Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Charity Fund-raisers and Techno

It doesnt happen much. The idea of a charity is too raise as much funds and awareness possible for the cause so limiting the appeal of the event with certain types of music can perhaps explain for some of the lack of less commercial sounds at fund-raisers but does that ethos still apply today? For that matter who goes (or who doesn't go) to a charity event based on the musical line-up? Isn't the point of a charity event to bring people together to help raise money for what they think is a good cause regardless of musical artists at the event?

To see underground and alternate styles of music, electronic or not, integrated into charity events is something I would like to see more of from both the organisers and the artists. Not commercialising the respective genres but promoting the idea of electronic music having the ability to contribute to society whether or not your a fan, is still something that is yet to happen. I think its safe to say most people can associate Rock music with an array of fund-raising events (live-Aid, Sound Relief ect) but will this ever happen for techno, house, electronica?

This Friday some lesser known tech/deep-house and techno artists will be coming together to play a side-room at the Winter Wonderland Fund-raiser event for cerebral palsy. Some of the artists donating their time this friday are Andrew Wowk, Mitch Crosher, Space Cadets DJs(Jamie Tek & Alex Caminer!), De La Motte and headliner John Glover among many others. Raising funds for charity and integrating good electronic music or good music for that matter can go hand-in-hand.

09.00-10.30 De La Motte
10.30-12.00 Even
12.00-01.30 JOHN GLOVER
01.30-03.00 Powers

10.00-11.30 Andrew Wowk
11.30-12.30 Mike Nichol
12.30-01.30 Mitch Crosher
01.30-03.00 Space Cadets DJ's (Jamie Tek & Alex Caminer)

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