Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gig Guide (1st - 3rd May) - Guestlists and Free entries!

Well another weekend is upon us and after a HUGE last weekend where I saw some awesome artists belt out some equally awesome sets this weekend is set for a more 'local' approach + I have some freebies too.

Discounted entry for SHRUG tonight, the monthly friday event at the Civic. Its sure to be a great event with an aweomse local line-up plus Rollin Connection from Melbourne.

10 FREE ENTRY PASSES for KINK this Saturday with local rising stars Reno & Foundation! Will be a great night.

Friday 24th
- SHRUG ft. Rolling Connection(Melbs), Murat Kilic, Trinity, Claire Morgan - Civic Underground - Our fav new monthly Friday night is back with another top-notch local line-up! I'm doing Guestlists for this night so for $10 entry email names to! It will be an awesome night!

Void 2nd Bday ft. The Others & Truth - Phoenix Bar - Sydney Dubstep night continues to make marks on the Syd dub step scene

Soundbox ft. Mozzi (Ibiza) - The Cross

Sat 25th

- KINK future stars ft. Reno & Foundation - club nevermind - I have 10 FREE ENTRY passes for this so email me names quick to, If you miss out I'll put on the discounted entry list. Reno & Foundation are two great Sydney DJs traversing the sounds of house, techno and tech.

- John Devecchis & Defined By Rhythm @ Bug In The Bass - Burdekin hotel - This little shin-dig returns with 2 local big-guns.

- A Good Thing Charity Event ft. Robbie Lowe, Jimmy Dau, Andrew Wowk - Alexanderia Hotel - Raising Funds for Freedom House Thailand

- Robbie Lowe & Tim Culbert & more - Civic Underground - If your craving some down-to-earth local goodness in one of the best clubs in Aus. Here is your weekly solution!

- Adam K @ MoS Progressions Tour - Chinese Laundry

Sun 26th
- Spice - Bunker Bar (5am)

- ReSession - Bunker Bar - With Space Cadet guest DJ Jeremy Northman who will be sure to deliever some deepness...

- Sunday Social Warehouse Party ft. Simon Caldwell, Kato & more - Warehouse - Check for more info: BYO + BBQ + aussie is that! Epic.

- Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Future Classic chill sessions

Sorry if I miss your awesome underground gig! There is often too many events for me keep track of! So why not help me and send your event info to

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This really grinds my gears....

Do you know what really grinds my gears!? Stupid promo emails that have outrageous claims like this email for example:

Quote from email
"...The event is going to be nuts with 5 internationals, 3,500 people, over 3 rooms and a massive production this is something never seen before in the sydney clubbing scene with no less than a 4 hour set from... "

Seriously. People, no, Promoter! (who I wont name) this aint fooling nobody. A big event? In Sydney? Oh wait! With Internationals DJs and big production!? OMG! No this never happens! You just have to ignore last Saturday with Great Stuff Label Party, then the Friday before that with Becks Berlin Sessions across three floors...oh wait then you have to ignore any ohter big techno parties and warehouse parties...Suddenly this stupid claim looks a little, well, false!

Now I understand promoters are there to promote but outrageous claims like this isnt going to fool nobody anymore these days with so many people that got out and many whom looking for good events with a good crowd. Nor do I believe this type of promo creates any particular 'special' interest in the events. If annything its probably just goign to work against the event as another 'lound and tacky club night', as lets face it, the promoters for these event love making stupid off-the-cuff claims like this as their often so depesperate to get anyone through the doors. My question is who are they really fooling? Do you think such stupid promo emails acutally create any positive 'hype' for an event?

For me, a more 'realistic' approach, nothing 'amazing or out of this world' just solid facts of what the event offers often come across better to the person who just skims these emails (if that) after a day at work...maybe not?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gig Guide (24th-26th)

The gig guide is a little late this week but if you don't know that Berlin Sessions is on tonight or that Konrad Black is playing at nevermind or that awesome local night Eat Musik is on then I'm sorry, but your living in a cave. Albeit a cave with good music. Which actually would be pretty fun..

