Friday, July 31, 2009

Harmonic 313 + Techno Videos (?)

Its a fair bet to say music videos can contribute to the success of a track in many ways but why is it that techno seems to be so under-represented in the music video world? Should music videos be confined to only be the most accessible types of music? Sure you have some of dance music world elite (Chemical Brothers, Tiesto ect) will release music videos but Im talking more about techno artists and lesser known electronic artists. Videos such as Claude Von Strokes classic Deep Throat has become some what of an underground music video classic and has mostly likely greatly aided in the success of the track and the brand development of his label, Dirty Bird.

One logical conclusion is that filming a band is just naturally more dynamic than filming a DJ or someone flicking buttons on their midi controller and thus, in some sense, making it easier to film and choreograph rock/pop music videos. However for me this just means dance and electronic music videos have to be more creative in their execution.

Anyway I have being keeping an eye out for techno-music videos and while this isnt one of Harmonic 313's techno tracks it is a good example of what can happen merging a world-renowned creative company from Syd, Sixty40, with one our great dubstep/techno artists with very intriguing results and will hopefully inspire other Aus artists to do the same.

From Sixty40's website:

The Beginning: Harmonic 313 (aka Mark Pritchard aka Troubleman aka Reload aka 1/2 of Global Communications aka 1/2 of the The Jedi knights…) came to Sixty40 for his first ever film clip. Despite releasing seminal records since the 90’s and being on Warp Records since 1994 and being the poster child for super-technical, superbly-crafted, bass heavy, crazy-ass electronica there’d never been anything to translate his floor-filling tracks on TV. Crazy. Sixty40 had to pioneer a variety of new techniques to take an entirely open brief into a eye-popping warning of extra-terrestrial doom.
The Idea:“Battlestar” is the story of a deceivingly sized binocular spaceship coming to earth and decimating an unsuspecting b-boy in order to conquer the universe.
The Dream
: Having long-loved animated .gifs made from old stereoscope photos (like this), we wanted to take this technique and translate it to moving footage. We knew Andy Uprock from the Sugartime Burlesque tour we did in 2007 (see the blog) and as he is the most avant-garde b-boy we know, he seemed like the perfect fit for this flick-tastic performance based clip.

Battlestar from sixty40 on Vimeo.

Also out on Crosstown records label from the USA. While this track probably wont win techno-track-of-the-year, its still one hell of a cool music video.

And in case you missed it:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gig Guide (31st-2nd)

This weekend is packed with quality events both with cover and free. Saturday is perhaps the most packed its being all winter with a huge range of events on.

Friday we have 2 interesting nights, one with Symmetry in the cave while tech and prog styles at Henry Afrikas in Manly is definite option for us Northies.

Saturday night is the big one Vincenzo playing an extended set at the Civic and Musik Matters launching at Favela. Looking further a field there is Midi In The City at its new venue Hive Bar launching its new label Cresent Music. While Feverent takes over the bunker (formerly Niche) with great group of local producers.

Sundays sees the future classic Apres series launch its anticipated 3rd release while Re-session will also see some of Syds best up-n-comers at The Bunker. Bedlam at the new 202 Broday contiues to deliever its funky early afternoon sessions and Peret Mako is playing live at the Bondi Hotel!

Symmetry ft. Robbie Lowe, Dirty D & Ahab live sampler set! - The Cave(Chinese Laundry)

Suspect @ Henry Afrikas -
Tech and prog on the north shore!


Co-Op presents Vincenzo special extended set! -
Civic Underground - Special extended set, 1st time in Syd, this will another epic co-op night!

Fervent ft. Nonamaka, SchadenFreunde & more @ Bunker Bar - Local tech artists gather for this one!

Midi In The City - Hive Bar - Syds largest live electronica night, Cresent music launch night, these nights are always good fun- FREE

Club Club - Chinese Laundry

Chemistry ft. Robbie Lowe @ Velvet

Musik Matters Launch - Favela - With a promise at diving into the best of house music Sydney has to offer...


Spice - Kings Cross Hotel (4am) - New venue for a new chapter...

Bunker Sundays - 4:30am Bunker Bar - Whats that? Another after-hours party? Wicked.

