Friday, February 27, 2009

We Love Sounds with Josh Wink & Jeff Mills?

Another You Heard It 'Hear' First section (I really should find a shorter name for this section) thats right, JOSH WINK and Jeff Mills will be apparently/hopefully be heading down under for this years instalment of Sydney's version of the WMC 'We Love Sounds 2009'!

We Love Sounds is one of the leading festivals in Sydney and Australia always bringing a good mixture of artists over multiple genres but in a way the complements each other. For example last year we had Lindstorm Live with Ellen Allien, Marco Carola and Stephan Bozdin in one room while in the other Steve Lawler with Dubfire for the Space Arena (with some of the best lighting I have seen in a while).

NOT like Future Music Festival (although still a good festival in its own right) this Saturday that mixes Bang Gang DJs electro noise with Bozdin's techno intensity...I mean that's just disgusting! As well as putting Sander Kleinberg between Bozdin and Richie Hawtin is just plain stupid! But then again WLS is a festival that is better organised with far better production and finesse than many other festivals in Australia.

Anyway Josh Wink has being a consistently good producer with his Stay Out All Night release last year topping the charts as well as dance floors for quite a few months. Easily one of my more favourable American (who would of thought) producers with that twisted techno/house sound akin to current world favourite Dubfire but not necessarily as intense. Im guessing if he does come down it will also be to promote his new album When a Banana is just a Banana which I must get a hold of a review for you guys.

Anyway I'll leave with more info on the We Love Sounds Festival with Armin Van Burren playing a speical set at the Sydney leg of the festival as well as James Zabiela, Jeff Mills (hopefully) and Armand Van Helden making appreances.

Space Cadets 5th March

Space Cadets return again this coming 5th of March for REVENGE OF THE ACTION HEROS!
- I know the poster is terrible (yes I did/attempted it) BUT you can expect a little action figure madness as we deck out the Bunker in usual Space Cadet style....

As always there will be 2! happy hours for your drinking pleasure = $3 tap beers & house spirits!

New DJs on the night will be 'epic-prog/Tech' man Element and King James B2B with Jdub, for some techno madness! Support from minimal/deep residents Jamie Tek (Shorty!), Nic Scali and Alex Caminer.

Live Visuals will be orchestrated by rising VJ star and friend of this blog (he was one of the first followers!) Darko (known for his awesome visuals at the Technique & MITC parties) as well as resident space cadet LayerOne, responsible for the great visuals laste time around.

Also King James runs a weekly music show online with the latest tunes and a guest mix from a local or international artist check it here

SET TIMES (May change):
8-9: Alex Caminer
9-10: King James B2B Jdub
10-11: Jamie Tek
11-12: Element
12-1am: Nic Scali
1-Close: B2B

Space Cadets is held at The Bunker which is underneath The Bourbon in Kings X, here in Sydney. A seriously chilled out, small venue with an intimate atmosphere perfect for Thursday night shenanigans...

Come down for a great night and support the local talent!

Also if you are a VJ wanting to try our your visuals or a DJ playing minimal/techno/deep/electronica looking for sets email come down and say hi (Jamie Tek).

Check out the great sets last time in the player below;

Gig Guide (27th-29th)

Fri 27th
*Eat Musik ft John Devecchis - Bunker Bar

Sat 28th
*Italoboyz - nevermind/king - Their Australian debut show! Should be craazzzy. discounted entry email names to

*Future Music Festival ft. Hawtin, Bozdin, Angello and more

*FMF afterparty ft. Stephan Bozdin & special guest [not Hawtin :( ]- Arthouse

*Dusted ft. MarkE, Biz - Hermans Bar - Jungle Techno anyone?

