Monday, July 27, 2009

Some new beats

Just some of the new music on my radar, much of it Aussie! Have a listen. Some pretty, sweet tracks below. Please feel free to add any other Aussie releases in the comments;

Australian net-label Pinksliver just digitally released a EP from Sydney duo Trinity and Beyond. I was lucky enough to receive an actual promo copy so I can tell you its a great release and considering this is the first EP from the duo it shows some great potential. Both artists have being involved in the music industry with DJ Trinity being at the forefront of the house and techno scene in Syd and Australia since 2002.

The release consists of three tracks each quite different from each other. Beyond Musique is first up and can be described as a rolling techno tune with a industrial edge. Hearing it at home didn't do it justice as I recently heard it played out in The Cave (@ Chinese Laundry) and that bass line really does roll-over everyone to form quite the catchy tune. The Fat Man comes next and shows off the duos synthy sounds. Slightly progressive but quite warm, its a real winter-tune in my opinion. Last comes And Nothing Else Mattered and for me this is my favourite of the three. Glitchy pads with pulsating pitched vocals combine to form quite the dark tech tune. Really looking forward to the duo's next release. They also have some new tracks up on their myspace check it here

1. Beyond Musique
2. The Fat Man
3. And Nothing Else Mattered
Complete Download @

Sydney/Czech imprint BEEF Records have being on-fire recently with a string of great releases. Sitting well on the beatport tech-house section Jack The Freak is Shades Of Grey and Syd DJ RifRaff's latest track and it definitely does not disappoint. Jazzy samples, great break-down and loose bass lines drive the two tracks. Production wise I found the tracks a little flat, however this doest deter away from there overall effect has being sitting well on the beatport tech-house section. To spice things up a minimalish house remix from one of my favourite Berliners Hirtenfellner but best use of jazz-samples definitely go the House of Cards track, check below;

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Now this is a record I COMMAND you to get. Seriously I don't know why I more people aren't playing this. Blog fav Deepchild's latest release on BEEF is a killer, it encapsulates Deepchilds techy-quirky production but where the release really shines is the Garry Todd remix. Its an epic interpretation of the track taking the original funky rhythm and twisting it into a driving deep-house remix. I have played this track out a few times now and every time it doesn't fail to impress. My only problem with track is that its way to short sitting around the 5min mark! Anyway Garry Todd is taking over the famous Lady Lux club here in Sydney as musical director later this year with some big plans as well being recently signed to 2020 Vision. Someone to watch for 09. Buy It HERE

Deepchild - Claps (Garry Todd Remix)

Looking further down south we have one of Melbourne's techno stars Darrius Bassiray (one half of Rollin Connection) and Paul Beynon on their massive release, Jeebuz Champ. With remixes from Jamie Stevens, Audio Soul Project and Necatrious there's something for everyone ranging for the tech, techno to the progressive. This will be quite the tune for the next few months due in part to its great vocals, have a listen here

Also from the man himself check out this live recording of Rollin Connection, live @ Darkbeat in Melbourne. Its a great set and one haven't being able to stop listening to over the past week!

Also a new label is hitting town, Cresent Music, presented by the organisers of Midi In The City, one of Syd largest live electronica nights. The label will launch with Dane Austin's release Swampy EP. launch night will be at The hive bar with quite the eclectic line-up. Check here for more details.

Thats it for now, more tunes to come soon

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