Re-Session ft. Alex Caminer, Plankton Boogie - Bunker Bar - The sunday night focusing on some of syds best up-n-comers - FREE

Peret Mako(live), Ken Cloud, Simon Caldwell - Bondi Hotel - Peret live is always going to be a treat. FREE

Bedlam ft. Tim Culbert & Mikey Mituante - 202
- 2pm start with kitchen open from 6pm.

Apres 3 Vinyl Launch @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions - FREE

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
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Sunsets with Simon Caldwell

Photo by Keith Mclnnes

Respected Sydney DJ Simon Caldwell takes the helms every Monday afternoon with Sunsets on fbi radio here in Sydney.

2 hours of new electronic/dance music ranging from the disco to the minimal to techno and of course the house! But if your like me and always manage to forget to tune in then don't despair! Stream it below. I'll try and record it each week and put it up on the blog.

InTheMix Feature here

Sunsets 6-8pm every Monday with Simon Caldwell on fbi radio

Simon Caldwell @ Sunsets fbi radio 27-07-09

Space Race - Popular People's Front
The Voice From Planet Love - Precious System
Wild Cats - Soultourist
Human - Mark E
In The End (I Want You To Cry) - Tensnake
In I Dimman - Eerick & Arvid
Panorama (Kalabrese Remix) - Tucillo
Never Knew - Alphatown
Seven Hours - Namito
Language of the Soul - Silicone Soul
Sunday Weekend - Ken Hayakawa
Zap - Andre Lodemann
Blaulicht - Taksi
Teen Angst (Luciano Remix) - M83
My Grandmotha (Farben Remix) - DJ Koze
Picnic - Red Rack'em
We Cookin' Now - Abacus
Air A Dime - Peret Mako
Evening Star (Pink Frost Remix) - Todd Sparrow

Monday, July 27, 2009

Some new beats

Just some of the new music on my radar, much of it Aussie! Have a listen. Some pretty, sweet tracks below. Please feel free to add any other Aussie releases in the comments;

Australian net-label Pinksliver just digitally released a EP from Sydney duo Trinity and Beyond. I was lucky enough to receive an actual promo copy so I can tell you its a great release and considering this is the first EP from the duo it shows some great potential. Both artists have being involved in the music industry with DJ Trinity being at the forefront of the house and techno scene in Syd and Australia since 2002.

The release consists of three tracks each quite different from each other. Beyond Musique is first up and can be described as a rolling techno tune with a industrial edge. Hearing it at home didn't do it justice as I recently heard it played out in The Cave (@ Chinese Laundry) and that bass line really does roll-over everyone to form quite the catchy tune. The Fat Man comes next and shows off the duos synthy sounds. Slightly progressive but quite warm, its a real winter-tune in my opinion. Last comes And Nothing Else Mattered and for me this is my favourite of the three. Glitchy pads with pulsating pitched vocals combine to form quite the dark tech tune. Really looking forward to the duo's next release. They also have some new tracks up on their myspace check it here

1. Beyond Musique
2. The Fat Man
3. And Nothing Else Mattered
Complete Download @

Sydney/Czech imprint BEEF Records have being on-fire recently with a string of great releases. Sitting well on the beatport tech-house section Jack The Freak is Shades Of Grey and Syd DJ RifRaff's latest track and it definitely does not disappoint. Jazzy samples, great break-down and loose bass lines drive the two tracks. Production wise I found the tracks a little flat, however this doest deter away from there overall effect has being sitting well on the beatport tech-house section. To spice things up a minimalish house remix from one of my favourite Berliners Hirtenfellner but best use of jazz-samples definitely go the House of Cards track, check below;

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Now this is a record I COMMAND you to get. Seriously I don't know why I more people aren't playing this. Blog fav Deepchild's latest release on BEEF is a killer, it encapsulates Deepchilds techy-quirky production but where the release really shines is the Garry Todd remix. Its an epic interpretation of the track taking the original funky rhythm and twisting it into a driving deep-house remix. I have played this track out a few times now and every time it doesn't fail to impress. My only problem with track is that its way to short sitting around the 5min mark! Anyway Garry Todd is taking over the famous Lady Lux club here in Sydney as musical director later this year with some big plans as well being recently signed to 2020 Vision. Someone to watch for 09. Buy It HERE

Deepchild - Claps (Garry Todd Remix)

Looking further down south we have one of Melbourne's techno stars Darrius Bassiray (one half of Rollin Connection) and Paul Beynon on their massive release, Jeebuz Champ. With remixes from Jamie Stevens, Audio Soul Project and Necatrious there's something for everyone ranging for the tech, techno to the progressive. This will be quite the tune for the next few months due in part to its great vocals, have a listen here

Also from the man himself check out this live recording of Rollin Connection, live @ Darkbeat in Melbourne. Its a great set and one haven't being able to stop listening to over the past week!

