Monday, April 13, 2009

Orchesteral Techno - Carl Craig & Francesco Tristano Live

Electronic music as a genre has , within the last few years, started to become increasingly less and less associated with as purely club or pop music, making its long awaited transition into the world of orchestral and broader contemporary music styles. The level of detail and variety on offer in electronic music compsition has huge potential in the broader styles of contemporary music.

Many of you may already know that late last year famous Detroit DJ/producer and pioneer in techno music, Carl Craig, embarked on a project with Francesco Tristano and Moritz Von Oswald to compose an orchestral music piece with techno/electronic music influences and sounds. However very little footage or follow up reviews made it down-under so I thought I would post up this video of Carl Craig and Franceso Tristano performing their new music live in Paris. I think the conductor Francis Xavier Roth summarises this blending of seemingly incompatible genres as, "There is no hierarchy in music, only a quest for high standards "

The project was followed up with a release on Deutsche Grammaphone titled Carl Craig and Moritz Von Oswald Recomposed Vol3. The fact that their able to showcase this new music on such a respectable, traditionally classical label, shows the transition of contemporary electronic music right now. This release was also followed up by a 'New Mixes' release which featured an amazing 'moody' Ricardo Villalobos remix as well. Craig and Moritz Von Oswald - Ricardo villalobos Uli Mein Ponyhof Remix-PREVIEW.mp3

Heading back to Australian shores end of last year we also saw our fair share of musical mash-ups with Matthew Herbert performing live with his big band backing in the Sydney Opera house (great review here) as well as Cinematic Orchestra performing with there semi arranged/live set-up as part of Sydney Festival, both extremely well received and both great musicians.

So I guess the question is what will lie in-store for 2009 in this area of music?

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  1. ahha that's awesome! but craig looks so out of place :p