Friday, September 25, 2009

Gig Guide ( 25th-27th)

Sorry for the lateness however as usual check the side bar for the final gig guide up now!

It seems Fri and Sun are the nights with a sleuth of local nights dedicated to great locals! House Inspection, Sideways, Fresh Meat and/or newbie Club 77 (with not so newbie locals!). Sat sees Earthdance bring in the goods (check prev post) while Sunday sees the new night bSide take over with an awesome lineup. Deepchild (possibly first gig back from europe!!!?), Loin Brothers and more!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

House Inspection with Gary Todd (This Fri!)

Newly found underground night, House Inspection, will be taking over the Civic Underground to show case some of the latest and greatest in house and techno from Garry Todd and upncomer DJs Alex Caminer, Nic Scali, Chris Leffers and Harris James.

This month Garry Todd is the guest, fresh of the boat (or plane rather) from Europe he will no doubt be showing off his latest tunes and funky house style. Keep a look out for his new release on 20:20 Vision under his new alias, Acid Mondays. I have mentioned Mr todd before in previous post as he is definitely a Sydney artists to watch over the coming year.

$5 entry which is cheap and chips for a night like this. Anyone who has being to Space Cadets will know that the residents are quality.

Friday night 25th Sept
$5 Entry, Civic Underground
from 10pm

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Earthdance party this weekend ft. Slam & Silicone Soul!


Oh, you heard right. Apparently these two techno heavy weights from the renowned Soma label, Slam and Silicone Soul, will be hitting up the Aussie country side along some awesome local talent for an Earthdance members party this weekend!

Starting this Friday and going till some time Sunday, the campout will be an intimate 3-day event encompassing music, art and lifestyle held 2 hours away from Sydney near Newcastle on private property. The venue features rivers and plenty of grass, shade and includes basic camping facilities.

You'd be forgiven if you only just heard about this, as it has been kept quite hush hush with the idea behind it being the famous Earthdance party returning to its bush roots with a crew and members camp-out for everyone who has contributed over the years and made the event possible.

Local talent includes the likes of Jamie Lloyd, Jimi Polar, Robbie Lowe and Tim Culbert, Diatribe, Marco, Aubusson, Logan Baker and more!

Rumour has it that Slam will be playing sunset and Silicone Soul will be playing sunrise...check out Slam's recent Monopod Podcast. Starting slow with some deep, chilled out dub before progressing into housier and techier territory. A perfect accompaniment to the Sydney Summer.

Slam - Monopod podcast (April 09)

Earthdance Member Site for More Info
Friday 25th-Sunday27th - $50 Entry fee

Pigeon Soup (Warehouse Party)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending and playing at one hell of a warehouse party here in Syd. Aptly named, Pigeon Soup, this was a real warehouse party. Think 20 meter high ceilings, dusty floors(and air!), calendars on the wall dating back 4 years, manually cut power cables and abandoned water cooler units in the corner that made it feel like the originally owners left in a bit of rush... This was an actual abandoned warehouse with multiple areas just waiting to be invaded by inner-city music crews. And so it was!

I arrived expecting something small but instead was presented with three different music 'stages' or areas if you will each with its own set-ups and artists/DJs. One for the sounds of prog, minimal, and techno, another around the corner for the sounds Drum n Bass and dubstep as well as a live mc/improv area outside.

'Bass Directive' Stage, the one myself and others played at, started packing out around 10 with a constant mass of open-minded people all night right until some time in the early morning. Although this can be said for every other area too. If I have a modest estimate I would say somewhere around 1500-2000 people rocked up to this free warehouse party and the vibe was awesome. Friendly, up-for-it party people. Jamie Tek and Ian D dropped some minimal-tech, deep-techno and house tunes which everyone lapped up. Think the sounds of Radio Slave Koma Koma to Precious System's The Voice From Planet Love (which went downs very nicely!).

Element and enimateK were pumping out the prog-house and slamming techno which really got the place in a frenzy. Solid tunes, great mixing and Elements driving style really kept the punters on edge. At one point a small group of people formed on a (precarious) landing behind and above the DJ area. They were just rocking out so hard I though they would all tumble down on us. Luckily that didn't happen. A definite highlight was seeing Element dropping Dubfire's remix of Radio Slave Grindhouse to a mass of warehouse ravers. Really, the only way to play that dark number. Definitely on the list of best-techno-warehouse-tracks!

