12pm - ELEMENT - Not his first time at Sunday School element will be bringing out the techno and peak time prog plus possibly playing some of his own tracks as well!
Check his latest promo here:

12-1am - CHRIS COMBE - This Sunday School resident he is currently making a new mix, but if its going to be like anything before expect nothing but quality, unheard of, up-front tech-house and techno!

UPDATE Chris has a new mix out check it below!

Mix name: time to move out

"see you soon and am pretty sure this one doesn't sound like crickets.. its more lady beetles making love.."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Murat Kilic signed to 'Stil Vor Talent'

Something I discovered today, high respected party animal/organiser and awesome minimal tech DJ, Murat Kilic, has being signed to Oliver Koleztki's label Stil Vor Talent, which is responsible for some great tech, house and minimal tunes over the past year.

According to his myspace his release will be;

• Red Phobia (Original Mix) - Murat Kilic
3 track EP inculding Red Phobia recently to be released December 2008 on Oliver Koletzki's Stil Vor Talent label from Berlin, Germany

Haven't heard it yet but will definitely keep an ear out. He last remix of Solead's Serpent is a great remix have a listen below:

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

and some of the latest stuff to his Sti Vor Talent (which translated means still for if you could'nt guess lol)

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where will you be NYD @ 3am?

Here maybe?

The guys at SPICE have done it again with perhaps one of the coolest little shin-digs on NYD running and NYE period in general. Radio Slave, Simone Baker, Murat Kilic all ushering 2009 on the harbour. Loose Goose thats for sure! Anyone up for Field Day afterwards too!? :P

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Midi in the City videos & visuals :o

Everyone here at S.L.T are as much about DJs are we as VJs (and by everyone, I mean me! :P) so when I learnt another fellow Sydney-VJ-blogster, VJ Darko, also did the poster and visuals I had to post up his videos from the night!

Seriously slick visuals for a slick night, by many accounts Midi In the City was a great success showing off the great underground talent...pity I couldn't make it but I'll definitely be at the next one...

Also some of the guys who run Midi also run TECHnique THIS SAT @ Sly Fox

Marshall, live @ MIDI IN THE CITY from Ando on Vimeo.

Dane Austin live @ MIDI IN THE CITY from Ando on Vimeo.

Marshall, live @ MIDI IN THE CITY from Ando on Vimeo.

and just a general crowd shot, with Oli G dropping some phattt break beat tunage;

Oli G mixing into the end of Royalston's set @ MIDI IN THE CITY from Ando on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Steve Lawler's Top 5

Originally from Beatportal there some great tracks that I think define the sound internationally right now have listen at the original link.

Wrapping up our Viva Tour live blog coverage is the man himself, Steve Lawler, who reveals exclusively to Beatportal five tracks that have dominated his club sets during this mammoth North American tour.

“Throughout the whole tour there have been some tracks that I’ve played during every set and they represent the sound that I play, taken from different times of the night,” says Steve.

Here are the big five tracks of the Viva tour. Get set.

1. Nyra ‘Tongue’ (Breakout Audio)

2. Dave Aju ‘Crazy Place’ (Luciano Remix)

3. Barem ‘Seeee’ (Minus)

4. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann ‘Dios’

5. Steve Lawler ‘Kalimba’ (R&S)

Friday, November 7, 2008

This Saturday happenings

First up, its always nice when you get a nice reviewer to club that actually knows what their talking about and this review of last Sat at kink was probably better than anything I could write up, but it captured the night perfectly. Little excerpt:
"For me personally, the night was a success. The music is simply fantastic, it is truly a great thing to hear music this good, on a sound system this clear, in a club this swish, in a city that has come so far since Tom Clark first visited. Kink has come a long way since the Arthouse, and while ‘Kink 2.0’ is like comparing XP with OSX, it is worth upgrading. With leading figures in the Australian scene having already played, names like Deepchild and Mike Callander, Scott Robertson’s vision deserves the attention of people with a passion for quality underground dance."

This Saturday KINK @ nevermind welcomes Shades of Grey playing live. The 'becoming famous' duo have being honing their skills in the studio for the past 3 years and are the founders of the well known BEEF Records also from Sydney.

Competing for local talent is the other party MIDI IN THE CITY @ The Loft UTS Bar! And seriously this is the most amount of local electronic artists I've seen in one line up with so many playing live! Well it is dedicated to people playing live so go figure! but Interesting to say the least. It also the Double EP launch of Dane Austins new label

10: MASS STATIC [live]
11: WE'D [live]
12: DANE AUSTIN [live]
1: MARSHALL [live]
9 : DUDE
11 : ANDOSOUND [live]
1: ROYALSTON [live]

So if you want something special get down to both! (Say "Shorty" at the counter at KINK for discounted entry peeps!)
Get in it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cheer up your day....

No I'm not talking about the fact that Obama just got elected to be next president!(interesting how it may be) but look what just came up in the news for Lost Baggage in December!

And to sweeten the deal here Audiofly live La Nocha Escabrosa

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tom Clarks set last Sat...

Photo credits: FiniK from ITM

Well last saturday Tom Clark played at kink and to be honest!? I LOVED ITTTTT...

You know when a minimal set gets into this groove? call it deep minimal or whatever you want to but it was epic! the dance floor thinned out pretty early on last Saturday so there was tones of dance space and of course the funktion one system is purrrring after being tweaked some more recently.

Anyone notice he played half his stuff on vinyl too? I reckon a lot of underground German promos for sure, it was very ' Berlin' thats for sure...I chatted to him quickly after his set and he commented on how he liked the club (nevermind) and how he finds that sometimes Sydneys crowd thin out (like last W/E) and how often though its pumping!

Also he played a suprise set a SPICE afterwards which, man, I was soooo close to getting along too but as mentioned in my prev post...sigh. Anyone else go care to comment?

One song Ive being playing recently and Tom played too, that also went down well with the other pundits was Guido Schneider and Andrea Galluzi's "Too Late" #5 in player below ;)

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lack of posts, so heres another article!

Hey peeps sorry for the serious lack of posts but with exams (uni!) around the corner my life has being reduced to staring at non-sensical questions...Trust me I have a whole pile of posts in draft which are yet to be posted!

So while procrastinating I stumbled upon this interesting article from the IrishTimes called Techno: Second Coming

Not that the title surprises me its more the fact that its in the Irish Times!? I'm not sure what type of newspaper that is but could you imagine Sydney Morning Herald doing an article on Luciano coming to play in December! ha! no way! their so disconnected from Sydney music culture it would be like reporting about how someone grandmother fell ill in Russia to them! In fact last time I heard anything from them was I believe a terrible internet article on how the reporter thought trance was crap and AvB was an idiot...

The article is basically about a techno oldie who, according to them, created the genre of electronic music...but have a read

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Deepchild - Donut Hound music video! (filmed @ nevermind)

Great Music video of a great night, simple, slow motion & effective + its an awesome song. Heres the interview I did after Deepchilds set;