*Lookin' Good! 5th Birthday featuring Alan Thompson --> The Cross --> Lookin' Good! will be celebrating its 5th Birthday in style on 28 Feb with Alan Thompson as headliner. As always its big room house in the front room and minimal and techno in the back

Sun 27th
*Spice ft. Shades of Grey Live + Schwa farewell set - The Cross

*Sunday School -Bunker Bar - New DJs on the scene for an awesome chilled out night of new music - free entry

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whats that another NEW festival? (YHIHF)

The Tempest - Pic by dms

Another You Heard It 'Hear' First section;

Thats right ANOTHER new festival is in the works for early 2010! But this aint some 'done-on-cheap', falf-assed, half-day 'but lets call it a festival' project. NOOOO. It will apparently feature virtual reality set-ups, lots of street performers as well as really good production, just minus the huge crowds as capcity will be kept small-ish.

And the location? Its rumored to be on an Island on the harbour...

Modular will be apparently in on it but who else? I hope there will be a techno/electronica stage! There better be *Shakes Fist*

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

News Updates

A collection of info too small for separate posts!

ITALOBOYZ DISCOUNTED ENTRY! -This Saturday at kink/club nevermind they will play their first Australian set! email names to

CIRCOLOCO ft. AR:PIA:R - TICKETS! - $65 each, email to secure one as they are limited in numbers!

Space Cadets - The new minimal and techno thursday night ran by students for students touches down in just over a week with a wicked line-up. Last FREE instalment so come down, check it out and hear some new music! Post up soon with full deets...

Speaking of small club nights, its always nice to see small clubs nights rise up in the chain. FACTION, the techno/electronica/dub club-night that ran every 2nd Sunday will re-launch on the 4th of April to be a weekly saturday night at Hermans in Sydney University! Awesome addition to the Syd night-life in my opinion. Expect 2 rooms, visuals, decor and, of course, great music!

Future music after party rumors? -Richie Hawtin and Stephan Bozdin? Well Bozdin is confirmed however apparently Richie is NOT confirmed, I hear that it is very unlikely he will play....? Only time will tell...or me if I get my hands on something solid!

2am lockout gone! - Yes its official it has/will be removed and replaced with a 'star-rating' system that sounds so convoluted it will probably just end being one more headache to club owners...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Space Cadets - recap, sets & pics

"Space cadets are go!"

Space Cadets on 12th of February was another great instalment of this new Thursday night and I have the audio, pictures and videos here to prove it!

All DJs played excellent sets but don't take my word for it check them out in the brand spanking new audio-player I'll be using from now on! With a little help from my friends at Yahoo as well, and to download the sets RIGHT-CLICK and select download ;)

Also all pictures were taken by good friend DMS who has a great eye for photos, check out his awesome collection of pics at his flickr photos stream here

Click below to album

Space Cadets 12th Feb

Andrew Myers - Warmed up the night bringing out some big techno tunes early but definitely set the mood of the night with more 'intense' tunes. Unfortunately I forgot to hit the record button but check him out with Alex Caminer below. Looking forward to his next set for sure!

Jamie Tek - Tek 12thfeb.mp3
I took over and played a great set, if I dont say so myself. Minimal techno was the order of the day with some brand new Luciano remixes of Loco Dices album, Stimming & Solomon songs that were EP only releases as well as some up n comers taken direct out of Richie Hawtins mix CD, Sound of Can Elles.

Living Room DJs -
Played a banging set of techno and Prog-house which really got the peeps dancing, the set flowed through nicely with some sasha remixes, I beleive, making there way through as well as some other techno that I can remember now. It was not too overwhelming (as prog can sometimes be ) but not to mellow so fitted well with the mood at that point, in other words a great set!

Zushy Woolstone - Woolstone 12thFeb.mp3
3hr mixtape man jumps on to take us back into the tech-house/minimal-house direction of the night with some funky tunes to keep everyone dancing. He definitely was building it up towards the end as Zushy prefers long slots to DJs so next time he'll get it! Have a listen above as there are some seriously good tunes to be heard.

Alex Caminer & Andrew Myers - Caminer and Andrew Myers.mp3
Alex Caminer, resident space cadet!, played half a set before going B2B with Andrew myers. They played a great techno set with some so-hot-right-now tracks, think Steve Lawler - Kalimba, as well as some great underground tracks.