Element @ Pigeon Soup

2Flies was the name of the other area/organisers where I saw some awesome live Drum and Bass played out. Fast paced, great break downs, I'm not too sure if the guy was playing his own tunes or just mixing through software. Either way there were some insane moments in that area as well as some insane tunes. Check the video below;

The other area outside was like a live mc/rap and/or Improvisation area. Basically, put up a live drummer, an MC, and someone bashing out wonky bass lines on a classic Moog Sythesizer and you have a recipe for WIN! Epic win in fact. People were loving it with everyone around the area just bouncing to the beats. Check the grainy video below...

Live synths, live drums, live vocals. Abandoned warehouse...

Bass Directive

More Photos
Bass Directive Facebook Group
2Flies Facebook Group

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gig guide (18th-20th)

This weekend sees a come back of locals nights with Technique providing its dose of local techno and visuals this Saturday as well as Simon Caldwell mixing it up at melt.

Also on offer Sunday will see future classic DJs Loyld and Polar hammer it out from 5 or so while Ableton Anonymous will be showing off some of Sydney's producers across different genres live.


Technique - Sly Fox Hotel - Local techno for your ears and feet

Off The Beat ft. Simon Caldwell - Melt Bar

Musik Matters - Favela -
Quality house music from Syd locals

Club Club - Chinese Laundry


Spice ft. Jimi Polar & Jamie Loyd- Kings Cross Hotel (4am)

The Bunker - From 4:30am Bunker Bar

Bedlam- 202 - From 2pm, a chilled session of new music from a range of established and new locals - FREE

Ableton Anonymous - Lewisham Hotel - many styles of dance from midday till 9pm

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
Send your event info to!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SUP - Sydney Underground Podcast (with Walka)

Walka 'SUP'n' it at Shrug, Civic Underground

There has been a wealth of podcasts cropping up from Sydney peeps recently, Reckless Republic, Beef Records, Space Cadets to name but a few. However these are all in a 'DJ-Mix only' format.

In comes SUP! The Sydney Underground Podcast, arguably in true podcast style. That is, embedded linked artwork and selection of tracks with commentary usually followed by a guest mix. I spoke with Walka the man and DJ behind SUP and someone, if you reside in Sydney, you've probably already heard play in the infamous Cave of Chinese Laundry.

Q: What would you say is the idea behind your podcast, Sydney Underground Podcast (S.U.P.)?

The idea behind the podcast is to play a short mix each week of my favourite new tunes that I’m rocking at the time, and to also feature short mixes of other Sydney DJs doing the same.

Q: Anything inspired you to make a 'Sydney Underground Podcast'? Or has it been something you always wanted to do.

I got the inspiration a couple of months ago. I love making mixes and getting them out for people to listen to so podcasting seemed like a great way to do it. It’s a great medium and doesn’t require much effort on the listeners part because all they really have to do is subscribe and then they just come automatically. The idea to feature other Sydney DJs came about because after having clubbed for the past few years I’ve found that Sydney has some genuinely great DJs who I really dig. There hadn’t been much done in the way yet of a localised specific outlet for Sydney underground DJs to feature their mixes, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve met quite a few DJs in my time out and about so already had some good contacts to hit up for mixes. I’m hoping that it’ll get to a stage where Sydney DJs will approach me with mixes to put on the show! And yeah, as soon as the idea came into my head I got onto making it happen. So I learnt how to podcast, which when you’re first learning is pretty complicated! But I got the hang of it now and am enjoying it. Have reached a couple of hundred subscribers and there’s listeners from America and England so Sydney sounds will be reaching far places!

(it has) reached a couple of hundred subscribers and there’s listeners from America and England so Sydney sounds will be reaching far places!

Q: What can we expect from a typical Sydney Underground Podcast?

Musically, it will mainly be a blend between deep and tech house sounds from myself, what the other DJs play is entirely up to them! I guess a lot of it comes down to what tunes are coming out that week. My mixes will usually be like what I play in a warm-up set, so good for home listening and to chill to. Labels like Viva, Plastic City, Cadenza, Cocoon, Highgrade, Kina Music, Pokerflat, Soma Recordings, Night Drive. I like deep music, and dance floor stuff which is very rhythmically focused. So tribal elements, groove, catchy vocal hooks, hypnosis, depth and soul to sum up!

Q: You've held a residency at Chinese Laundry. Has that influenced your style of DJing and any particular highlights from playing there?

I’ve been lucky enough to play in the Cave at the Chinese Laundry on a fairly regular basis over the past almost year and a half. It’s influenced my style tremendously and in such a profound way and I really owe a lot to Paul for showing the faith in me to get me on (I had only just turned 20 when I first played so I was pretty young). When I first began my style was a lot more peak time and hard, but I’ve found the more and more I’ve played I’ve really learnt so much about the facets of playing a club set at all different times. Since I got a lot of opening sets, my sound has gradually moved that way and I am very happy it has. I now really enjoy opening and playing nice deep tunes to get the night warmed up and into the groove and ready to roll for the next guy.

