Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Murat Kilic EP Launch this Sunday

Murat Kilic Sydney's underground figure and SPICE main-man has recently being signed to Stil Vor Talent Digital and will be releasing his first highly anticipated EP in February, Red Phobia.

Take a preview listen HERE at the Stil Vor Talent myspace page and from what I hear at the preview it sounds like quite a driving tech-house tune and will no doubt recieve some quality remixes. Otherwise head over to Spice this Sunday morning where Murat will be playing an extended set and I would imagine droping his new tune in somewhere! (If you havent already heard it over the last few weeks that is...)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Space Cadets - Thurs night wrap-up! - DJ Sets from the night

Space Cadets last Thursday welcomed to the booth new (and getting established) DJs that spanned musical styles of minimal, techno and electronica. Everyone played a great set so feel free to download some or all of them;

Dave Stuart - Started the night off with some seriously funked out minimal. Great track selection blended together was a perfect way to start of the night and the whole Space Cadet series really! Will have to get Dave back for a peak time set later on otherwise you can catch him at Red Box and Sunday School this weekend!

Download Mix Here:

Jamie Tek -I jumped on after to push things up with a set that really dabs in everywhere. Starting of with some Gaberial Arnada and pushing some classics like Mouth To Mouth (original mix please!) as well as some future classics like Micheal Cleis La Mezcla. It wasnt my best mix but still not bad if I don't say so myself!
Download Mix Here:

Alex Caminer - Alex always has some great tracks up his sleeves and he did not disappoint this time around. Starting off a little mellow he built up the minimal techno into some great grooves and rhythms by the end of his set. Everyone loved it!
Download Mix Here:

Nic Scali - Nic took over to take us into the midnight with a great pumping techno set. Not too intense but not chilled either this was great set!
Download Mix Here:

Stay Tuned for more info regarding the NEXT SPACE CADETS! Got some DJ promos? Or Visual promos? Or want to know more? email for all your comments/abuse!

Dirtybird Cruise with Claude VonStroke - Pictures and Videos

The Dirtybird records cruise with Claude VonStroke, Christian Martian, Gucci Sound System and Emerson Todd went off on Sydney harbour last Saturday to a packed boat and up-for-it crowd as we all boiled away in the 40+C temperatures! Thank-god for the cool Sea Breeze!

There truly is no better way to spend a Sunny Sydney Summer day than cruising on the Harbour listening to some great music! Emerson Todd, also signed to Dirtybird Records, started things off on the main deck with a bouncy, funky minimal and tech-house set. I actually quite liked his set which in my opinion was a better "warm-up" set than what he had played for Luciano...although if I remember Luciano ran quite late so that was under different circumstances.

After Emerson, Christian Martian came on too take us into wonky tech land with some mellowish tunes to begin with before building it up for Claude to take over. Great set with great tunes = easy to dance too and thoroughly enjoyable.

Claude VonStroke then came on, too huge applause,and proceeded to show us his extremely unique take on minimal, techno, house and any other genre he wishes to drop into that!! As many a person said Claude VonStroke is like a true "party-DJ" with great track selection that wouldn't alienate anyone no-matter what type of electronic music you listen too. His sets went through many ups and downs, build ups and just plain minimal beats but it was his own productions that really hit it off, his recent-y Who's Afraid of Detroit track and of course Deep Throat both went down with dance-floor mayhem. As I mentioned to a few mates if I was going to have a house party and I could book any international I would put Claude VonStroke on that bill! (sydneylovestechno-house-sessions!??..if only)

So without writing up a huge review Ill leave you with some pictures and videos for us to track ID and illegally use without copy-right permission! yay! (pics are available in Hi-res download for desktop wallpapers ect. - If you want to use them on a poster please email me FIRST!

From Dirtybird Cruise

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Space Cadets landed...partied...and now for the next one!

The first instalment of SPACE CADETS last thursday was a complete success! To a reasonably packed out Bunker DJs on the night served up some of the freshest new tunes in minimal and techno while LayerOne caused a stir at the back with his 'tribal' visuals for the night!

Recorded Sets will be up with a full review on everyone soon!

Stayed tuned for more info on the next SPACE CADETS!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Recent Mixes from Underground Mixdown

Underground Mixdown is a great Facebook group of dedicated music people some of whom are DJs, bedroom DJs, producers or just music listeners. Have a listen to some quality mixes posted over the past couple of months and feel free to join here

Hi Guys

I hope you all had a fabulous XMAS and fantastic NYE! Since the last mix update in December we have had an absolute treasure trove of quality mix postings for you to download and throw on your ipod. Once again every taste and genre is catered for and without further ado, let me give you a quick rundown in order of posting. (Remember to check the Underground Mixdown group for tracklistings if required.)

