Thursday, October 30, 2008

Steresonic 5th best festival in the world for November!

Interestingly according to Resident Advisor in their article on the best festivals in the world for November our very own Stereosonic festival gets billed in at number 5 with Global Gathering Australia at 4th position! It probably not far off either considering one half of the world has gone into winter!
My pick for both? Well Carl cox at the Arthouse here in Sydney as part of the stereosonic festival will be my highlight, dying to see this guy for as long as I can remeber! and to see him in a initmate club gig? in the awesomeness of the Arthouse?...:o
And for Global Gathering? Yeah I would go with Kraftwerk and Sasha! Whats thats Sydney side show?...hmmm

link here

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


the New pulse radio website will be up in days apparently (for those of you not in the pulse radio spam list!) and I've being told that its awesome! Pulse in my mind is THE BEST electronic music online radio on the web, right now! Here is a live recording of Sydney's own EMERSON TODD LIVE @ ROXANNE PARLOUR which will be on the new pulse radio website later on

Tom Clark this sat! @ KINK

Hey guys quick heads up as my blogs have not being coming the usual amount I think without I doubt the BEST gig in town this weekend is this Sat @ KINK who have teamed up with Pulse Radio to bring us Tom Clark of Highgrade records from Berlin. His not the 'biggest' Berlin star to have hit our shores but he sure is quality, I love his remix of Ung & Bastos - I Dont Eat and apparently his more housey than some of his Berlin counterparts so It will be an interesting night thats for sure! Expect nothing but quality for the first international to hit the decks of KINK @ nevermind...

Also just to say thanks for reading my blog mention "Syd Loves Techno" for discounted entry this sat!

Here some tunes from the man to give you a taste of what might be played

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday School rewview/recap - Up-n-Comer syd DJs promo mixes

Sunday School last weekend went OFF!!! To all that were there, how good was it? Probably one of the best so far, from around 9-midnight it was packed and everyone enjoying the new DJs on offer (despite a few minor mixing misses or level problems haha) so to recap;

8pm-9pm - Jeremy: Opening the night off with some quality tuneage Jeremy showed us the deep side of his Djing....Progressing into the more techier sounds later on. It perfectly set the mood for for the entire night, Im looking forward to him playing a peak time set later on!
Here is his demo, as he puts it "not sure how 'techno' my current demo is - far more house than techno, but it's at: "

Coming on Like Hurricane Katrina
Andy Vaz - Back to Square One
Roberto Rodriguez - Overlay
David Durango - Move With Me
Pezzner - Almost Here, Track 3
Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost Extended Dub)
Herb LF - Down to the Sound?
DJ T - Philly
Quince - Omnium
MotorCitySoul - Change You (Shur-I-Kan Remix)
District One - Time For Grace
Marc Romboy - Elif (Tam Cooper and Will Saul Remix)
Morgan Geist - Detroit
Jim Rivers - Music Box
Tigerskin - The Holy Grail (Vintage Dub)
Cats 'n Dogs - My Zoo is Your Zoo (Guido Schneider Remix)
Tigerstripes - Abacus
Style of Eye - Ona
Koletzki and Meindl - Tiger

9pm-10pm - Chris Combe: Sunday School resident, he always plays great sets and didnt dissapoint this time! With some songs I have never heard before and he was reluctant to reveal to haha.His promo gives you a good idea to his style and is something like progressive tech-house...anyway have a listen:


1 Williams - Poltergeist (Voltique Remix)
2 Way Out West - Spaceman (Robert Babicz Mix)
3 Uto Karem - Trentatre - Original Mix
4 Elia - Mescalina's Trip - Original Mix
5 Andrea Tamburini - One Of A Kind
6 Dustin Zahn - Analog God (Drumcell & Audio Injection Remix)
7 Slam City - Destroyer (Original Mix Part 1)
8 Mark Ramsey - Cooperation Pop - Original Mix
9 Maxime Dangles - Tumultus - Original Mix
10 Martin Buttrich - I Lost My Wallet
11 James Harcourt - Call & Response (Original Mix)
12 Dandi & Ugo, Piatto - Cicchetti - Original Mix
13 Emerson Todd - Aint No Detroit (Original Mix)
14 Miro Pajic - Bubbleblitzen - Greenbeam & Leon's Lazer Remix
15 Fergie - Blackeye-P (Original Mix)

10pm-11pm Nic Scali:
His first set for Sunday School and it definitely wont be his last!! Awesome set, few mis-haps here and there but solid tracks that got everyone dancing!