Anyway! As I mentioned tonight sees the return of 'Becks Berlin Sessions' for 2009 with 3 massive German artists Justus Kohnocke, Stimming and Marcus Worgull none of whom come from Berlin! But who cares its good electronic shit my friend. Also we have Wagon Repair hot shot Konrad with the Glitch DJs as well as tomorrow night Great Stuff Label party means this weekend is action packed.

Friday 24th
- Stimming(live), Justus Kohncke & Marcus Worgull @ Berlin Sessions - Civic Underground - Did someone say epic? Becks Berlin Sessions returns for its first instalment of 09

-Eat Musik ft. Club Junque & Kit Phillips - Bunker Bar - Quality local night with the amazing Club Junque and the new-comer Kit Phillips

Konrad Black & Emerson Todd @ Glitch - club nevermind - Did someone say epic X2? I say do both...

Sat 25th

- KINK the future stars Mattt & Tomas - club nevermind - $10 ENTRY before 11pm if you email names to - Rising techno stars of Syd.

- Martin Eyerer, Tomcraft, Lutzenkirchen live, Emerson Todd @ 5 Years of Great Stuff - The Arthouse- The infmaous Munich label comes to Aus.

- Mad Racket Juke Joint ft. Peret Mako live! - Marrickville Recreation Centre - Peret Mako live and Simon Caldwell? Please thats ridiculous!

- Robbie Lowe & Tim Culbert + more locals - Civic Underground - If your craving some down-to-earth local goodness in one of the best clubs in Aus. Here is your weekly solution!

- Phil K (melbs) @ Club Club - Chinese Laundry

- Spencer Parker @ LL Closing Party - LadyLux - Ladylux is closing its doors for some renovations so to party out in style Mr Parker is back!

-Lookin Good! Anazc Special - The Cross

Sun 26th
- Spice ft. Robbie Lowe - Bunker Bar (5am)

- Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Future Classic chill sessions

Sorry if I miss your awesome underground gig! There is often too many events for me keep track of! So why not help me and send your event info to

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Space Cadets DJ sets from 9th April, easter special!

Easily our most successful Space Cadets since starting this little night a few months back. Musically the sets by everyone were seriously top-notch! I heard some amazing new tunes as well as great mixing by all. Have a listen to the sets, you'll not be disappointed.We had packed dance floor throughout the night right until closing time at 5am! If it wasn't for the Easter Friday laws (every pub and club must close at 5am for some reason, argh) we would of gone on for longer!

A Huge Thank you goes out to Robbie Lowe who played an excellent set taking us through some great new progressive and house tunes as well as Dane Austin who treated us with a live set (check the video below) with the deep, techy and even a little dubstep sounds of Mr Austin. Also our headlining VJ Darko showed us 'how its done' with a great array of colourful, trippy and bizarre visuals and graphics, however words really cant do justice for VJs so definitely come and check him out at a future Space Cadets if your around the area.

Other DJs on the night were myself (Jamie Tek) managing to bash out some Audion, the new Reboot new track Ronson, which was extremely well received, as well as some Daypyk and some awesome new Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier tracks. Unfortunately my recorder lost its 'juice' halfway through my set so consider it a littler taster of what happened in those early hours. Also after my set Timmy Maxwell dropped by for a 'surprise' set with me, Timmy and Alex playing tunes until close.

Chris Leffers started the night out with some extremely funky minimal house tracks that were perfect to get the groove going, after which Nic Scali took over to give us a good dosage of some of the lastest tech-house and minimal tracks going around right now. Alex Caminer warmed up for Robbie Lowe with a great moody techno track selection that had the floor heaving. Think italoboyz and Radioslave latest monster Koma Koma.