LayerOne - Space Cadet resident VJ kicked things off with great visuals all night, my highlights included the dancing girl (check youtube vid below), space ship (above), cubes and many other random objects. Be sure to come check him out next time as well!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Gig Guide (20th-22nd Jan)

As many of you will probably already know both in Australia and overseas the Victorian Brushfires have had a devastating effect on life, property and families with a death toll that looks set to rise. On a more positive side we Aussies have raised over 40 million dollars in the past week towards the Red Cross Bush Fire appeal and that figure is also set to rise with a string of charity club nights all over the city this weekend.

On the music radar, Loosekaboose hits off tonight with Christian Vance from Melbourne playing live as well as Deepchild launching his new EP Muppet Grind, which will be available to purchase along with other Beef records merchandise.

Also on the encore set side, tomorrow Tim Green plays an encore set at kink/nevermind which will surely excite all those who missed him at Lost Baggage last weekend (me included!) as well as Maetrik will be playing live at Deep As F*nk with another suprise international!

Tim Green also did a mix for the renegade radio net show, Music Is The Answer, run by King James who will be DJing at Space Cadets soon! Check it out here its a weekly run show going through techno and house with new guest mixes every week.

Fri 20th
*Disco Stole My Baby - Civic Underground

*Loosekaboose 3rd Bday ft. Christain Vance & Deepchild - The Cross

*Fundraiser at nevermind - 100% door proceeds go to the Red Cross, just plain house and electro with the Ping Pong DJs and John Glover.

Sat 21st
*Tim Green - nevermind/kink - discounted entry email

*Maetrik Live + Surprise international - DeepAsF*nk - secret warehouse location check facebook group

Sun 22nd

*faction - bunker bar

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Locked In Loo

Seeming as I'm tied down in studies right now I thought I would copy/paste this article from Beatportal in which Minus star, Troy Pierce was stuck in a toilet for an hour while at a gig in Berlin's Rex Club!

Apparently he went missing after putting on a track and for an hour no one knew where he was. I'm guessing it must of being a VIP toilet because man, toilets in clubs are usually packed all through the night!

How he escaped (seriously!);

Great DJ Troy, Saw him couple years back in Germany and he has a slightly harder techno style then some of his other minus counterparts, fortunately back then he didnt get stuck in a toilet for an hour

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fat Boy whaaaaat?

Fatboy slim during his technical/alcohol related 'hick-ups'

Fatboy Slim. Famed producer, remixer and DJ. Everyones seen the amazing footage at Brighton Beach but that was a far-cry away from what happened at Sydney's Good Vibrations festival last Saturday!

I'm personally so glad I didn't go as I had being wanting to see this guys since I can remember but had to pull out at the last minute!

Apparently in the last half of Fatboys set technical problems arose that saw huge music 'silences' and mixing fuck-ups

Officially from the man himself
“The Sydney crowd this evening were amazing! Despite receiving a complete soaking from the biblical downpour that accompanied the entire set (I haven’t seen weather like that since back home at Glastonbury 2 years ago), they kept me going during the technical nightmare that was my left turntable going down and me having to do the last half hour of the set with one deck and some very un-DJ-like silences… Sydney I salute you!”

Errrrrr what!?

Can I point out the errors in his statement there
  1. It was raining all day on Saturday but not as bad as Glastonbury by any measure so nice deflection but no takers
  2. Turntable fuck-up? These festivals always have backup equipment and I can safely assume, as I was not on the tech team, that the main stage would have back up turntables that could be changed within a couple of minutes
  3. Doest FBS DJ on serato? In which case mixing could be dong completely within the software?
  4. So was he just having too much 'fun' then!???

This is what some punters had to say

katesfox says...
technical difficulties my ass - i was standing right near the front and he was clearly off his head - jaw grinding - kept dropping his headphones - when there were breaks in the set he would just stand there laughing (despite being booed by the crowd) until other ppl went up to the decks to help him out (at which point the camera hooked up to the big screen conveniently panned away) - not impressed at all! promoters must have told him to pick up his act for melbourne. he finished his set early and didnt even do an encore - biggest disappointment of the day.