11pm-12am - Jamie Tek ME! Well I would have to say my BEST CLUB SET ever. I played some tracks that I have wanted to bang out for so long and it went down a treat, everyone seemed to have loved my set with many a comment so naturally when I play again I hope I can raise the bar even more, in terms of my Djing ability anyway. As Dave put it, my mixing was tighter than before and just flowed really well!

heres my quick demo from september;


1a. Dusty Kid - Kore (Original Mix)

1b. Someone Else - Lowdown Brittle

2. Franck Garcia & Mlle Caro - Dead Souls (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Mix)

3. Dave Aju - Crazy Place (Luciano Remix)

4. Duoteque - Armacord (My My Mix)

5. Los Updates - 4 Wheel Drive (Ricardo Villalobos 4WD Remix)

6. Ellen Allien - Out (Audions Out For Infants Remix)

7. Paul Rich - Crazy Madness (Luca Bacchetti Remix)

8. Fanfare Pourpour - Le Bal Masque (Original Mix)

9. Echoplex - Microplex (Original Mix)

Also Dave Stuart (brain child of the night, without him we would not be here! Thankyou!) appeared with Ali later on in the night to bang out some "Gay progressive" whatever that means, to me it was just old-school techno but hey, I liked it!

Here is his recording, live from a previous Sunday School enjoy!
10pm tech house / techno / prog set from Sunday 12th oct

Droid Musak – Deepchild
Safari – Andre Kroml (james holden mix)
The Black Sniper – Dan Welton
Who Two – Marek Hemmann
Bummelzug – Daso (HOSH mix)
Womanizer – Peter Dildo
Muzak Express – Xpress 2 (Skylark mix)
Blackroom Entertainment – Tiger Stripes
Control – Dataworx
Scoville – Oliver Klien
A Fine Balance – Ned Shepard (Quiver mix)
Harddrive – Montero
Snorkel – Ido Ophir

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gig Guide! This Weekend 24th - 26th

Man I got to get these out earlier haha!

Well if your wondering what's on this weekend I have a few gigs I would like to suggest so;

Eat Musik @ The Bunker ft DEEPCHILD - Thank god he is back in Sydney town, Deepchild is DJing every weekend showing us why his so good! Quality Techno/Deep-house all night long with residents as well

Expilcit @ The Laundry ft. Ben Korbel & James Taylor - Ben Korbel is in my mind an excellent Minimal DJ. I ve seen in at the last Lost Baggage Party and can only say his awesome! His being making a name for himself in europe apprently too and it shows. For Some reason Techno Taylor is playing the usual electro room as well 2nite but anyway...

KINK @ nevermind ft Virginia Le - Dubbed the DJ for DJs she is apprently very good over the decks so shell proving herself to Sydney siders this weekend. Last week Emerson Todd played a blazing set and expect nothing but the best techno from Viginia Le!

Club Club @ Chinese Laundry - DEETRON! & DJ Hyper - yep thats right Deetron is playing at the Cave this Sat, should be well epic

HAHA Industries present TIM SWEENY @Discoteca Pzicodelica 1 Douglass Lane CBD - Interesting one at a venue Ive never heard of before either. But if your into him then this is for you!

Together @ the Arthouse - ft Aston Shuffle - now the only reason I mentioning this one is becuase I heart Aston. There electro sound is truly unique. They were playing at Londons newest super club 'Matter' last week as well so this should be good.

