Monday, August 31, 2009

VILLALOBOS: A Film By Romuald Karmakar

Villalobos is a documentary about one of my (and many other DJs/Musicans) favourite artists, Ricardo Villalobos. The documentary will attempt to look inside the mind of this extremely underrated artist as it follows him through key festival and clubs in Europe and explores how Villalobos thinks, hears and produces his music.

The documentary as by German film-maker (no surprise there) Romuald Karmakar, who is known for his topical and often though-provoking documentaries. As you would expect documenting an artists like Villalobos would undoubtedly mean exposure to club culture as unfortunately many electronic artists are yet to receive the attention they deserve out side of the dace music culture. Karmakar's documentary is the 3rd film in a trilogy documenting electronic music and european club culture in the early 21st century, the first two being 196 BPM (2003) and BETWEEN THE DEVILA AND THE WIDE BLUE SEA (2005). Films definitely on the top of my to-watch list now.

The film screens 8th of September at the Venice International Film Festival (if you happen to be in Venice). Hopefully Villalobos will be down-under sooner, than later.

Check here for a great article about the film-maker. Also I posted a sample of Villalobos's recent releases on Deutsche Gramaphone here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gig guide (28th-30th)

Its the weekend! And their are definitely some interesting parties about.

Friday sees Living Room DJs host their Friday night 'Thank Techno Its Fridays' at the Burdekin while local crew, Loosekaboose, bring up Melbourne's awesome Mike Callander for what's going to be a great gig at the Civic Underground with its ridiculously nice sound system.

For those who like it in the warehouses their is a warehouse party on tonight with 2 rooms filled with tech, Techno, prog and DnB near the city. Check the facebook group for details here

Sat sees Colour crew put on thier infamous night of prog and house sounds at The Bunker while Italians Do it Better at a Spanish restaruant in the city and Paradise gets lost in a open air warehouse!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simon Caldwell Sunsets ft. Kali 24-08

Photo by bad_doggy
In case you missed it, last Sunsets with Simon Caldwell featured Sydney Disco Sider Kali doing a live mix. New-disco-house-edits for your listening pleasure with Simon doing a mix of some epic deep techno closer to the end...

Kali myspace

Kalis Mix
What Is This? - TDM
Deputy Of Love - Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band Feat. Fonda Rae
Wax The Van (Yam Who? Remake) - Arthur Russell
No Static - Botti
Feeling U - Henrik Schwartz
Don't Go Loose It Baby - Hugh Masekela
Wild, Wild Berry - Vulva String Quartet
Knoppedrehn - Montagskino
Encore - Noze
Liquid Mirror - John Tejada
La Yuca - Cesar Merveille & Pablo Cahn-Speyer
Third Hand Smoke - RNDM
Soulshine - Ekkohaus
Deep Structure - Deadbeat

Monday, August 24, 2009

Space Cadets Podcast 001 - Nic Scali (& other Sets)

Its up! Took me a while to get working but Space Cadets now has a podcast which will feature one stand-out set from the night. So if you're lucky enough to be there or just cant go out Thursdays, you can now check what went down through itunes or whatever podcasting software you use.

What about the other sets you ask!? As usual all sets will be posted on the blog however only one will be selected for the podcast after each night.

Welcome to the Space Cadets Podcast! After each night a set, recorded live at Space Cadets, will be selected for the podcast showing off the awesome music and DJs who sweat it out each Thursday night.

To do the honours Space Cadet resident DJ Nic Scali delivers this epic set which had the place pumping till close sometime on Fri morning. Expect the chunky and slightly quirky house and techno stylings Nic's known for.

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Sets from Space Cadets 13-08-09 (Stream of click-through to download)

Mitch Crosher warm-up @ Space Cadets 13-08
After HUGE sound problems with the venue, Mitch got on the decks to deliever a great tech-house set. Scoring gigs all over the place Mitch is becoming known for his funk tech stylings.

Ash Le Rouge @ Space Cadets 13-08

Having already played at many other parties Le Rouge combined his disco edits with some minimalish tinged house before pushing it up a notch close to the end. Definitely one of the more pop-ier sets at Space Cadets

Alex Caminer @ Space Cadets 13-08
Alex jumped on to take it deep down into warped-house land. If you havent heard him already and you read this blog then your missing out.

Nic Scali @ Space Cadets 13-08

Next Space Cadets Thursday is 3rd September

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gig Guide (20th-23rd)

Well just when you though it was safe to stay at home after last weekends massive parties (with a review of Berlin Sessions night coming shortly!!) it seems that Friday and Sunday are the days to go out this weekend...

Fresh Meat ft. Daniel Stubbs, Sari, Wowky - The Cave - New talent in the infamous cave

House Inspection ft. Caminer, Nic Scali & Zushy Woolstone - Civic Underground - Disco, Deep and House! Woot!

Suspect ft. Robbie Lowe - Henry Afrikas

Berlin Backroom - Club 77 - The dirtiest underground club in Syd hosts an experimental night. Rock up with your music and ask nicely...