He was off his face and spent more time trying to get the airhorns working than sorting out his set. Even when the set wasn't being interrupted by dead air and the Beachboys backing track he wasn't with it and to say it was dull was an understatement. Bloody disappointing for those of us the forked out the cash mainly for him. Apart from Fatboy the rest of the event was amateurish. The rain isn't controllable but whats with the poor sound quality and running out of booze?? Lucky the weather kept the numbers down which probably stretched the bar but for a bit longer. God helps us if it was hot and they ran out of beer earlier!

and this guy sounds convincing but its still the net! anyway:
electrosam says...

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED... No such thing as Technical Difficulties at an event like that. The amount of back up equipment they have on stand by at festivals like that you can guarantee that a problem will be fixed within a minute of happening. As many people are aware Fat boy is the biggest booze hound out there and off his face every show he does. 1,The turntables were brand new, straight out of the box..."no f@#k up there" 2,The tech guy was ready side of stage with another turntable.." Fat boy's manager would not let him on f@#k up there" 3, THE FAULT.......Flicking the wrong line switch on a RANE TTM-57...."massive f@#k up there" Why did Melbourne go smoothly, all the switches were gaffed down and clearly marked "DO NOT TOUCH". Fat boy, Sydney doesn't salute you. Your shit!!!! So glad i didn't pay to see reward was cheese...thanks Deadmau5 you fucking rocked it.

(edit this blogger officially HATES Deadmau5 after his recents comments, but for the conveinence of this post I'll leave it there)

PS we still love you fatboy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Want discounted Circoloco Tix?

Pulse Radio & Circoloco hits Sydney on the 22nd March for an exclusive gig with their famed residents and the guys leading the charge in the Romanian scene Raresh, Pedro and Rahdoo + a 4th international but I'm guessing its an new-disco artist as that's the policy for the open roof-deck.

  • If you would like discounted tickets for $65 each! email: for more info

Tickets are currently on second release and are $77 online while 3rd release will be even more!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Space Cadets went offfffff

Epic 2nd instalment to our Space residents. Great music by all DJs + out-of-this world visuals by our resident VJ, LayerOne.

Next instalment is 5th of March

Stay tuned for all sets (hopefully) and pictures in the following dayzzzz

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Space Cadets - SET TIMES

Alright peoples

Set Times
8-9: Andrew Myers
9-10: Jamie Tek
10-11:Living Room DJs
11-12:Zushy Woolstone
12-1am: Alex Caminer
1-?: B2B action!

Remember night kicks off from 8pm with a happy hour from 11-12pm! Wohoo!

PS Please bring MOON BOOTS! :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sunday Roast - BEEF Records special this sun!

This coming Sunday 15th February we're putting on a special little Sunday Roast BEEF special for you guys.

We've got two of our residents, Dave Stuart & Chris Combe. Plus our “sort of” up & comer George Hall who's played for us once before and will bring some more deep bouncy tech goodness.

As its Valentines Day weekend we're going to share the love and have not one but TWO very special guests this Sunday who we are very privileged to have play at our little night.

We’re also looking for new up & coming DJs to join us for the March & April nights so please pop in, say hi & drop of a demo.

As always its free entry all night, however as we have these special guests playing we'll be passing around a "collection tin" for anyone who'd like to donate funds towards paying our guests.

And of course $3 house spirits / beer from 8-9pm to get you in the mood.

Set Times;
Dave Stuart – 8-9pm
George Hall – 9-10pm
Schwa – 10-11pm
Chris James – 11-12am
Chris Combe – 12-1am
B2B – 1am till close

Chris starting DJ'ing from his early 20's in Sydney, it wasn't until moving to London in 2004 that in a short space of time he made his mark, earning residencies throughout London. His sets draw on many styles from Deep Chicago to Detroit to more modern European influences. Musically his style is focused around Deep House and Techno with a warm, hypnotic feel.