Sunday School @ The Bunker - Up-n-coming Sydney DJs showing us why sydney has such an awesome DJ scene. Playing the most underground (if that makes sense!) tech/Prog and Techno!
+ Im PLAYING woot! Jamie Tek 11-12! lets go die techno ja!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Venue for Luciano concert revealed!!

posted on the RA forums earlier this is apparently the boat that's going to be used for the Luciano concert! How cool is this boat! Imagine cruising around Sydney harbour on this listening to the best in minimal/tech-house and techno...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You heard it here first! + W/E aftermath rantings

Okay so your stealing reeling from the weekend shenanigans so let my blog cure what ales ya first by saying KINK ON SAT WAS F*KN AWESOME! Yeah I know thats all I've talked about the past few weekends, I should rename this blog Sydney loves Kink but seeming as uni is coming on hard its the only thing Ive managed to get to right now but that will soon change!

Kink ft Emerson Todd and he was off the chain! seriously played some awesome new techno a couple of the tracks Im still looking for now because they were so dam good, like everyone in just started to go crazy as soon as they came on...and it was packed as well I brought in around 15 freinds who just went nuts! unfortunately I have no videos because I was to mezmerised by the!

You heard it 'hear' first
Also my annoucement of a new section of my blog called "Your heard it 'hear' first!" Where I'll blog on unannounced parties/topics seeming as there were quite a few industry heavy weights walking around last night I got some awesome goss... so:

  • Pulse radio one of the best online electronic music radios EVER! is launching a BRAND NEW website next week! Thousands of dollars spent on it apparently.
  • The Cross/The Bouron will haveFUNKTION ONE SYSTEMS INSTALLED! at all Lost Baggage parties in the furture. If you dont know what Lost Baggage parties are think THE BEST themed techno parties in Australia.
  • DC10 Circoloco party is coming to Sydney! seriously Im not joking early next year wait for the annoucement for more details cause thats all I got! oh!
ANNNNND as if that wasnt enough
  • whispers of Ricardo Villalobos heading down under but no confirmation on that...yet....

Deepchild interview + Syd loves funktion one videos

Deepchild live @ nevermind (Part I)

Couple weekends back Deepchild played an awesome live set @ nevermind as part of his Departure album tour around Australia.

I caught up with him on the balcony of nevermind to ask him a few questions about his tour, hows the album response going and his thoughts on the aussie left-field techno/strange music scene right now...check it!

So some interesting points from the interview; the fact that Deepchild aka Rick Bull found that his Sydney gig at nevermind was the best so far! Which anyone who was there wouldn't find surprising, there was great vibe and energy and the club was packed (as Rick mentions in the interview even after his set).

I also asked him on his current thoughts of the scene right now and I found Ricks response a little...pessimistic? From what I've experienced the music scene here in Sydney is amazing and bizarre and has being growing and maturing in many different ways but I think Rick's response was based on as he puts it "strange electronic music" which in Australia is hard to make a living on but I think this applies to any alternate genre of the arts in any location in the world really! haha

In my mind Deepchild represents a tipping point in that all of sudden you don't have to be playing big room electro to still get noticed on a relatively large scale and without the help of one of the main stream media channels promoting you either. His popularity right now is a testament to his great Djing and music making abilities but in my mind he also represents a movement of people, in Australia, rejecting the mainstream sounds and figures that can be often spoon-fed to us, and embracing something a little different and deeper...

Also here's a video at the end of his set, its also a great promo for the awesome funktion one sound system to which really plays a big part in why this club is so good!

Luckily Deepchild ain't leaving our shores too soon either so expect to see more intimate gigs of him around Sydney! Woot!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Excerpts from Sasha Interview with Skruff

When talking to skruff Sasha revleaved some interesting points on what makes him so special and how his 'journey style' of DJing actually involves a lot of planning:

“It involves a hell of a lot of planning, actually,” he says. “That’s the whole thing with the digital side of music too. The preparation that goes into sourcing the music, going through it all, getting it all warped and ready into the computer and organising it, you have to do all that and more before a gig. Then all that preparation allows you to be spontaneous when you go into the club.”

Sasha also comments on that fact that 1 hour festival sets are, well pointless when it comes to his DJing style! Lets hope Global Gathering Organisers dont make this fatal flaw!

“Though of course, the whole journey thing depends very much on where you’re playing. If it’s a festival and you’ve only got an hour to play there’s no point, but if you have two or three hours than you can work with that. Of course it’s important; that’s what I’ve built my name on. That’s what most DJs try to achieve; to take people somewhere for those two or three hours, rather than just playing mindless record after record, after record.”

