Sunday, January 24, 2010

Design and Music

After a hectic weekend, seeing Trevor Jackson, Aireoplane and Yen at Hyde Park Barracks and ducking into the back of a Spanish club to check out Shit Robot the night after, I thought I would post up a some articles from couple of other places to complete the rainy Sunday afternoon here in Sydney. With Australia day around the corner and your sick day notice in for tomorrow, no doubt, I'm sure some reading is in order.

While talking with some friends over the weekend the notion of design and music seems to be more prevalent today then ever. Designers and musicians, especically electronic musicians, seem to go hand in hand. Whether its cover art, web site design, graphic design or even the live visuals associated with a DJ act its seems the visual component is a side that can be skilfully used to 'enhance' the music; show a different aspect or perspective. While many people, at first, may just see the swirling live visuals as some sort of way to further trip out drunken (alcohol or otherwise) people the visual component is as much a valid art form as the music itself and needs to be taken more seriously in my opinion.

Becks festival bar was graced with the edgy visuals of VJ Morph which in many ways perfectly complemented the edgier sounds of spaced out disco coming from the time-code vinyls of Trevor Jackson. While in the background saw visuals projected onto the old Sydney Barracks building of which some were designed by visual artist, Julapy. Check it out below, but much of his designs come from code, rather than sampled visuals.

pachinko_02 from lukasz on Vimeo.

Ghostly International is another electronic label known for some unique and defined visuals. Cover art or live much of it is directed and created by Michael Cina who's work extends far and beyond that of underground music labels. Have a read of the interview with him below to gain some insight into this much overlooked industry.

Michael Cina: The Ghostly designer and type wrangler talks about the cosmos, getting loose, and Led Zeppelin.

Back to music, I can safely say Trevor Jackson at Hyde Park Barracks last Friday pumped out some great house and new disco. Steering away from the obvious, going down the slightly gritty but keeping it lively it was a set that was happily lapped up by everyone. Have a read of Dr Tad's review below;

Disco Dissertation: Stunning Output (Review of Future Classic Night with Trevor Jackson)

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