Friday, March 27, 2009

Gig Guide (27th-29th)

Looks like my prayers have being answered...another beach party!
Fri 27th
-Eat Musik ft. Dave Juric & Robbie Lowe - Bunker Bar

- Picnic - Ladylux - new disco goodies

- Trinity & Matttt @ Chinese Laundry - 2 awesome local Syd DJs

Sat 28th
- Safari with Robbie Low & Carlos Zarate 12pm -6pm - Secret Northern Beaches Location....

- Emerson Todd @ KINK - club nevermind - Send names to for discounted entry

-Houpla ft. Glitch DJs, LeBrond & Diatribe - Bunker Bar - FREE before midnight

- Saturdays @ Civic with Tim Culbert & Robbie Lowe - The sweetchilli boys kick back to the week residency at the civic. Win!

-Seb Fontaine @ Club Club - Chinese Laundry
Sun 29th -Sunday School - Bunker Bar - Up-n-Coming DJs playing Prog, tech & Techno - FREE ENTRY - Always a great way to finish the weekend -Apres - Tilbury Hotel - The Future Classic label afternoon chill sesh..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Space Cadets are back!

Space Cadets returns this Thursday 26th of March!

"Here we are ladies and gentleman, if you'd like to take a look at the menu for this evening ... Yes, there you are sir... oh, we're one short... here you are ma'am.
On tonights menu we have our usual main courses, Jamie Tek alla arrabiata, Derriere du Caminer which can be served crumbed or grilled, and a sauteed Scali which we recommend most highly with a splash of our house wine.

The specials for this evening are as follows:
With a debut appearance on our menu, we are proud to announce the inclusion of a Beef Tenderloin served on a warm plate of wax and topped with a Timmy Maxwell mousse.

We have a Braised Bini, which comes an an entre size or main course size and has been ordered back into the kitchen due to its marvellous success with our customers.

And last but not least, for dessert, never before seen on any menu... a Leffers meringue pie sprinkled with a pinch of cinnamon and garnished with a myriad of dance moves. A sweet tooth seducer...

While you're all deciding, can I get anyone a drink?"

Thankyou Sir Caminer for that excerpt from his new book Memoirs of a Space Cadet....

Also this time around we're very happy to welcome out first guest VJ Julapy who exploded peoples minds with his warped visual visions last time at Midi In the City.

Take a look at a couple of his visual experiments at the bottom and at his website here and he also has a VJ blog of sorts which makes for quite an interesting read take a look here

jelly deli from lukasz on Vimeo.

Set Times
8-9 Timmy Maxwell
9- 10 Jamie Tek
10-11 Bini
11-12 Chris Leffers
12-1 Alex Caminer
1+ Nick Scali

Live Visuals
Julapy Live!
Resident space cadet LayerOne

FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT + 2 happy hours with $3 tap beers and house spirits :p

Send mixtapes, demos, visual spots to

Facebook Event to join!

Space Cadets is run in conjunction with this blog and all info, set time and pictures of the night will be posted here afterward!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mark your dairy

Great Stuff come down under next month for a label night! Woot! Anyone that follows my blog will probably know I'm all for label parties over one off appearances...(I ranted on before about how Stimming coming down under should join up with Solomon for a Dinamic Label night...maybe another time)

So its only fiiting that 3 of the biggest artists head down-under for a Great Stuff party that I can only assume will be full of 'great stuff.'! (Had to be done)

Martin Eyerer is my favourite out of all of those, while Tom Craft and Luztenkirchen (3 tage wach anyone?) do have some great 'stuff' Im not really into the the whole electro-techno/electro-tech sound that often comes out of this Munich label. You could say its a bit of love hate thing, every second or so release I ignore while every other I would happily/do buy.

First time I saw Martin Eyer was just south of Munich at the Shinning Festival. He was playing a sunrise set at 6am in an old 'town-hall' over looking a lake and surrounded by the Alps....let me tell you, it was awesome! Pumping proper techno and minimal all perfectly blended together I still vidily remeber not being able to leave the dance floor. It actually quite a far-cry from all his latest tracks up on beatport right now.

Anyway heres his latest mix he did for Great Stuff and it also features much loved bondi man Deepchilds lastest track Muppet Grind;
Great Stuff (2009 - 02-25) - Martin Eyerer - Great Stuff Mix
01 Nima Gorji - Shingaling [Mur Mur]
02 Tiefschwarz - Yeah [Souvenir]
03 Deep Child - Muppet Grind (Jamie Stevens Rmx) [Beef]
04 Shlomi Aber - Black Title [Be As One]
05 Marco Carola - Bloody Cash [Plus 8]
06 Martin Eyerer - Cave Canem (Daniele Papini Rmx) [Kling Klong]
07 Simon Flower - Late Night [Pokerflat]
08 Unknown -
09 Markus Schatz - Good Vibe [Highgrade]
10 Tania Vulcano & Tato - Wayna [Isgud]

Friday, March 20, 2009


What. The. Fuck.