Chris delivers an excellent techno mix which will have you wiggling in no time. If you live in Sydney make sure you catch Chris play out and witness the infamous "techno fist" in action. Super entertaining! Get Chris' mix here:

Next up Rob brings it home again with his most recent mix. If you downloaded his previous mix posted on this group, you will understand when I say it is simply "deadly"! Get Rob's mix here:

So many great techno nights this past year has served as inspiration for this percussion driven techno set that builds into some pumping dancefloor craziness. Get my mix here:

Benny once again gives us a super funky tech workout with his latest mix. Get Benny's mix here:

Alex posted a great easy listening tech house mix with a lovely deep groove. Get Alex's mix here:

All the way from London, Rob drops a deep house into electro journey with a great flow. Get Rob's mix here:

Deep Marshall hails from Croatia, where he has been very active on the Balkan underground scene for the past 7 years. His tech house mix is brilliantly executed with a great flow. Get his mix here:

For all you Prog fans out there, Tim's mix will definately get your blood pumping. A great mix that builds nicely into some chunky dancefloor sounds. Get Tim's mix here:

Leah's great tech mix encapsulates so many of the sounds that are shaking good underground dancefloors at the moment: deep and groovy! Get Leah's mix here:

Well that's it for this round of mixes - keep 'em coming guys! Also, please remember to invite a few friends to the Underground Mixdown group to expose the great mixes that are posted every month to a wider audience.

Lastly, if you live in Sydney, make sure you set aside Friday 30th January for RED [BOX]. Without giving too much away, the RED BOX PROJECT is an underground movement or gathering of music lovers who will be taking over the Terrace AND the Bunker @ the Bourbon, Kings X for one night only. Beaming straight from their last sell-out party in Asia, the RED crew are teaming up with some of Australia’s finest underground party producers, namely [THE BOX] and Sunday School, to host a diverse cross-section of local and international talent. The party will be headlined by Mike Acetate, Carlos Gibbs and Deepchild with a great local support line-up. Check out the party details here and make sure you put it in your diary:

Until next the next episode!

Take care

Empire Of The Sun Music Video (filmed on location in Mexico)

To continue my musical divergence from techno today I thought I would show you guys the latest music video from up coming music stars Empire Of The Sun. I say up coming because even though they have recognition here in Syd/Australia however with their album releasing in Europe next month...well, we'll just wait and see.

Anyway many of you know I'm a big visuals man and this video has some great visuals! And great locations;
We Are The People

Grace Jones plays Sydney (Enmore Theartre)

I'm not one to dwell on old disco/pop icons but Grace Jones Sydney-only performance at The Enmore was something very special indeed. To see a 60year old women in a corset was very disturbing but to see her belt-out 14 songs and crash symbols above her head made me feel like she was on some secret 'youth-pill' becuase the energy she gave out was quite surreal and confronting but then again thats whats she is known for.

A little excerpt from fellow Sydney Disco blogger Disco Dissertation;

The thing about Grace was that she was here to sell hedonism, yet at the same time make you feel uncomfortable about it. There was an unrestrained joy in her disco and calypso influenced tracks that had a defiantly transgressive side. Yes, you should be having this much fun, and yes, it really is as bad as your parents told you.

That naughtiness is what she gave us, in spades, at the Enmore Theatre last night. Not only was her 60 (or 56, depending on which DOB you believe) year old booty on full show thanks to slinky corset and thong, but the intense vocal delivery, saucy patter and tight musical backing oozed sex. In just under 90 minutes she cracked through 14 songs, a little wobbly for the first half hour but then feeding off the vibe of her captive audience to rise to brilliance for the rest. If the music was great, the visual show was even better. Not just Grace's personal theatrics, but 13 changes of headwear--masks and hats applied offstage between tracks by her travelling milliner, while she drawled heavily into the mic with her musings--and a theatricality that should probably be called cinematic. A movie set wind machine, another fan blowing from below, and a zillion pieces of confetti sprayed over us all. Then there were the laser lights scattering off the disco ball hat and the hula hoop spun relentlessly, flawlessly, mesmerisingly about her waist through the entirety of "Slave To The Rhythm".
Full post here

Friday, January 16, 2009

SPACE CADETS - A new Thurs night, 22nd - Free entry too!

A long time in the making but finally I have managed to get the night started, that is SPACE CADETS next week on the 22nd of Jan at Bunker Bar(under The Bouron, Kings X).

In association with Sunday School crew and SydneyLovesTechno SPACE CADETS is a night dedicated to quality electronica, techno and minimal of the real kind...