Download Set Links: (or right-click on player above)

Jamie Tek @ Space Cadets Easter Special

Alex Caminer: Caminer @ Space Cadets Easter Special 09-04-09.mp3

Dane Austin LivePA: Austin Live @ Space Cadets, 09-04-09.mp3

Chris Leffers: Leffers @ Space Cadets 09-04-09.mp3

Nic Scali: Scali @ Space Cadets, 09-04-09.mp3

Next Space Cadets goes down this Thursday 23rd of April with some new DJs and residents Alex Caminer and Jamie Tek. Stay tuned for full details early next week!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini-Interviews with Mic Doney & Darko

Another round of my mini-interview series. This time I chat to some local Sydney figures Mic Doney and Darko.

Even though this interview was shot a few months back I finally got around to posting it up. Mini-interview with Mic Doney who parts run and techno and minimal night called [The Box] here in Sydney as well as DJs and recently started producing.

The interview gives insight into the concept and past line-ups of The Box and what Michael being up to over the last year.

For my first interview with a Visual artist, I chat to Sydney VJ Darko who has being slowly making a name for him self on the VJ scene here in Sydney, organising VJ meetups/jam sessions as well as being a resident VJ for Midi in the City nights as well as TECHnique techno nights.

Also check out Darko's great design blog Visgoria - Adventures In Aesthetics here.

And for up-coming Box line-ups check my gig guide or InTheMix

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Deepchild On The Move

Love the spelling of Sydney!

If you don't know already, music man Deepchild as an awesome little blog going HERE where he rants on/talks/discusses about many a interesting topic as well as putting up videos from his tours around the world. Currently his latest video is like a mini-doco of his night in Manchester before heading to Germany. I think he could easily combine these countless tour videos to some epic doco of his times both in Aus and overseas...
Deepchild has being on tour for the last few months taking him across America and its cities, up to England and now through Europe.

Love the accent...

Gig Guide (17th - 19th)

So I thought after the Easter Long weekend we would be in for a 'quite one' this time wrong I am! It seems that many of the internationals from last weekend will be hang around for another gig so if you missed Daniel Dreier, Spencer Paker, Djuma Sound System, or even Tiger Stripes (at his unofficial pre-gig of sorts) then catch them this time around!

Also huge array of other parties as well with Rob Salmon at The Box, Pole Folder at Laundry and the Surry Hill Festival this Saturday. Should be a great weekend, play safe!

Friday 17th
- The Box ft. Rob Salmon & Ben Dunlop - Bunker Bar - One of Syds newest and best underground techno nights

-Index ft. Spherix & Mark Pritchard - Civic Underground - Dubstep night returns for April

-Djuma Sound System + Locals - Ladylux - Djuma's temp Syd residency at the Lux! Apparently with a different sound each night.

Sat 11th
- Surry Hills Festival - Prince Alfred Park - The festival of all things Surry Hills, performance, food, music + much more - Gold Coin donation - Check Here for more info

- KINK presents Tiger Stripes - $10 ENTRY before 11pm if you email names to - This will be an awesome night

- Danel Dreier @ Deep Impressions - Bunker Bar - $10 before midnight for this Berlin mans encore performance! It will be an awesome set no doubt!

- Marshall (live), Nonamaka, Darkchild @ Niche - The Cross - this new night kicks on the night promising 'all forms of tech' goodness...

- Pole Folder, MDX @ Club Club - Chinese Laundry

- Robbie Lowe & Tim Culbert + more locals - Civic Underground - If your craving some down-to-earth local goodness in one of the best clubs in Aus. Here is your weekly solution!

-Djuma Sound System + Locals - Ladylux - Djuma's temp Syd residency at the Lux! Apparently with a different sound each night.

- Wham ft. Spencer Park - World Bar, Office Room - As world bars tech/techno room starts to make a name for itself with its first international. However each week it brings together some of the best locals who often play more commercial sounds at other gigs.

Sun 12th
- Spice ft. Spencer Parker - Spence Parker encore after hours gig, anything could happen here!

- Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Future Classic chill sessions

-Djuma Sound System + Locals - Ladylux - Djuma's temp Syd residency at the Lux! Apparently with a differnt sound each night.