Also a new label is hitting town, Cresent Music, presented by the organisers of Midi In The City, one of Syd largest live electronica nights. The label will launch with Dane Austin's release Swampy EP. launch night will be at The hive bar with quite the eclectic line-up. Check here for more details.

Thats it for now, more tunes to come soon

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gig Guide (23rd-26th)

This weekend is ram-jammed with a host of local nights. Space Cadets Thursdays is on again at The Bunker while Fridays see's the new night Sideways take place aiming at mixing new Syd talent with established locals.

Fresh meat features 2 up-n-comers in The Cave while the Colour guys present of the the latest and best in house, prog and techno at the Bunker on Sat.

Sunday sees the famous Spice move doors to the newly refurbished Kings X Hotel while the bunker retains its Sunday morning antics under different organisers. For those of us who want to go out Sunday night Bedlam is on again at the new club 202.

Space Cadets ft. Jamie Tek, Element, Zushy Woolstone & Chris Leffers - Bunker Bar - FREE

Sideways ft. DJ Trinity - Bunker Bar - This new Thursday night kicks off with a focus on mixing the new and old talent of Sydney

Fresh Meat ft. Kit Phillips & Matttt - The Cave (Chinese Laundry)

Index ft. Mark Pitchard - Civic Underground - Dubstep and techno madness


Colour - Bunker Bar
- The night behind the infamous mix series (check the posts!). If your lucky you might get one it in hard-copy

Club Club ft. Hybrid -
Chinese Laundry


Spice - Kings Cross Hotel (5am) - New venue for a new chapter...

Bunker Sundays - 4:30am Bunker Bar - Whats that? Another after-hours party? Wicked.

Bedlam - 202 Broadway - The new sun night in the new club

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions - Lineup here

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Space Sets (9th July)

Space Cadets Thursdays are on again tomorrow night with a stellar student line-up.

Progressive man Element takes the helm. Having already DJed with us and other nights before this up-n-comer has some great songs in the works. Zushy Woolstone returns for an encore set during the peak time with myself, Jamie Tek, and deep-man Binny takes on warm-up duties.

As usual night starts from 9pm with $3 drinks happy hour from 10-12pm. facebook event info here

If you missed the last edition then have a listen to the selection from last time.(Click to download directly)

James Burman @ Space Cadets Thursdays 07-09

Burman took the house down with a set that can be described best as deep-techno and house sounds. He seriously impressed myself and others and is now the official Space Cadets Zabelia Protégé!! Definitely have a listen.

Chris Leffers @ Space Cadets Thursdays 07-09
Chris Leffers stepped after to deliever his signiture blend of 'pop-infused' underground house and techno, always jamming and always goes down well.

Alex Caminer @ Space Cadets Thursdays 07-09
Alex Caminer did the closing set hammering it out until 3am on Friday morning. Driving and deep tunes took it home, toe-tapping action here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Politics in the Aussie Dance Scene

Apologies for anyone not from Australia or not involved in the industry as this video probably wont make much sense! Otherwise check out this little video handy-work...

Future Entertainment booking DJs for summerdayze
Check The Video Here

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gig Guide (17th-19th) [revised]

This weekend sees rising San Fran star Worthy make his debut set at Lost Baggage. The man was recently a feature of a Beatport article as has being steadily building a name for himself on the tech-house circuit.

Meanwhile Friday sees some rising locals Dave Stuart and DBR take to the Cave while Saturday sees much loved local nights Mad Racket and Technique take place featuring Steve Sonius and McBean respectively this will be an interesting mix of some slightly lesser known locals!

MrMeanr ft. Club Junque, Dave Stuart & Defined By Rhythm - The Cave, Chines Laundry


Lost Baggage ft. Worthy (Dirtybird)
- The Cross - San Francisco man Worthy plays his first set in Australia!