Its also a night for unearthing and displaying Sydney's underground VJs with next week layerOne showing of his work on the plasma in The Bunker but in next editions of SPACE CADETS we will get projector screens going too!

The legendary Bunker will be decked out 'spacey' style (hopefully) with DJs on the night;

Dave Stuart (of Sunday School & Shurg fame)
Jamie Tek
Nic Scali
Alex Caminer - Both of whom will be playing at the upcoming Red Box

Starts from 8pm - Free Entry all night - happy-hour from 10-11pm & great music in this chilled out venue.

Seriously why not? after work/dont work? Fridays off? Uni Holidays? Layed-off financial worker? Come get your techno fix you music junkie!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Discoutned Dirtybird Cruise Tickets avalible to all my blog readers! Get In quick though!

Thats right folks as mentioned before discounted Dirtybird Cruise Tickets are available!! Email ASAP to grab some!

That is normal online price $78.
For you guys; $65!!

Sure not the biggest saving in the world but still means that extra drink or food or wateva....

Dane Austin - A 'mini'-interview

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present one of Sydney's well known minimal/electronic underground figure, Dane Austin. Interviewed fresh from his Sunday School gig and filmed on location in Sydney's infamous Kings Cross. Dane updates us on how his Cresent Music label is going, highlights of 08 & of course the low-down on the up-coming Channel warehouse party and to keep that on the down-low...

Dane Austin Myspace

Cresent music will be releasing an compilation CD soon check here for some of the artists signed and I'll post details on the up-coming Midi in The City Party soon. For those of us who dont know Midi In The City is a music event dedicated to live electronica. Last time it had a huge array of new and emerging talent from Sydney with everyone giving the night rave reviews. Expect the same for the next one.

As for the warehouse party? Stay tuned for my new section 'Warehouse watcher' (sounds creepy eh!?)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sydney Festival First Night - This Saturday!

Yep, the biggest annual event has now come again with last year around 200 000 people flocking the CBD for the free music offerings. HOWEVER, before we get too excited TECHNO is NOT all! ARGH! Why is that? Well Fuzzy are organising most of the electronic and dance artists and for some reason think 'electro' is the only accessible genre of electronic music for an event like this....'But that's ridiculous' you may cry out, and, I concur. Pulsating rhythms of techno (not all types of course) and other types of electronica are in my mind perfect for an open-minded crowd that are coming just to enjoy themselves. There's nothing better than booging down to some good dance, just check Earth Dance for that.

To be fair though some of the DJs billed do crossover but I still think with all the amazing techno/electronic artists in Australia right now, more of the less commercial ones could of being taken up for an awesome open air techno stage in a lane way..right! who's with me!??

Next year I hope this changes. While Beks Festival Bar has some very good electronic artists coming through I think we can do better...

The artists Playing are;
# Grace Jones (Considering friends of mine paid $80 tix, expect this free one to be packed!)
# The Cat Empire
# Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
# Santogold
# The Gypsy Queens & Kings
# Movers & Shakers
# Dan Zanes & Friends
# Java
# A-Trak (killed it at Field Day, should be great again this time around!)
# Mr Scruff
# DJ Mehdi
# Busy P
# Uber Lingua
# Bag Raiders Live
# Jaime Doom & Gus da Hoodratt
# Ember
# Mission Control
# Ajax
# Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen
# The Cycologists
# The Leaping Loonies
# Music is Magic!
# The Festoons Big Band and special guests (Woot! Big Band)
# The Pyrophone Juggernaut

So officially;
Festival First Night returns for its second year on January 10, 2009 with an epic, outdoor celebration to mark the opening of the 2009 Festival. It’s all free and you‘re invited!

With the streets again cleared of cars, over 600 major local and international musicians, dancers and artists from around the globe will explode onto open-air stages across the CBD. This is an opportunity to catch some of the biggest names in the Festival for free. Festival First Night is held in Sydney’s CBD, across its streets, laneways and parks. There are seven precincts, each with stages hosting live acts and DJs.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RPR Soundsystem for Circoloco Sydney!? + Dirtybird Records Cruise Info

Woot Yacht Club madness, Cruise tickets selling fast with 1st release sold out! Get in quick + I'll see if I can organise something for my blog readers ;)

ALSO RPR Soundsystem for the exclusive DC10 party Sydney? So I hear. For those of you who don't know RPR are consisted of Raresh, Pedro & Rhadoo three young DJs and producers from Romania who were last year given priase from Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. While Raresh has being relativly known in the european minimal scene the other 2 are lesser known and even more so in other parts of the world. I'll post some of their songs up soon as from what Ive heard their seriously good stuff.

