Friday, December 18, 2009

Circa 1979; Signal To Noise

Sydney Festival is one of Australia's premier cultural festivals with so many different events across the spectrum its pretty much impossible to see it all.

I'm going to be picking out some of the highlights of the festival over the next few weeks that I think music heads and blog readers a like would find more interesting but by all means do have a flip through the free brochures that are around the city.

Perhaps one of the more interesting performances on the music side of things is the collaboration with Modular records, a company that has been establishing themselves as one of the leading record labels for promoting Aussie talent on global scale, while pushing music that still retains some originality and creativity (although I wont say that applies to all their artist roster...). The talks will explore the early days of Sydney's music scene and early experimental music labels.

From 1979 to 1985, parish halls, abandoned warehouses and run down apartments rumbled and screeched with new sounds during one of the most creative periods in Australia’s music history.

Avant garde, post-punk, new wave and early electronic styles of music cultivated a thriving underground scene, heard on Sydney-based labels M Squared and Volition. It was a period when ‘little bands’, such as Pel Mel, SPK, Voigt/465 and Laughing Clowns were more concerned with artistic expression and experimentation than commercial success.

Circa 1979: Signal to Noise is a celebration of this unique and influential period.
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PS: If anyone has any digital copies or recordings of some of the early experimental electronica acts please do drop a line, sydneylovestechno AT gmail DOT com

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