Sorry if I miss your awesome underground gig! There is often too many events for me keep track of! So why not help me and send your event info to

Monday, April 13, 2009

Track IDs from Minilogue & Romboy Sets (Last Sunday!)

WOW, did Sebastian Mullaert (One half of Minilogue) play one EPIC set
! Not subscribing to the 'I only play unreleased songs' mentality that seems to be the thing these days with bigger name DJs, Minilogue took the entire floor on a journey of techno, minimal, house and down-right atmospheric disco pop! It had the entire floor heaving back and fourth in time with beat for his whole 4 hours right until the end. When looking back on the night between him and the other head liner Mark Romboy , although different style, Minilogue tracks were just a lot more interesting and engaging I found.

Here are a couple of tracks I could remember/ID from the night

Sebastian Mullaert Set Track ID's:
Minilogue - Animals (Luciano Rmx) + (Beat Pharmacy 6feet under mix??)
Minilogue - My Teenage Gang
Josh Wink - Everybody To The Sun - off his latest album, When a banana is just a banana
Katcha - Touched By God (Peace Division Remix) - 1999 techno!
A track from Richie Hawtins Transition CD that I cant remember right now haha
Mathew Jonson & The Mole - Dirt Road and A Boat From Sound Wave - I think this may have being the Jonson track I remember...
Gedez Track - ID'ed by another person but I couldnt find it online

Mark Romboy
Oliver Huntemann - 37 Degrees is the one I was meant to write!
Reboot - Ronson - the track that sent everyone crazy earlier on in his set
Reboot - Vandon - Overplayed but apparently went down nicely
Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter - House Ya

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Orchesteral Techno - Carl Craig & Francesco Tristano Live

Electronic music as a genre has , within the last few years, started to become increasingly less and less associated with as purely club or pop music, making its long awaited transition into the world of orchestral and broader contemporary music styles. The level of detail and variety on offer in electronic music compsition has huge potential in the broader styles of contemporary music.

Many of you may already know that late last year famous Detroit DJ/producer and pioneer in techno music, Carl Craig, embarked on a project with Francesco Tristano and Moritz Von Oswald to compose an orchestral music piece with techno/electronic music influences and sounds. However very little footage or follow up reviews made it down-under so I thought I would post up this video of Carl Craig and Franceso Tristano performing their new music live in Paris. I think the conductor Francis Xavier Roth summarises this blending of seemingly incompatible genres as, "There is no hierarchy in music, only a quest for high standards "

The project was followed up with a release on Deutsche Grammaphone titled Carl Craig and Moritz Von Oswald Recomposed Vol3. The fact that their able to showcase this new music on such a respectable, traditionally classical label, shows the transition of contemporary electronic music right now. This release was also followed up by a 'New Mixes' release which featured an amazing 'moody' Ricardo Villalobos remix as well. Craig and Moritz Von Oswald - Ricardo villalobos Uli Mein Ponyhof Remix-PREVIEW.mp3

Heading back to Australian shores end of last year we also saw our fair share of musical mash-ups with Matthew Herbert performing live with his big band backing in the Sydney Opera house (great review here) as well as Cinematic Orchestra performing with there semi arranged/live set-up as part of Sydney Festival, both extremely well received and both great musicians.

So I guess the question is what will lie in-store for 2009 in this area of music?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Space Cadets info + Gig Guide Easter W/E!

Well another Space Cadets is upon us. No ranting on from me though, come down if your around it should be an awesome night of new music + visuals :0

Set Times DJ's
9 - 11: Nick Scali
11-12: Dane Austin
12 - 1: Alex Caminer
1-2.30: Robbie Lowe
2.30+: Jamie Tek

Set Times VJ's
9-12: Darko
12-3: LayerOne

FREE if you email me names by 5pm today to

Check back here for sets from the night! Also for some free music downloads check some of Dane Austin's latest stuff on SoundCloud.