Having said that, I’m at Laundry almost every other week so a lot of my style has been influenced by the other DJs playing in the club when I’m there, whether they be international or local. Guys like Matttt, Wowk, Club Junque and Mark Dynamix all really know their shit behind the decks and it’s given the place a really solid flow of music year round. I’m stoked to have been part of that, it’s the best club in Sydney in my opinion, and I will die a happy man because of it.

I’ve had a few standout highlights. First, was my first time playing there (of course!), I built a good crowd and was so relieved I didn’t clear the room. Playing on the night of Hybrid with a huge crew of my friends there and things getting pretty loose. Playing the Good Vibrations afterparty where in about 10 minutes from opening the room was full and I got to smash it to punters who had just been partying all day. And warming up for Satoshi aswell at the Renaissance gig, that was wicked and I got to meet him too :D

Q: There has been quite a few new podcasts of late. Any particular quality podcasts you would like to mention or personally listen too?

There used to be one I was a big fan of called Beatport Burners but it seems to have stopped. I found out a lot of great tunes because of it. I am subscribed to the RA podcast, which can be a bit hit and miss, but that’s because they feature such a wide selection of genres which itself is a great thing. I’ve discovered a lot of cool new dudes through it. Apart from that, nothing else really unfortunately.

Q: Finally, name one track you've been diggi'n over the last couple of months (cruel I know).

Tough question. There’s so much music these days, most tracks are out of my mind in a few weeks. I guess one that’s done me pretty well is Desmond by Yosa. I first heard it on Steve Lawler’s essential mix. It appeals to me a lot and is a perfect example of the type of music I’m really into at the moment. It’s a tech-house tribal dancefloor bomb, which has a really classic vocal hook in it that comes in about halfway through the track which always captures the crowds attention and puts the dancefloor in a good space. And the chicks dig it too which is a big plus. Mladen Tomic and Joris Voorn tunes have also done me well. One that I’ve just come across which I’m really into is Vehemence Of Silence (Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective) by Andre Lodemann, I expect it to be warping a few minds in the months ahead. [and so do this blog!]

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Question 2: Oxia (Solved!)

Q: What was the name of Oxia's debut solo album released in 2004?
A: Oxia's debut solo album was 24 Heuers released in 2004 on his label Goodlife.

Congratulations to Sam, who has scored a free double pass for tomorrow night! Thanks to all those that emailed answers and thanks to Likes Of You/Future Entertainment for the tickets. The event will kick off from 10pm, if you missed out getting a ticket get their early as road blocks are expected! More info here & set times here

This will hopefully be just the start of free tickets/entry give-aways for the blog with more planned for later in the year.

If you've just c0me across the blog make sure to subscribe for all updates on local scene news, promo releases, free sets and general electronic music banter!

As usual if you would like to get in contact with myself please email the blog at sydneylovestechno (at) gmail (dot) com

Question 1: Audion (Solved!)

Q: Matthew Dear was originally from which American state?

A: Matthew Dear was originally from Texas. As a teenager he moved to Michigan where he was exposed to Detroit Techno for the first time and eventually founded Spectral Sound. Later, he relocated to New York.

CONGRATULATIONS to James (aka CloudTwo) who has won the first double pass.

To give readers who cant access the blog during the day a chance, the next Question will be posted tomorrow afternoon, Friday 11th, between 3-8pm.

Remember first correct answer received wins the double pass.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hecatomb with Audion (& free ticket Comp Details)

Prolific, visionary, revered and innovator are words so often bantered around by the music industry today, that they seem to be of little worth. However, mention the name Audion or Matthew Dear and these words start to paint a picture of an internationally recognised pop music and techno artist who easily fits within these grand descriptions.

Matthew Dear is widely considered to be one of the great innovators of electronic music during the last 8 years and a look back on his releases under his many alias and one can see why. False (for M_NUS), Jabberjaw (Perlon) and, of course, his most famous of all techno alias, AUDION, has seen Dear effortlessly balance pop and techno while still receive accolades from both the rock and electronic music media.

Matthew Dear's darker alter ego, Audion, releases on the acclaimed dance-music label, Spectral Sound, which he founded in 2000. Arguably, Matthew Dear burst into true music industry spot-light with his release of his debut album, ASA-Breed, on Spectral Sound's sister imprint, Ghostly International in 2007. That release received wide acclaim from all corners of the globe and I have heard it described as electronica-pop, acid techno, minimal-folk however I personally believe low-fi pop as the best descriptor here.