Now there has being talk of Sasha doing a side-show in Sydney but will it happen!? Future have said that he is exclusive to Global Gathering however only a month back he has being nipped up by a Canbera festival (of all places) so maybe he isnt?

I'll keep you blogsters posted on this one as there are rumors floating around of a side-show in Sydney....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oliver Koletzki live @ SPICE, Sydney

Alrighties remember my rant before after a certain someones awesome set at The Cave in Chinese Laundry? Well the after party was apparently out of this world and here's a recording of the man himself playing at Sydneys infamous afterhours party SPICE.

From Sydneys own BEEF records they have an awesome podcast which you all should join!!

Check it here:

"The latest set we have online is Oliver Koletzki live @ Spice.. Definitely worth downloading.
Tigerskin live @ Deep As Fu*k is coming out next week.
Join & subscribe via Itunes. Heaps of good music in the pipeline."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Funktion One Array for Shore Thing NYE, Sydney?

Whats that I hear???

Thats right folks to add to the stellar line up of The Presets, Underworld and Eric Prydz I hear Shorething will feature a FULL FUNKTION ONE SOUND ARRAY SYSTEM!!! EPIC! I mean why would you go anything else for such a good event?

lets hope so anyway, Underworld tour with the system apparently

Aftermath rantings from W/E + New International for Lucaino concert

Deepchild playing live @ nevermind....twas well epic! Loving the midi controller anyone know what brand it is?

The weekend was a hektik one, my ears were exposed to some great new tunes all weekend. Deepchild = awesome cant wait to listen to his new album + Mark Callander = funky, like seriously nice grooves from one of Australia's best would love to see more of him in Syd...

Videos of the night will be uploaded soonish + did an awesome interview of Deepchild after the gig!!Another film crew on the night also filmed it (barstards!) so expect it to be in an upcoming edition of InTheMix TV but dont worry, you'll see it here first ;)

ALSO! interesting stuff I hear another new International has being announced for the Lucanio concert happening this December, offically:

GREG WILSON (20:20) - 4 hour Set

Born and raised across the river Mersey from Liverpool, England, Greg Wilson is one of the key figures responsible for the development of the early 80's Electro-Funk scene in clubs across the north of England before its spread throughout the country. Borrowing from formative experiences at an early age in England and Continental Europe, Wilson introduced British club audiences to the revolutionary Dance music sounds coming out of New York City.

Both reviled by traditionalists and praised by those hungry for something new, Greg Wilson helped shepherd the evolution of Black Dance music in the UK from the Soul and Funk sounds that dominated the 70's to the emergence of House and Hip Hop in the late 80's. He retired from DJing at an early age in 1984, but has returned to DJ work in recent years and received the hero's welcome befitting his role in the history of Dance music.


TIX: - First Release – SOLD OUT
Second Release – NOT MANY LEFT

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heads up! cool gigs 2nite!

Yo my trendy blog readers OK 2nite we have
  • SAMMUL L. SESSION @ The Cave (Chinese Laundry) - not too sure if i'll be able to make this one but YOU SHOULD!
  • Mark Callandar @ KINK, nevermind - Local love and fostering is the beginings of a good scene that is able to compete with international couterparts...this is exactly what nevermind does.. anyway for those of you who need some Funktion 1 love and want to hear how Melbourne Tech-house sounds then def come along...remeber mention JAMES to the doors girls for discounted entry
  • MDX @ the bunker - I believe its an extended set in an intiamte surroundings of the bunker - think latest tracks from this Australian heavyweight plus expect unrealesed tracks from his Berlin friends (I would bleieve!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

PRESETS - Best Album Promo Ever.....

OH just check it, I love these guys alway deliever...Remeber Shore Thing NYE Sydney is when their playing!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Prediction? Jacking House is making a comeback

Oliver Kaletzi played it, Ben Morris has being playing, Yousef was playing it, Paul Ritch touched on it (But he was playing live), Barem is apprently playing it and well I think its making a come back all the way from its home town of Chicago BUT in a more minimal form...

has listen to this new release below from Wasted Chicago Youth:

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ferry Corsten to play in Sydney 2nd January 2009

As the festivals keep on dropping and the amazing acts keep on coming during the NY period to Sydney and Australia it just keeps on getting chock full of the best live acts and DJs!!