NOW Gig Guide and Easter Weekend is one of the busiest for Sydney. Huge array of internationals to suit anyone's taste this time around

Thurs 9th
- SPACE CADETS ft. Robbie Lowe, Dane Austin (live) & Darko (visuals) - Bunker Bar -$5 all night - The Easter special with an awesome local line-up sure to please any music fan. We will be decking the place out with visuals, lights and easter eggs!

-Lost Baggage ft. Audiojack - The Lost Baggs are at it again this time with a solid line-up of locals and an international...however considering Space Cadets is just below and a hell lot cheaper....maybe Im just being biased?

Friday Rests (for techno anyway)

Sat 11th
- KINK presents Spencer Parker & Djuma Soundsystem - $10 ENTRY if you email names to - This will be awesome night

- Nick Warren & Satoshi Tomiie @ Chinese Laundry - $50 Tix + this will be packed to rafters for these 2 massive internationals. Global Underground & Renaissance for special easter night...

Sun 12th
- Mark Romboy, Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue), Peter Juergens + more! @ Deep As Fu*k Easter Teknival 09 - The Cross

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Future Classic chill sessions

Tiger Stripes @ Favela - His special 'pre-gig' before he headlines Kink next weekend!

Sorry if I miss any smaller underground parties, if you want me to mention your party please email info to

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mark your dairy session 2

Likes Of You (from Melbourne) launches their series of parties in Sydney with Future Classic as they try to carve up a slice of the underground here in Syd. Not that I'm complaining at all, being hanging out to see Loco DJ for a while now...


Its an old set, so many of you will probably already come across it, but its none-the-less an awesome set, with a great mix of songs in typical dice style!
Loco Dice @ You FM Clubnight 22.03.2008
Download Part 1
Download Part 2
00:00 Loco Dice - Black Truffles In The Snow (Desolat/Promo)
00:06 Alix Alvarez, Franck Roger - Dub-M/original Mix (Real Tone Records)
00:11 Lemos & Keow feat. Fatboy - Nice Day (Resopal Schallwaren/Promo)
00:17 Los Hermanos - Los Hermanos (Guidance Recordings)
00:23 My My - Southbound (Ostgut Ton )
00:29 Steve O' Sullivan - Cheques Not Accepted (Sushitec)
00:34 Kerri Chandler - Kong (Promo)
00:38 Loco Dice - How Do I Know (Desolat/Promo)
00:44 Alejandro Vivanco - Rojo Pomodoro (Promo)
00:49 Martin Zadek - Zahara (White/Promo)
00:54 Gregoryhthme - Synchtroubles (Sushitec Purple)
00:59 Robert Dietz - Shemale Trouble (Be Chosen)
01:05 Anynimious - Deutschland Funk (Promo)
01:10 Marco Carola - A2 (Ante/Promo)
01:15 Ilavio Alicante - Vacaciones en Cile (Tonax/Promo)
01:20 The Reggisford Harris Projekt - Astral/Shelter Dub (Objektivity)
01:25 Sebbo - Watano Beach 320 (Desolat/Promo)
01:30 Loco Dice - Consequently Eccentric & Delicate (Desolat/Promo)
01:36 Sweet n Candy - Pancakes (Einmaleins Musik)
01:41 Clé - Nomads/Matthias Tanzmann Mix (Poker Flat Recordings)
01:46 Haloboys vs. John Coltrane - Bahia Party Swing/Mothership (Promo)
01:51 Rosario Internullo - Sentimente/Nea Marina Mix (Desolat)
01:55 Minilogue - Hispanola (Cocoon Recordings/Promo)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Attn all Space Cadets

New Music First at Space Cadets

Last Space Cadets went down a treat with us finishing up around 2am. Needless to say the quality of music that night was just awesome. Not only did I learn that I wasn't the only one around (in Syd anyway!) that loves and plays Dapayk but also got to hear 2000 and Ones latest album Heritage hammered out the awesome Bunker sound system. Seriously, this album has a few brilliant house tracks, while the others are still extremely good I think my favourite would have to be the one in the Vid above. Set of the night definitely goes to Chris Leffers, who played is first proper club set and destroyed it. Do yourself a favour and check out both artists and while your at it why not pop into the next S.C;

Super excited for the next instalment. We have the talented Robbie Lowe headlining with minimal man Dane Austin who will be playing live! With Friday off it should be an awesome night for all to enjoy. More details later in the week

Join Facebook Event Here

Gig Guide (3rd -5th)

Well compared to the last few weekends this is quite the quiet one. However still a great array of parties going on.