Mad Racket '40 fathoms' ft. Steve Sonius - Marrickville Bowling Club

Technique ft. McBean - Sly Fox Hotel - Local techno night returns with McBean and wicked live visuals - FREE

Club Club ft. Kazu Kimura ITM50 - Chinese Laundry - Part of Australia's DJ Poll InTheMix 50 hits Laundry with legendary Kimura


Spice ft. Alan Thompson - Bunker Bar (5am)

Bedlam - 202 - From the peeps that brought you MITC come their new Sunday sessions.

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions - Lineup here

Foreigndub Sesh - Beach Rd Hotel Bondi

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Colour Visions 002

The new Colour Visions Mix is out, this time respected Sydney DJ Tim Culbert does the rounds.

A little late posting on this one, those of you on the dial would of seen/received an actual copy already, but those who haven't heard this mix yet I highly recommend having a listen.

Tim Culbert plays at numerous clubs and nights around Sydney and is widely considered as one of the best house DJs in Sydney combining the sounds of tech-house and prog-house styles this Colour mix is very similar to what Tim might play out about town.

The mix is very detailed in every transition and comes across as being very thought-out and considered, a quality that is often said of Tim's live sets. Sometimes a meticulously thought-out mix can loose its overall flow quickly but Tim's experience behind the decks (often along side Robbie Lowe) definitely shines through with a driving house mix that builds and flows featuring many great artists along the way (check track listing below).

With another strong mix, the Colour Mix series continues to grow in strength and following, Tim Culberts 002 mix is a great mix for any time of the day or night, well thought-out, well worth a listen.

Official Download Link
myspace hook-up
Official face book group

STL – Silent State [Smallville]
Jay Bliss, Homm & Popovicui – Bis Co [Diynamix]
Master H & Francois Dubois – Rise [Komplex De Deep]
Neurotron – Indigo (Damondo remix) [Night Drive Music]
Dyed Soundorom – I Care [Freak N Chic]
Ross Couch – A New System (Kirby remix) [Body Rhythm Records]
Jon Gurd & Dave Robertson – Dual [Mutekki]
Neil Quigley – Illusion [Vapour]
Nosmo vs Kris B – Grouse (Dub) [Ready Mix Records]
Francois A & Manoo – Today Is Tomorrow [Buzzin' Fly]

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gig Guide (9th-11th)

This weekend seems a little thin on the techno side of things but none-the-less a selection of great nights over the weekend.

Space Cadets Thursdays returns to the bunker for some student representing of the techno styles, while The Box headline NZ Dj Tim Richards and local Dave Stuart.

Dubstep madness returns with Void at the civic while Saturday sees Paradise Lost party hits the warehouse for an awesome night of house and disco while an array of locals in the Cave for the usual Chinese Laundry mayhem.

Sunday sees a new night kick off from the organisers of Midi In The City come their sunday night Bedlam at 202 for a nice slab of deepness for established and up-n-coming Sydney DJs/Producers...

Space Cadets Thursdays @ The Bunker - Ft. Jamie Tek, Alex Caminer James Burman, Zushy Woolstone & Lettuce. The infamous thurs night returns! FREE


The Box ft. Time Richars(NZ) & Dave Stuart - Bunker Bar

Void Ft. Joe Nic - Phoenix Bar - Sydneys premier Dubstep night


Club Club -
Chinese Laundry Cave - Techno and progressive sounds from some of Syds best locals
Paradise Lost - Inner City Warehouse - Will be a wicked party!

Spice - Bunker Bar (5am)

Bedlam - 202 - From the peeps that brought you MITC come their new Sunday sessions.

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions - Lineup here

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday Schooling (with Dave Stuart)

Couple of weeks ago on a Sunday saw this free little Sunday night hit the 'going-for-one-year' mark here in Sydney. Dedicated to giving up-n-coming DJs a chance to play their stuff behind the decks in a relaxed atmosphere with small but always music-loving crowd. Considering the organisers charged no cover charge at all, its quite an achievement.

Those of you who read my blog in the early days would of remembered my many Monday-reviews of the night before with often glowing reports of the new DJs who played, many of whom who have gone on to get more gigs as a direct result of playing. The Sydney DJ scene can be a hard one to crack and getting your first gig for the more techno and 'true-house' styles is not exactly easy, with a lot of already established DJs/Producers on the scene in the respective areas. So being able to say to an organiser I've already played in a club, on a proper sound system is always better received.