The quality of Chris' sets have seen him playing alongside DJ's like Groove Armada, Kooshen, Derrick Carter and Norman Jay MBE to present day heroes like Mr C , Ralph Lawson , Tim Sheridan & Clive Henry.
Chris' Techno sets have a tougher edge while his lighter & more minimal side has seen him rock dance floors across London. The techno music scene left a deep impression on Chris and his record collection , influenced by producing friends in London & Sydney, which lead him to start his own label with close friends.
ON ALL FOURS was launched in November 2008 - the brain child of 4 DJ / Producers from London -Adrain Musto, Ross Manthorpe, Kevin Steed & Chris. As the name suggests , the four guys launched their label in looking to cover the growing Deep / Techno / Minimal scene that is sweeping the UK the world. All DJ's in there own right , their experience behind the decks ranges from Australia , Italy , Ibiza , Majorca & all throughout the UK. With a number of tracks under their belt they will be looking to further the label with a number of big names remixes to be launched in the New Year.


Michal Ruzicka, aka DJ Schwa, is the man behind BEEF records and Shades Of Gray. Michal became engaged in music thanks to his father, who is also a musician himself as well as an owner of a famous recording studio in Prague ( At the age of 14, dance music caught his attention mainly through Radio 1. Around this time he tried to mix his first tracks. In 2000 he started performing publicly. In 2002, Michal started his weekly resident night in Prague at Cross Club and since 2003 he has been working as a sound engineer at ORM studio in Prague. In 2004 Michal, along with DJ Slater, started working on the first Czech progressive label and by the end of the year “Tribal Vision Records” was born.
Tribal Vision has since then been slowly establishing itself as one of the leading labels on the progressive scene.
At the end of 2005, Schwa rapidly changed his style and the idea of an innovative techno/house label became reality and thus established the foundation for “BEEF Records.”

Schwa’s sets are not strictly one style oriented; he combines electro sounds that progressively flow from deeper tech house to minimal & techno rhythms. Schwa’s unique mixing and track selection has resulted in a particularly massive following throughout Japan, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Austria, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Slovakia and Australia. Schwa has performed at huge international festivals such as “Open Air Field” (Czech Republic), “Parihaka” (New Zealand), “No Mans Land Festival” (Hungary), “Rainbow Serpent”, “Earthcore Carnival” (Australia) and as a part of Japan tour Michal had a chance to perform at the biggest club in Japan – Ageha.

sounds tasty

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Muppet Grind

Muppet Grind is Deepchild's latest EP release out now on BEEF records.

Its quite a dark gritty affair that as the name suggests conjures images of evil muppets having a 'grind'. Well at least thats what I think...then again maybe it just me.

Deepchilds mix, although labelled techno, is by no means a strict techno track. It bridges on dark-pop with a banging 'gritty' kick drum and smooth talking vocals (pitched down of course and by the man himself in one of his 'looser-moments' apparently!) the whole way through it. As with many of Deepchilds tracks bass seems to warp in and out, accentuated by keyboard stabs that create that dance-floor edge. Expect to see this little number poping up in many peoples sets as it would work just as well with fulor elektro as it would with techno.

Jamie Stevens, the man behind Infusion, then graces the EP with a funky tech-house style number. It gets rid of the edgy kick drum in the Original mix and replaces it with something much smoother while the vocals are pitched back up with a driving bass line to keep up the pace. The remix does have a slightly 'warmer' feel that could be said to make it slightly more accessible, either way its a great remix.

Remixes also done by Weki and Syd-underground duo Shades of Grey who take it back to its techno roots to create a 'lighter version' of the original that will fit nicely into any tech-house set.

However if were to use 2 words to describe the release, I think the man himself said it best on his blog, "Gutter-Funk" my friends...

ALSO the official EP launch will be happening at Looskaboose in Sydney next week, 20th of February, with Christian Vance and Deepchild headlining!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Shrug and Vooooorn

Hal "Im afraid I cant let you put that track on..."
The sound rack-on display at the amazing Civic Underground. Truly a club built
for DJs and quality.