Gig Guide (9th-11th Jan)

Finally, I have posted a gig guide before the actual weekend! haha. This weekend is a BIG ONE with many artists making their second Sydney appearance, so if you missed them first time around now is the time to catch them!

  • The BOX ft. Deepchild & Life DJs - Bunker Bar - Deepchild is one of Australia's biggest techno/electronic exports a true 'icon' in the underground scene of Australia. Come hear the master at work along with Life DJs who have being making name for themselves recently
  • Club Club ft. Adam Freeland - Chinese Laundry - After an awesome Field Day gig which had the floor pulsating to some awesome sounds of 2step, Dub and break beat Adam is going to destroy the Laundry with a 3hour set!
  • Mad Racket presents Jamie Lidell - The Forum - After a blistering Field Day performance which I thoroughly enjoyed, Jamie is back for a special side gig with Mad Racket crew! one word, Funk.
  • Kink presents Mike Monday! - club nevermind - Mike Monday destroyed Kink back in 06 and thats what we expect this time around at Kinks brand new venue nevermind...Guestlist entry email
  • Switch ft. Oliver Huntemann & Cicada (live) - ArtHouse - yay, another electro techno mash up night, but needless to say the main room is reserved for techno goodness and leave it up to who else but Oliver H to deleiver that..
  • Warehouse Party alert!! - Radioslave & Simon Baker encore sets!! - warehouse somewhere in the city TBA! - Wow, this will be epic..
  • Faction - Bunker Bar - Continue the techno and tech-hosue goodness with underground residents Kate Doherty, Typhonic, Onnit and newbie McBean.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mike Monday at KINK this Saturday!

A little heads up for my blog readers (if there any of you out there!? haha) I can offer you guys discounted entry into KINK this Saturday featuring Mike Monday on his Australian tour! Email your names + names of your friends to

This will be a big one, promoting his new album Songs Without Words, Mike Monday is a true techno/electronic music legend with a extremely unique style that has to be heard to be understood. His style shines through his new album which is nothing short of some of the best electronica you'll here all year with songs edging on electronic pop, funky tech-house and down-tempo wonky techno the album shows Mikes attention to detail and excellent song writing ability. Check it out on itunes, beatport or have a 'pre-listen' here

Set-times for this Saturday
10:00 - 11:30 Telefunken
11:30 - 01:00 Ben Morris
01:00 - 03:00 MIKE MONDAY (OM Records)
03:00 - 05:00 Shamus

Sunday School recap + upcoming parties from the SS crew

Despite being a little quiet last Sunday School was nevertheless bursting with quality tunes.

Fresh from Peats Ridge Festival & Technique NYE warehouse party Dane Austin made his second SS appearance with his live set-up that never ceases to impress! It consisted of a Akai sampler connected to a Zip Drive (old school man), a Yamaha something (didn't quite catch what it was) and a pioneer effects unit EFX1000, all used to great effect! Theres nothing quite like a live set and Dane Austin's sets are something not to be missed. Oli, Dave Stuart and Alex Marsh all played great sets while I (Jamie Tek) warmed up with blur of different styles.

BUT Sunday School crew are off to a good year with the 2nd SHRUG party coming up in February and a venture with THE BOX crew and DJs which sees some of the best Sunday school djs spin it up on the infamous Friday night. Spaning the Bunker and the terrace (above the Bourbon!) and ft. Deepchild this will be an epic night. More details as they come to light, stay tuned...


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gig Guide SAT & SUN - first weekend of 2009

A little late but I'm sure some of you are at home reading the net for possible diversions other than sitting at home recovering (pffft sleeps over-rated, right!?)

So tonight and tomoz

  • Post Warehouse Party with Living Room DJs - Techno &prog goodness at some secret warehouse! Check for more info
  • Deep As Fu*k presents Simon Baker - His 2nd Syd appearance this week + a ton of other internationals, psy trance dudes and the best locals all at The Cross
  • Days like This Festival - check my post before for info Tix still avaliable
  • Sunday School! - Bunker Bar

Days like this festival info

Although not advertised as having a techno'y line-up Days Like This Festival in Sydney this Sunday has one HOT line up in techno, Dub and hip-hip.

At the Garden Stage however check this
  • Radioslave 4:30-5:30
  • Recloose 5:30-6:30
  • Mike Monday 6:30-7:30
  • A Guy Called Gerald 7:30-8:30
  • Carl Craig 8:30-10:00
How sweet does that sound!? For many of these guys its there second gig in Syd this NY period so if you missed them already check em out this Sunday.

Otherwise Mike Monday is playing at KINK next Saturday and Simon Baker is at SPICE next session!

More info at