Monday, June 15, 2009

Richard Branson on the dial

Local radio station fbi radio (94.5) recently were asking their listeners to come up with creative ways of getting Richard Branson's attention in the (wild) hope of getting him to donate a million $$ to ensure the community radio stations longevity.

Well, it worked! At least it worked by getting his attention and he called fbi this morning and chatted live from his island on the Caribbean (as you do...) have a listen below:

Unfortunately Branson was unable to donate the full amount of money but has instead confirmed corporate sponsorship from Virgin and chucked in some great prizes to help boots local involvement and hopefully get more people listening and donating to fbi.

If anything this publicity stunt has shown the extremely creative individuals who listen to the radio station and news has spread far and wide.

At a recent Creative Sydney talks I attended, fbi's manager was up on stage giving insight into how to they get their funding and exactly where they get their funding from to keep the largest community-licesened (very different from comerical) radio station in Australia staying on air. It also has a coverage as wide as comercial stations. According to him roughly %60 of fbi's income is made up of corperate sponsership with another %30 from memphersip programs and donations. So its safe to presume that many of their past sponsors simply couldnt afford to keep it up this year.

Anyway if your in Sydney tune into 94.5 for and epic dose of good music with %50 comming from Australia, there some great techno/house shows with sunsets on Friday arvos as well as many others.

Tune in online here:

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