It also served as a good 'meet-up' for those who just couldn't resit staying in on a Sunday night but didn't want to be exposed to the generic electro/pop rubbish many venues 'aspire' to on a night like Sunday.

Selection of photos from the many Sunday School nights over the year

I talked to the man behind Sunday School, Dave Stuart, to get a deeper insight into the night and its perks;

Q: For you what was the best thing about Sunday School nights?
The best thing by far was being able to give so many great young (and a few of us 'older" djs) DJs a set playing their first set ever in a club. Playing out in a club is daunting at the best of times and the only up & comer nights for bedroom bangers seem to usually be "competition" nights. I really wanted to get away from that idea and just give people a go based on talent rather then doing it in a competitive environment, I think it makes for a much more friendly / supportive experience for all involved. My favorite quote from someone who played was; "It's like an awesome house party with a massive fu*k off sound system."

Q: Any particular nights stick in your memory?
By far the best night we've ever had was out Xmas party late last year (Check the photos), the bunker was decked out in some pretty bizarre decorations, including a 7 foot air filled Santa on a hot rod, flashing lights, and people in dressed up in some hilarious Xmas themed outfits. Being a Sunday night we usually close about 1am, but this epic night went well on until after 3am, with most of the crowd kicking on to the after party. The best things was that the bunker was packed out the whole night with one of the best crowds I'ver ever seen.

Q: What was weirdest thing you ever saw during a Sunday School night?
There's been a few Sunday's where most of the crowd is still going from Saturday night, which is always messy. But the weirdest would have to be seeing two very tall leggy trannies stack it down the infamous stairs...then perch themselves on the even more so infamous "bed", then to see one of our younger regulars attempt to chat them up. (Who could that be!?)

Q: Many of the DJs you've booked for the night have gone on to play at more club nights, any notable DJs you would like to mention?
Well the best thing I've seen from Sunday School is most of the DJs who've play gone on to many other gigs around town, many of them getting a lot of confidence & experience from playing with us first. A lot people find it pretty intimidating to make that first step...
Some notable mentions go to;
Chris Combe/facebook- Played at one of our earlier nights in August 2008, he's a really talented DJs and has become a great friend, so much so we've been running Sunday School together and will start our new project in July 2009.
George Hall - Definitely one of the best up & coming house Djs in Sydney at the moment, he's gone from playing at Sunday School onto playing more gigs around town to now running his own house night "Quiver" at one of Sydney's better venues; Favela. He's also played alongside international DJs such as Stacey Pullen & Justin Martin, as well as top locals like; Illya, Anya, & Husky.
Jamie Tek/myspace - one of the best 'young guns' with regards to outstanding taste in music and has a great knack for promotion, he's gone on to running his own night "Space Cadets" in the bunker, with a similar idea to Sunday School but targeting more of the "uni' crowd.
Jeremy Nothman - Has probably the best ear for sound from any DJ his age, he has taste in music that certainly is far beyond his young age. Its also refreshing to see a young dj play only off vinyl too!
Chris Rawlins - One of a couple of Djs who used to play out quite regularly but had a break and used Sunday School as a bit of motivation to get back into the scene. I've booked Chris a couple of times as really dig his style, he even was good enough to win the opening set at the We Love Sounds festival this year.
Fuck...I could go on for other notable mentions go to; Alex Marsh, Lachlan Ainsworth, Linda Jennsen, Sam Niall, Mitch Crosner, and apologies to anyone I've missed....too many great Djs!!!

Q: Will there more Sunday School nights in the future or do you have other plans for the night?
Well after hitting the one year mark for Sunday School, Chris and I have pulled the plug and called it a day. On the up side though, as of July we are starting another project to promote up & comers. The new night will be called "Sideways" and will be on the 4th Friday of the month, in the Bunker, 24th July being the first instalment.
Chris & I will be resident DJs, and will have one local headliner playing, as well as two new up & comers at every night. The up & comers will be given slots suitable to their style and not just thrown on to warm up as is the case at other nights. I'm really excited about the new night as will give new Djs to play alongside some great locals on a great system.