My picks would be Shrug Vs SweetChilli which everyone seems to be talking about, should be a night full of great new music from some of Sydneys best, both established and 'up-n-comers'. Also Saturday sees infamous Syd DJ Ben Morris turn 30 and thus play an 4 hours set at Kink that will surley feature plenty of techno, tech and jacking-house goodness. Plus its free entry if you email me names!

If your into your dubstep, which seems to be quite the trendy thing these days, definitely check out one of Sydney premier dubstep nights Void with Seven headlinging.

Fri 3rd
-SHRUG vs Sweetchilli Dave Stuart vs Chris Combe, Robbie Lowe vs Tim Culbert - Civic Underground - A combiniation of a relativley new groupd of DJs with the established makes this an exciting gig. Definitely a good pick!

-VOID ft. Seven & Gravious - Phoenix Bar - Dubstep maddness

-A Disco Stole My Baby - Ladylux - new disco goodies

Sat 4th
- Anthony Pappa @ Chinese Laundry

- Ben Morris 4hr set @ KINK - club nevermind - Send names to for discounted entry - FREE before 11pm on guestlist

-DAF presents T-Quest - Bunker Bar

Sun 5th
-Apres ft. El Peludo, Chad Gillard @ Tilbury hotel

- Re-Session ft. Craig Garbutt & Adi Deutsch - 6pm Start - Bunker Bar - A new sunday sessions at the Bunker!

Thurs 9th
- SPACE CADETS ft. Robbie Lowe, Dane Austin (live) & Darko (visuals) - Bunker Bar -$5 all night - The easter special with an awesome local line-up sure to please any music fan...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Colour Visions

Awesome mix alert!

From the 'mixers' of the the infamous COLOUR mixes that floated around Sydney and the internet all last year come their 09 instalments, COLOUR VISIONS

First one off the block comes from none other than Robbie Lowe. As with all COLOUR mixes COLOUR VISIONS 001 is an expertly mixed hour and a bit long journey of house music with a definite direction into the more 'minimal' flavours of tech and progressive sounds. The mix flows and progresses in a some-what laid back manner typical of Robbies style but still builds in an engaging way. In my opinion its a different side of Robbie compared to his last Colour mixes but one thats very welcomed.

Its a mix that translates onto an underground dance floor or a perfect sound track to city travelling (as with me!)

Truthfully I would say it is not as 'rounded' as some of his other mixes in that it leavs the listener hanging in some ways at the end but bare in mind this is the first mix of the year with more to to come, so in that respect its a great mix.

Download here

Join Colour Facebook group here to check out the past mixes and to stay updated on new ones

Lee Curtiss – And Counting [Wolf + Lamb Records]
Reelsoul – Nightflight [SOLE Channel]
Benny Rodriguez & Kapuchon – Potato Tomato [Beyond]
Der Thal – Maszo [Trenton Records]
Athos – Lo-File (Ricardo Ferri remix) [Alchemy]
Joel Mull – Hollaland [Jericho]
Smith & Selway– Swingworld [Jericho]
Samuel L Session – Can You Relate (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Klap Klap]
Steve Rachmad– Surdosong [EC Records]
Milton Jackson – Crash (Lovebirds remix) [Freerange]
Scope– Capture (Hideo Kobayashi remix) [Seamless Recordings]

Robbie Lowe will be playing this friday the 3rd - Shrug vs Sweatchilli as well as Space Cadets next week on the 9th!