Or have they just ditched Australia in favour of having a break before going to America?

Details are sketchy and I'm not one to jump to conclusions(ignore comment above lol), except Arpiar were in Tokyo airport when 'something' happened and due to personal reasons the three have now cancelled their entire Australian leg of the tour leaving many many promoters and organisers out of pocket.

Not to mention that damage this will do to them with their large fan-base in Australia as well as a reliable act to tour out-side of Europe. I mean fine, within europe a relatively cheap aeroplane ticket, not such a big deal for organisers if an act cancels but when their travelling half way around the world paid for by the organisers only to cancel at the last second?

More as it comes I guess. Otherwise the party will now feature Jo Mills also of Circoloco residency as well as great line-up of Sydney locals.

KINK as posted below will now headline defined by Rhythm Vs Michael Doney Live

Thursday, March 19, 2009

fresh as Raresh

One part of the trio AR:PI:AR, Raresh arguably the most well known of the three as a DJ and touches down in Sydney this week to play a special solo set at KINK at nevermind this Saturday. Their actually playing in Melbourne during the day so its definitely a big day for the three of them!

Known for epic sets, rather than his productions as minimal stars often are, Raresh has being DJing in and out of Romania far before it became trendy for the media to report on them. His great technical skills as well as his extremely good ear for a great song combine to form some ridiculously funky minimal-techno sets that can be clearly seen in this live set of him at Fluid in Italy late last year.

Raresh is a true DJ with unique style that I can only describe as a raw Romanian touch..if that makes any sense. Whatever it is, it is his ability behind the decks that have seen him so comfortably play beside the artists he admires Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano to name a couple.

A definite flag barer of the Romanian scene, this set shows Raresh's style nicely but be warned you may not be able to stop tapping your foot.... @ Fluid, Italy (31.10.2008).mp3

Partial Track list
00- 6:30 - Kasper - Varyant
16:30 - 20:40 Mountanin people - mountain 006
26:00-31:00 Moloko - Sing it Back (reboot re-edit)
45:13 - 49:00 La pena#2 - Cheesecake
49:00 - 55:00 Je davu - Music Got Me Movin

And to give you a taste of songs that rock Raresh and Arpiar's sets, take a peek preview at one of Reboots infamous bootleg remixes that also featured in Arpiars mix for JJJ - Sing It Back (Reboot remix) preview.mp3
On the flip side is an awesome remix of Nina Simone's See Line Women but more on that later...

If you haven't already do check out some of Rhadoo's and Reboot's latest stuff on Beatport as there are some serious dancefloor bombs in there

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Gig Guide (20th-22nd March)

Sydney needs for techno beach parties!

Wow as if Arpiar on Sunday wasn't enough the silly season continues with a whole plethora of amazing gigs this weekend.

My picks; secret beach party check fbgroup on fri for details. Raresh on Saturday (discounted entry send those names to!) or if you like SCSI-9 at a warehouse, again check fb group for details.

Of course Sunday is the big afternoon with Raresh, Pedro & Rhadoo cruising around Syd Harbour as well as The Canyons on top deck to deliver some new disco.

Fri 20th
- Techno Beach Party ft. Murat Kilic, Mattt & Tomas - check on Friday for full info/the usual channels - completely dependant on weather

Sat 21st March
- Raresh at KINK - club nevermind - email names to for discounted entry

-Trigger presented by Swarm - Bunker Bar - Huge line-up of new locals, definite good night-out

- SCSI-9 & locals - Warehouse Party check FB for venue released on the night

- Paradise Lost - Secret Warehouse party

- Headhunter @ Civic Underground - Dubstep anyone?

Sun 22nd March,
- Circoloco Cruise ft. AR:PI:AR - limited discounted tickets available email

- Rhadoo, Pedro & SCSI-9 @ Pulse Radio AfterParty - LadyLux - If you miss the boat catch this party as its sure to be off the hook

-Thurs 26th March - Space Cadets! - Bunker Bar beneath The Bourbon

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prepeare for the Circus....on a boat!...

CIRCOLOCO with our fury friends/men-of-the-moment ARPIAR aka Raresh, Pedro & Rhadool!!!