Jamie Loyd @ Middle Bar Saturdays - Middle Bar

Musik Matters - Favela -
Quality house music from some of Syds best locals

Club Club - Chinese Laundry


Spice - Kings Cross Hotel (4am)

Bunker Sundays - 5am Bunker Bar - Whats that? Another offical after-hours party? Wicked.

Bedlam - 202 - From 2pm, a chilled session of new music from a range of established and new locals - FREE

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
Send your event info to!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gig guide (14th-16th)

Massive weekend ahoy party people! Two of the most highly anticipated events of the winter, this Saturday sees Isolee(live), Solomun and Muwambe at Berlin Sessions while the legendary Thomas Schumacher plays at Lost Baggage.

On a more local note, local Techno night, The Box, plays host to two up-n-comers Chris Combe and Mitch Crosher (who played a great set at Space Cadets last night!) while the TECHnique crew launch Typhonics new EP this sat.

The Box - Bunker Bar - Locals Locals line the box this edition for another great night


Berlin Sessions ft. Isolee (live), Solomun, Arto Mwambe - The Civic - An epic line-up of some revered Deutsche Artists.

Lost Baggage ft. Thomas Schumacher - The Cross - This will be huge!

TECHnique ft. Typhonic EP Launch - Sly Fox - For those who need the local touch

Musik Matters - Favela - The night with a focus on quality house music


Spice - Kings Cross Hotel (4am)

Bunker Sundays - 5am Bunker Bar - Whats that? Another offical after-hours party? Wicked.

Bedlam ft. Matt Rowan - 202 - From 2pm, a chilled session of new music from a range of established and new locals - FREE

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
Send your event info to!

For a taste of what happened last Berlin Sessions...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kompakt - The Early Years - Michael Mayer

How early you say? Well tracks ranging from 1998-2004 to be exact. Tracks which Michael Mayer has dug out of the early Kompakt vaults.

Michael Mayer - The Early Years (1998-2004)

Track Listing
1. All: "Alltag 1"
2. Ehlert & Lohberger: "Vito E.P. 2"
3. Dettinger: "Totentanz 1"
4. Sascha Funke: "Safety First 4"
5. Peter Grummich: "Schleusen Auf 2"
6. Schaeben & Voss: "Tombo's Revenge"
7. Jürgen Paape: "So Weit Wie Noch Nie (Ata's Playhouse Mix)"
8. Leandro Fresco: "Cera Uno"
9. Superpitcher: "Heroin"
10. Dorau / Köhncke: "Durch Die Nacht (Geiger Mix)"
11. Closer Musik: "2 the Beat 2 the Rock"
12. Lawrence: "Teaser"

Taken from kompakt blog

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Airpod 01 - Robert Dietz NYC Sunrise Mix

There seems to be a wealth of pod-casts popping up every month now. Especially true for techno and house genres, with many bloggers, up-n-comers and do-gooders trying to prove their worth.

However not all of them have the likes of Robert Dietz, Simon Baker, Nick Curly, Alex Celler and Spirit Catcher involved.

First podcast from the Airpod group out of London town with the renowned Robert Dietz. Funky selection of tech and house tunes, with a great mashup of Moodyman's Freaki Mother Fu*ker close to the end.

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Simon Caldwell Sunsets 03-08 & Seekae Interview

Photo by nermal0

As promised recorded Sunset sessions with Simon Caldwell, sorry for the average sound quality. Note to self, extend FM aerial before recording.

Simon Caldwell Sunsets 03-08 with Seekae interview at the end

Also cool little interview with rising Sydney electroncia kids, Seekae, on their new remix package.
Seekae Myspace

Feuervogel - Solomun & Stimming
Fo-Eva - Soultourist
Mr. Suitcase - Steve Bug
Momento (It's Hot) - Martin Eyerer
Sagittarius - Kikumoto Allstars
Mermaids - Fila Brazillia
Liquid Mirror - John Tejada
Paranoia - John Tejada
Timebomb VIP Remix - John Tejada
Throwback - John Tejada & Ariane Leviste
The End of It All - John Tejada
The Locus of Points - John Tejada
Make It Easy (John Tejada Remix) - Lusine
Crazy Place - Dave Aju
Sip 'n Dis' - Taron-Trekka
In The Dark - Out In The Sticks
Do It - Hot Bath Edits

Friday, August 7, 2009

Space Cadets Sets (23rd July)

Click 'play' button to stream or link-through to download.

Bini @ Space Cadets, Sydney 23-08
Bini did the honours of warming up with an extended set of some smooth house tunes. Great stuff here for anytime of the day.

Element @ Space Cadets, Sydney 23-08
Element aka Tim Morton, who played a few months ago, returns to deliver an awesome techy-prog set. Great mixing, great use of effects and great songs. It really impressed on style and flow. Watch out for some Element production later in the year....

Zushy Woolstone @ Space Cadets, Sydney, 23-08
Mix-man Zushy gave us a dose of his eclectic taste in all things funky with this great closing set, taking the place into early hours of Friday morning. Definitely have a listen.