Monday, August 31, 2009

VILLALOBOS: A Film By Romuald Karmakar

Villalobos is a documentary about one of my (and many other DJs/Musicans) favourite artists, Ricardo Villalobos. The documentary will attempt to look inside the mind of this extremely underrated artist as it follows him through key festival and clubs in Europe and explores how Villalobos thinks, hears and produces his music.

The documentary as by German film-maker (no surprise there) Romuald Karmakar, who is known for his topical and often though-provoking documentaries. As you would expect documenting an artists like Villalobos would undoubtedly mean exposure to club culture as unfortunately many electronic artists are yet to receive the attention they deserve out side of the dace music culture. Karmakar's documentary is the 3rd film in a trilogy documenting electronic music and european club culture in the early 21st century, the first two being 196 BPM (2003) and BETWEEN THE DEVILA AND THE WIDE BLUE SEA (2005). Films definitely on the top of my to-watch list now.

The film screens 8th of September at the Venice International Film Festival (if you happen to be in Venice). Hopefully Villalobos will be down-under sooner, than later.

Check here for a great article about the film-maker. Also I posted a sample of Villalobos's recent releases on Deutsche Gramaphone here.

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