These minimal-techno/house/seriously funky shit DJs will be tearing it up this Sunday on beeeeauuuutiful Sydney Harbour on one epic boat (The Starship google it) and In conjunction with Pulse Radio where we saw the first Yacht Party with Luciano, 2nd with Claude Von Stroke, Christian Martin & Emerson Todd now this one with arpiar it should be one hell of party

I STILL HAVE A FEW DISCOUNTED TIX LEFT! $65 each and I'll throw in a pristine copy of the large-poster for the party. Email to secure one

ARPIAR mix for JJJ Mixup @ JJJ Mixup (Australia) 07-03-2009 (funkyou).mp3
A rather messy mix in that it sounds like its recorded live somewhere, nevertheless it shows that insatiable quality of mixing a groove and keeping it there...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Space Cadets DJ sets from 5th March

Decked out with action hero's of the past hanging around the club (check pictures) Space Cadets was another banging night with a small but dedicated crowd of music lovers coming in throughout the night. Arguably the festivities of weekend ahead (Mardi Gras + the million other club nights on) took away a little from our past crowds but nevertheless we ended up finishing around 1am with a packed dance-floor!

Visual wise LayerOne again filled up the bunker with some far-out visuals that had the whole place turning in colour. There was also a preview clip of Stimming and Solomun 'Music video' I did with a couple of other mates but more on that later.. Darko had to canel at the last second but will be with us at a later Space Cadets!

Music wise it was another treat with Kit Phillips warming up the decks after only 3 hours notice! Kit played a little of everything from house to a little drum and bass setting the stage nicely for the relative new-comers, the duo JDub.

J Dub smashed out a great techno set. They clearly have a wide variety of musical tastes and this showed through the many forms of techno they played. A rolling techno set and one to get anyone in the mood for having a party! Also check out King James online radio show Music Is The Answer
Download link: 5th March Space Cadets.mp3

Jamie Tek jumped on after JDub to deliver some unreleased treats to a chilled out bunker. It was a kind of experimental set for me as I melded some track originals and remixes back to back that worked in some ways but then also lost intensity pretty quickly when not properly phrased....Anyway it was a whole heap of new minimal tracks from Reboot, Heinrichs & Hertenfellner and Loco Dice remixes.
Download Link: Tek 5th March Space Cadets.mp3

Element picked up the pace turning to his 'epic-prog' and big room techno style he is now some-what known for. Some new tracks from DNox and Beckers as well as some 'new' classics like Joris Voorn Dark Flower Remix. Solid techno & prog set for all you prog-heads out there!
Download Link:

Nic Scali took on the late-shift duties with a seriously good set of tech-house,techno and minimal tracks that were quirky, a little ambient at times but always enough dance-floor edge to keep the packed dance-floor moving. We finished up at 1am but could easily gone to 2! Oh Well, next time!

Pictures from Space Cadets 5thMarch

Next Space Cadets is 26th of March from 8pm-2am, Bunker Bar Beneath The Bourbon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gig Guide (5th -8th)

This weekend is paaacked with parties sure to suit any taste. On the more underground/techno tip with have Space Cadets tomorrow which everyone should come down too!

On Friday Shrug returns with 2 of Sydney's great Jimi Polar of future classic as well as Carlos Zarate, both of which will mean a deeper music policy for this great night. Saturday is Mardi Gras madness so if you dare to venture to the city (I know I will) to experience the craziness besure to check out one of hte aweomse parites mentioned below

Sunday, seriously. FREE entry to see Jazzanova for the Apres series from Future Classic, why not.

- Bunker Bar - In association with this blog Space Cadets

Fri 4th
- SHRUG ft. Jimi Polar & Carlos Zarate - Civic Underground - Shrug welcomes 2 of the best underground artists for a deeper night...

- VOID feat STARKEY + MC HALFCAST 'Philly USA' - Phoenix Bar

- A Disco Stole My Baby - Ladylux - Disco mayhem

Sat 5th
-Mardi Gras Parade! - They say one of the best costume parades in the world

- Mad Racket feat HMC and R-n-D Mardi Gras Special - Marrickville Bowling Club

- KINK ft. Bjorn Wilke - Club Nevermind - Mardi Gras Special, discounted entry send names to

- Midi In The City - UTS Loft Bar - Anight of live acts and DJs playing electronica, house, techno, dubstep, dnb and more -FREE

- Chemistry - Velvet Lounge - Minimal + house in the small little underground bar with some seriously good local DJs...proper

Sun 6th
Apres 12" Launch feat. JAZZANOVA - Tilbury Hotel - Launch of Futreclassic 2nd in the series, relaxed and intimate performance by one of Germany's (and the world) best! - FREE

- Sun 22nd March, - Circoloco Cruise ft. AR:PIA:R - limited discounted tickets available email to secure one!