, the monthly night at Civic underground, did the rounds last friday to a pretty packed Civic. The night is very musically focused in that it mixes established as well as emerging DJs on the scene. Minimal, house and techno all made appearances last Friday from DJs Walka, Robbie Lowe, Dave and Chrise Combe

Robbie the 'headliner' had a full 2 hours to play with so I was very excited to see where he would take things. Starting off a little chilled and housier than Walka, who played before him, Robbie coaxed the remaining people sitting down onto the dance floor in what could be said to be quite a housy set. I was hoping to hear some of his expertly mixed deep-house, tech and techno but alas the mood of the night was called for something more chilled and it really did show it by the middle of his set. Even though it was a little 'soft' for me, ie. at one stage the song was quite a vocal house affair, it suited the floor and mood of the punters completely.

By the last half hour of Robbie set things did pick up the pace with some more driving tech-house tunes making an appearance. It was great set that suited the night but ultimately left me wanting more edgier unreleased tunes..but then again I personally love pushing the crowd with something new but this doest always work or suit. No doubt COLOR night next weekend run by Robbie and Co for the famous Color mixes, will feature many a new tune.

Walka, who I had the pleasure of hearing for the first time really impressed, me anyway. Some great minimal and tech-house tunes along with some golden oldies, think Ilario Alicante, that definitely progressed the night well. Will be seeing him in the cave next time around for sure!

Chris, although I only caught half of his set, played really well with some great techno to get every going in the last hour of the night. Not his best (i.e. not an amazing 2hour Sunday School set) but a definite up-n-comer of the scene in which 09 should hold big things for..

Touch screen controller, 4 track layoyt on Traktor Pro, funktion one = Win!

JORIS VOORN, played at nevermind last night to huge applause. Imagine 4 tracks going through traktor Pro, touch screen midi controller for effects + samples (I think) all going through the DJM800 mixer and you have a platform from something great!

This style is pioneered by Ritche Hawtin who reguarly mixes with 8 tracks or more while DJing over 2 mac books and A&H mixer...

The amazing thing is even though they may be 4 tracks going at one time the whole process is extremely organic in that every track flows and complements each other. This is as much a testament to the DJs skills as it is to the amazing software that is Traktor Pro. Sure your tracks are all beatmatched all for you but this just opens the door to more creative processes in DJing, so Im not complaining.

This shined in Joris set. I'll admit he is not one of my favourites, I own very little of Joris's tracks and past sets I have heard from him were only OK in my books but clearly he has progressed.

Promoting his new mix for the Balance CD series, which also come from Australia, he made it into the Guiness Book of records for the amazing fact that he 2 disk mix CD features 102 tracks!! Thats ridiculous! I'll definitely be getting a copy asap and giving you guys a review of it.

Back to Joris's set however, there is one word that I think summed up his entire set. funky. Funky tech-house, funky techno both the main staple of the set that had the whole dancefloor heaving throughout the night until the end of his set (somewhere after 4am). I think the man himself was enjoying it too going over time at the end.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Liebing playing in a warehouse somewhere RIGHT NOW!!!

So my informed techno friends if your in Sydney there is an awesome warehouse party happening right now!

Chris Liebing + others...somewhere in the innercity. Cant tell you much more because I dont know much more than that! Other than the fact that I will be missing out :p

But Im sure if your keen the usual sources should show up with some info

Friday, February 6, 2009

Gig Guide

* 6th Fri - SHRUG ft. Robbie Lowe + more - Civic Underground

*6th Fri - Lowdown ft. BEEF Records Night - Chinese Laundry

*6th Fri - Void ft. Rusko + Deadbeat - Pheonix Bar

*7th Sat - Nic Fanculli - Chinese Laundry - 4hour set

*7th Sat - Kink ft. Jorris Voorn (3hr LIVE set) - nevermind - email for discounted entry

7th Sat - Channel 90210 warehouse party!! - CHECK TOMORROW FOR NUMBER TO CALL FOR LOCATION!

vjing impressionnant...

Now this is what VJing should be about, using the surroundings as a platform for their work, not just a square projection screen. Its something Im looking in for the Thursday nights as well....