Dark, quirky, minor and tonic sounds describe not only his releases under Dear but also his releases under Audion. Dear has a natural affiliation with rhythm and sound scapes with every release layered with detailed synthetic sounds. As any techno DJ can tell you dropping an Audion track mid-set can devastate dance-floors.

His track Mouth-To-Mouth released in 2006 was a club-anthem that infected DJ boxes the world over and is a perfect representation of his sound. Stripped back, gritty, insanely rhythmic with huge stabs of masterfully created synths that push the track on and on. In fact only last week I found my self going crazy to this club classic. Again. And loving every moment of it.

I beleive every respectable techno/house DJ will have their 'Dear' moment. Personally thinking back, Saturday night here in Sydney in this small little club with a massive sound-system, I dropped a rather subdued Audion track. Or so it seemed. Starting off with a pulsating drum, beating on the off beat, it layers and layers with pulsating synths that pan from left to right, until mayhem ensues. The dance floor loved it. Have a listen below as this probably one of Audions slightly over-looked tracks however I beg, dont skip through the track but listen all the way to the end.

In his live show Audion will be harnessing these elements of his productions to create new-interpretations on the fly. His techno tracks are naturally 'infectious' so, as you can imagine, this combined with his custom live set-up form quite the aural-visual experience.

Audion live in Berlin

Hecatomb is the name he has given to his live show. In ancient Greek the word means 'large-scale sacrifice' or 'slaughter'. In this context I believe one can assume we, the audience, will be the ones up for sacrifice. Dear ushers us into his 'world' with minimalist visuals that rotate, warp and transform. Dear always maintains a constant theme in his shows whether its in his dark minimalist techno or in his contrasting and defined visuals which were specially made for the show by his long-time album cover designer, Will Calcut, and renowned German visual artist Eno Henze.

The Audion live experience has always been thrilling, with Dear creating new interpretations of his material on the fly. In his new live show, Dear goes even deeper into the Audion world, further differentiating it from his more song-oriented Matthew Dear material as well as from the herd of live-laptop performers cluttering the electronic-music scene. By fusing man and machine into an indistinguishable unit, Audion controls his audiences’ collective consciousness in new, never-before-seen ways. At the center of the show is a custom video setup...

Will Calcut is the lead designer behind the Ghostly International label and his warm minimalist style perfectly suit the sound scapes of Matthew Dear. Eno Henze has created psychedelic visuals for the famous Cocoon club in Frankfurt as well as many gallery installations around the world.

ASA Breed Cover Art by Will Calcut

Eno Henze, Tscherenkows Traum, Live visual installation

Having already toured with his live show, Hecatomb, in select European clubs and festivals we our now lucky enough to experience it this Saturday in the refined intimacy of the The Civic Hotel.

Also on the line-up his revered French techno producer, Oxia, who will be performing a DJ set in the Civic Underground. Organisers of this event are combine efforts of Future Entertainment, Likes Of You and Reckless Republic.

Audion: Hecatomb from Audion on Vimeo.

Competition Details

The peeps at Future Entertainment were kind enough to give away TWO DOUBLE PASSES to the sydneylovestechno blog readers! YOU!

How it will work:
  1. Stay tuned to the blog as over the next 48 hours I will be posting up two trivia styled questions relating to each artist.
  2. First question will be about Matthew Dear
  3. Second question will be on Oxia
  4. First correct answer I receive at email address,, WINS!
Simple as that. Stay tuned.

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Win a double-pass to see Audion live & Oxia this Sat!

Want to see this electronic music pioneer in person? for free? This Sat? Likes Of You and Reckless Republic presents Audion and Oxia.

Check the article for details.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Gig Guide (4th-6th)

Sorry for the lateness of the gig guide, I wont always post up my comments but the Gig Guide section will be updated by Thurs of each week so just check there for the keen beans.

This weekend we have some very interesting parites around the place. Shrug at the Civic features Dean Millson from Pretty Simple, Melbourne. Its 10buks before 11pm and 15 after. A great local night for those who want to steer clear of Saturdays festivities.

Saturday sees techno king Omar S hit the laundry for a 3 hour set. Dont believe he is playing live though (sadly) but it will still be a crazy party. Sydney record label, Future Classic, will be offering some warped-disco-deepness with their guest for this month Woolfy playing at the civic.

And this Sunday you can probably catch Woolfy on sunday F.C. event or check out Re-Session for some great local up-n-comers which is also a free event at Bunker Bar. Also theres another Picnic Warehouse party on ft. Muwump!