Q: You've gone on to organise more events with selection of Sydney's and Melbourne's best locals. Where can we catch you DJing or nights you will be involved with over the next month?
Well my other night Shrug is on the first Friday of the month at the civic underground, this is a great night featuring some of the best underground house & techno Djs. At the moment I've been booking DJs from Sydney & Melbourne but toying with the ideas of opening that up a little. As for my own DJing I have a busy month ahead playing at some awesome parties, for those interested;
Fri 3rd July - Shrug @ Civic underground
Fri 10th July - The [BOX] @ the bunker
Fri 17th July - Mr Meaner @ The Cave (Chinese Laundry)
Fri 24th July - Sideways @ The Bunker

For info or to send DJ demos to, visit

Below are some of the sets from the last Sunday School which range from the moody to the tech-house, techno and the more progressive sounds, all of which are from relatively new DJs on the Sydney scene. Watch out for Dave Stuarts upcoming mix which I'll post up on the blog.

Sunday School Sets, 14-06-09 (in chronological order);
Jamie Tek warm-up
Just an assortment of new-disco cuts and some minimal-house, very similar to what I also play at Minimal Mndays on Manning Bar balcony.

Mitch Crosher
Has already being seen at some of the well-known clubs in Sydney and has quite an 'edgy'-tech-house sound. Great flow its a nice mix to get you in the mood. He'll also be an up-coming guest for Space Cadets Thursday nights.

Chris Combe
The man of the infamous techno-fist and resident of Sunday School/Sideways. Often getting the place pumping later on in the night with his rolling-techno sets, always bouncy, always danceable.

Alex Marsh (Partial recording)
After a recent club-hiatus and former Sunday School resident, Alex returns to treat us with a slightly more 'chilled' progessive-house set, unfortunately only partly recorded but none-the-less well worth having a listen too.

Space Cadets Thursdays @ The Bunker

ARE BACK! This Thursday 9th of July, from 9pm Some of Sydney's best student DJs (whom otherwise would probably never get a spin!) in the areas of minimal, house and techno will be spinning tunes until the early hours of Friday morning...

As usual its FREE entry all night with $3 drinks during extended Happy-hours.

Space Cadets is a night run in conjunction with this blog so expect to see the disturbing photos and all the drunken sets from night to be posted up here afterwards!

Official Facebook event

Set Times
9: Jamie Tek
10: Zushy Woolstone
11.30: James Burman
12.30: The Leff
1.30: Alex Caminer
3: Jamie Tek

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gig Guide (2nd - 5th)

Winter is well and truly upon us and there is no stopping the club nights, perhaps the warmest place to be on the weekend?

This Friday sees recently relocated Luke Le Mans headline Shrug at the Civic (email for guestlist entry!) as well as Winter Charity Fundraiser in the underused venue SoBar on the North Shore. On Saturday local underground tech producers gather for what is sure to be an aural treat with Niche taking over the bunker.

Sunday sees the 2nd installment of a new Sunday Night Re-Session at The Bunker for up-n-coming DJs playing the areas of deep/tech and techno! As well as Horse Meat Disco play the Picnic party at the new club 202 on broadway.

Speakeasy - Burdekin Hotel - Soul, funk, disco & house beats

Manhattan Jazz - Manhattan Lounge - For those who need some jazz treatment


Winter Charity Fund-raiser - SoBar - With an awesome deep-house and techno line-up, in a great venue on the north Shore for a good cause! Definitely a good night for those who want to steer from the city. $10 Entry with cheap drinks all night.

Shrug ft. Luke Le Mans, Tim Jirgenson & more - Civic Underground - The monthly night retunrs for a great local line-up, email for guestlist entry!

Symmetry ft. Dirty D & Ahab - Cave (Chinese Laundry)


Niche ft. Marshall, Nonamaka, Darkchild, Stuart Harrin, SchadenFruede - Bunker Bar -
Some great locals here performing live/DJing. Will be an awesome night!

Club Club ft. Drummatic Twins -
Chinese Laundry Cave - Techno and progressive sounds from some of Syds best locals

Void ft. Joe Nice - Phoenix

Spice - Bunker Bar (5am)

Re-Session ft. Graig Garbutt, Jamie Tek, Jeremy Nothman, Adi Deutsh - Bunker Bar - The new sunday night takes over for some deep house and techno.

Apres @ Tilbury Hotel - Syd Record Label Future Classic arvo sessions - Lineup here

Picnic ft. Horse Meat Disco(UK), Simon Caldwell & more - 202 (Broadway)

Final Gig Guide up Thursday.
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