I believe the VJs are ChloƩ & Antivj

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Fancy some quality, light-hearted theatre? Also because I know some people invovlved so it should be a great show! Support some of Sydney's lesser know actors and writers!

Australian written short stories from the speculative fiction genre, translated to the stage. Sex and death, life and lust, darkness and humour, 'shadowmuse' is a one of a kind production.

Authors include Deborah Biancotti, Stephen Dedman & Kaaron Warren.
Directed by Sean O'Riordan
Cast: Jade Alexander, Patrick Connolly, Jillian Russ, Anita Whelan
Showing from Tuesday Feb 3 to Sunday Feb 8, 2009
Tickets through
Adults $30, Concession $20

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Great new DJ mixes from Jamie Tek & Zushy Woolstone

Now I've being avoiding post up DJ mixes for the simple fact that I'm trying to get this player working at the top of my blog that allows you-the readers- to STREAM new mixes from new DJs from Sydney and Germany...and whoever else I con into giving/stealing a mix off.

Anyhoo here are the two mixes and one is from me!

Jamie Tek Summer Space Cadet Mix - My Promo Mix from Jan09, not exactly cutting edge minimal but definitely some of the tracks that have being floating my boat as well as my few DJ sets over the last couple of months.

The next one is from underground man Zushy Woolstone who has done an epic 3HOUR mixtape! With some eclectic tunes on it from funky house to techy minimal to pulsating techno.

aptly named; An Afternoon with No Neighbours - Zushy Woolstone

We're both playing at the upcoming Space Cadets night next thursday 12th of Feb so be sure to come down and have a dance

Tim Green, Hedi & Italoboyz touring this Feb

Our fury techno friends at Finely Tuned Touring have done a whopping this month with three big artists coming through Sydney...I think they should just combine them and make it a Get Physical Label party but then I dont control the world (yet)

Lost Baggage Sydney's infamous themed techno parties takes on the duties of hosting Tim Green & relative new-comer Heidi who both has some pretty positive things to say about the parties, Tim Green comments "I’m excited about touring Australia with Finely Tuned …. I’ve heard glowing reports about the Lost Baggage parties through friends, so am looking forward to seeing it for myself and rocking the place :-) ", as well as Heidi mentions "I don't really like to put a label or a tag on how I play because I have to wait and see what the crowd is like......... All I can say is that I promise to make everyone that comes dance their little butts off!!!!!!!!".

Interesting comments but we will just have to see how they play I cant say I know much of Heidi's productions but from the few Ive heard there sound great. Whats got me really excited is the upcoming Italboyz gig! Known for their quirky sample infused tracks with Bahia and Viktor Cassanova all being hammered last year by the minimal elite this should be no doubt a massive gig and best of all I can get you guys! Yes my blog readers, all in for discounted! Have a listen to some of there live sets and you'll here there quirky techno style that some-how reminds me of Carl Cox....More details later on.

Lost Baggage - 14th Feburay
Kink ft. Italoboyz - 28th Febuary

Combine that with Future Music Festival and we contiune the Summer madness......

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The Curious Case of SPACE CADETS

SydneyLovesTechno presents The Curious Case of SPACE CADETS!

A new Thursday night for new visual artists and new DJs dabbling in the sounds of new-disco, electronica, minimal and techno

The first one went down really well and we hope the same, or better, for the next instalment.

This time around we're lucky to be graced by already established Living Room DJs who have put on some parties around Sydney before under the same name as well as up-n-comers Zushy Woolstone who plays seriously funky minimal and house as well as young-gun Andrew Myers

As well as residents Jamie Tek, Alex Caminer and Nic scali

LayerOne will be doing his awesome visuals LIVE this time around as well.

To get an idea of what went down last time around check out the review and if you would like to play please come down and pop in a demo to me (Jamie Tek, just check set times on the night!) or send them to

When: 12th feb
Where: Bunker Bar (Underneath The Bourbon)
FREE ENTRY all night
11pm-12pm Happy Hour with $3 tap beers and house spirits!

Its a chilled out night with great music, a lil dancing and cheap drinks all in the awesome Bunker Bar.

Set Times released next week!