Not that I'm complaining but Future Entertainment just dropped a bombshell on the InTheMix forums that Ferry Corsten will be appearing in Sydney on 2nd of January

Original Post:
"Watch out for Ferry in Sydney Jan 2 ...."

What I love about this is that so many Sydney siders were quick to complain when other Australian cities announced their festival line-ups early with DJs that appeared not to be playing in Sydney...What many forgot is that well Sydney is a hard city to miss when you visit Australia!

So where will he be playing? Hordon Pavillion? Home Nightclub? (1 of Syds super clubs)...

from the otherside of the world....

Ricardo Villalobos & Luciano B2B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHaaaaaaaaaat!

yeah I know thats what I thought when I read this article about how DC10 has to now pay 300 000 in fines and close for a year! Imagine if a Sydney club had to do that! might of already happened actually. I have heard of a few 'noise' fines that get into the 10 of thousands...anyhoo

Ricardo and Luciano played B2B @ DC10 last Monday to what would of being an epic moment..last night of DC10 with these 2 musicans....BUT! not to worry if your in Sydney on 6th Dec Lucanio is playing apprently on a ship crusing around Sydney harbour with a Fuktion 1 sound system....

Hmmm might just be as epic as his b2b set with Ricardo...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Videos from Kink Launch Party @ nevermind!!!!

Murat Kilic @ nevermind

Ben Morris playing some seriously nice house and techno

nevermind - The new Sydney club

Everyone was loving Murat Kilic set! He really pushed the envolope with some of the songs he played..hopefully it was recorded?

The LED screen gives the DJ Stage another dimension, not only for the a VJ but all in terms of relating visuals to music

From Kink Relaunch @ Nevermind

Put simply, wow! Nevermind is the awesome new club designed by Sydney Promoter Scott Robertson who became known Australia wide for his insane Saturday night parties at The Arthouse, namely KINK! Nevermind is somewhere you can spend hours, no, maybe days! Despite the fact that place is only a small boutique night club. If you haven't checked it out yet or dont no what I'm talking about its Sydney's newest addition to its night life and its a kicker!

Think the best DJs in Sydney playing some of the best new electronic music, namely minimal, techno, house and tech-house on the best sound-system in Australia. This coupled with a Vodka bar (where I had some of the best tasting cocktails Ive had in a while!), seats overlooking the dance floor where you can still talk and clearly hear the music, a smoking terrace which overlooks Oxford street in all its glory and of course a dance floor in front of a massive LED screen for the VJs to 'trip us out on' and world famous Fuktion One sound-system! = epicccccc!

Friday night was good even though it was little thin on numbers, it ended up being like an industry night with quite a few DJs and promoters popping in to check the place out from what I gather. Kink the relaunch party was gold! The club was not full but still pumping. The cool thing was the vibe, everyone there was just enjoying the great music being pumped out by Murat Kilic, having a dance and chilling around. In many ways it was great to be there on its opening weekend before the rest of Sydney gets in on the action! Next weekend its big having Deepchild playing a live set in promotion of his new album departure!

Update Jan 2010: As of early 2010 Nevermind will be running specific one off side-shows, recently hosting a special extended set by Danny Tenaglia, which was a very special night indeed. The club has yet to fully 'find-its-feet' however normal trading nights Friday and Saturday will be booked mostly 'gay-nights' however anyone can go. Updates as I get them or check the weekly gig-guide.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gig Guide! This Weekend 3rd - 5th October

drum roll..........................................its the

Okay first up this weekend is very its RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!! With the advent of a state-of-the-art new boutique night club opening, return of the infamous Sydney Saturday night party KINK, Lost Baggage and Parklife all in one amazing long weekend so here are my picks:

  • Locodisco @ Nevermind - its funky, its new, and importantly ITS AT NEVERMIND! The club we have being waiting a little over a year to open its doors is finally opening this friday! Expect nothing but the best in techno from 2 Melbourn exports and Sydneys very own Matt & Tomass... Nevermind, amazing new lighting array and world class speaker system imported from the UK and the first club in Australia to have it fully installed we are talking an awesome night.. But get thier early kiddes becuase this place as limited capacity and it will be at capacity all night long!
  • KINK @ Nevermind Feat. Murat Kilic : Did you just read my rant about Nevermind above? Well here it is sydney finally after a years break Kink can truley return to the venue it was made for...and with a new minimal & techno direction..Murat Kilic is seriously good Sydney producer and its great to see some well deserved spot light on this local talent only Launch of what is easily seen as one of the best club nights in town!
  • PARKLIFE!! If your luckenough to have a tick then I HATE YOU! Parklife is one of Sydneys best festivals in my opinion with awesome
  • Lost Baggage! - Best techno party with an underground party vibe but big names. This time around its YOUSEF & PAUL RITCH!!!!!! Huge techno/tech-house/electro producers and DJ's this one will be huge
  • Smut @ Nevermind - Surprise international for this one but who? Me thinks possibly diplo or 2manydjs from Parklife????

Underworld, Prydz & Presets for Shore Thing NYE, Bondi Beach, Sydney

Yeha! As predicted by many a user on ITM Forums the elusive details of exactly where Eric & Underworld would play in NYE in Australia it seemed that many thought Sensation would be an obvious choice but hang on..thats in Melbourne! and isnt Underworld playing the next day as well? Well I knew that these big shots would have to be in SYD for NYE and hey...Im RIGHT!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sydney loves Patrice Baumel - 'Roar' @ Earthdance Sydney, 2008

Awesome day and perfect weather were the tones of Earthdance Sydney 2008. A global initative with free festivales held in many major cities across earth. Sydney being the biggest with this year Alfred park in Surry Hills reching capacity in the afternoon. If you missed out seriously get to next years one. Different types of music across different stages, hippy herbal stores, clothes and lots of food and of course great Sydney weather...

The song is called Roar and if you havent heard it yet WHERE HAVE YOU BEING! (not in the clubs clearly) because the song in completely devoid of any bass drum. Just the driving rhythms and claps making this underground monster a hit for the summer!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Release: Michna - Magic Monday

Released only a couple weeks ago this is a debut album from Michna on Ghostly International record label (The label Mathew Dear aka Audion is on!) I found it after only recently listening to the entire Matthew Dear album ASA Breed which is seriously good stuff!!

In tune with other artists on the label Michna (Like Mathew Dear) does not limit him self to one genre the album crossing many genres of music but in the end displays Michnas worldly influences and his up-bringing from the american Hip-hop scene. Think hip-hop inspired beats mashed with electronic influences...

Track 1: Michna - Tripple Chrome Dipped

Track 2: Michna - Swiss Glide

Buy the full Digital Album HERE!

Official Press Release:

Michna (born Adrian Michna) is a world traveller, seeking knowledge at all points along the way. He has gigged everywhere from Shanghai to Budapest, and has spent most of his life between the extremes of NYC and Miami. In return for his adventuresome spirit, these travels have blessed him with musical influences in spades.

New York City is the place young Michna cut his teeth. Whether DJing parties with tapes as a teen or sneaking in to play with his band at CBGB a few years later, Adrian found his way as a DJ under his Egg Foo Young alias, earning him a URB “Next 100” nod in the process. Production gigs for Bonde do Role and Diplo followed, allowing Michna to put his deftness at both the drum machine and the trombone to good use, creating tracks out of dense blankets of sound and texture.

Apart from the tightly woven musical amalgam of hip-hop, booty and electro, it’s the detailed process that makes Michna’s debut album, Magic Monday, move. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the album is its rich element of musicality; in an era when hip-hop tracks have devolved into two-note keyboard loops, songs like “Skunk Walk” live up to their name with full-bodied funk and live horns. When Ghostly owner, Sam Valenti IV, asked Adrian which samples to clear, Adrian replied, “What samples?”

With its solid backbone of sound collage, Magic Monday pulls together Michna’s variety of influences to reveal the sound of New York City in transition. At a time when so many New Yorkers complain that their fair city has been sanitized beyond recognition, this is a record that keeps a nice layer of grit beneath the fingernails. After all, it’s the details that matter in the end.