Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sasha's new Audio Visual Setup premiers at Big Day Out

Sasha, the name synonymous among hundreds of thousands of clubbers and one of the few original UK super-star DJs still making a name for himself showcased his new audio and visual setup right across Australia over the last month as part of the Big Day Out Festival, one of the most popular and prestiges Aussie festivals to play at.

The setting was the famous Boiler Room which had its birth in the huge empty warehouse of Homebush Bay (Sydney Olympic Venue area) but has hosted the whos who of electronic music over the last 7 years.

Working with a team from Montreal, responsible for some of the LED installations of Circus De' Sole, the setup was custom built with lots of smaller LED screens and special mountings which was specially shipped to Australia for the tour. Sasha has noted that the set-up was a response to the festival set where it can become a challenge to bring deeper sounds and creating an environment where people get into the groove of a set.

“I’ve always wanted to do something more, and do something different. I’m not the DJ who plays all the big anthem tunes …. What I want to do is have something that is separate from my club shows. So this festival set is gonna be an hour and a half long, the music is going to be linked to the visuals and it’s going to be a whole different experience." -taken from ITM Interview by Angy

The screens are placed behind and infront of Sasha, who is situated in the middle and sillouetted by the visuals around him. Visuals react to the music and it was tweaked through out the entire Big Day Out tour however Sasha noted on twitter, "...the visual show was tweaked as the tour went on and Perth got the best out of us"

With Sasha only recently playing a special open-air afternoon set in November at Chinese Laundry in Sydney, there were many rumors of Sasha living in Sydney over the summer and possibly playing another club show, however according to the man himself thats not true. "I know there were lots of rumors about me playing another gig in sydney but I am in oz for Big Day Out and having an amazing time.....I will be back very soon I hope. I love oz."

Still, the rumour mill must go on and I have being told by many that Sash Sydney Harbour cruise party is being tossed around...Lets hope it becomes a reality!

Have a read of this great article by InTheMix reporter Angy, who interviewed Sasha after his November club tour in Australia.

Sasha Behind stage BDO