Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas (and Gig Guide)

Sydney Xmas Spirit, 7 Yachts are Sailing town hall projections
photo by spidey78

Nearly a year has passed and with so many events and artists coming through Sydney, it definitely has been a great year in 'techno land'! Watch out for our first ever Blog Awards 09 where, we bloggers, recognise some of the artists, events and clubs that made this year so great.

As for today, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and have a great new year. Gig Guide for NYE events here in Sydney will be up Monday next week for the undecided.

For those that follow my blog I have lots of changes and new articles on the way. Please do help by spreading the word or if would like to contribute in any way (reviews, new music, photos, whatever!) please email the blog at the address below. Thanks!


ITS CHRISTMAS! Go open the presents...but Im sure theres something on, somewhere


Pulse Yacht Club ft. Damian Lazarus & Emerson Todd - Starship Sydney

Ladylux Afterpart ft. Damian Lazarus -
Ladylux, Kings Cross

Mad Racket ft. Caldwell, Ken Clound - Dragonfly, Kings Cross

Beached On Boxing Day - Cream Tangerine, Bondi

Wham - World Bar, Kings X - Top floor techno mayhem in this famous town-house

(Sun this week)Musik Matters - Favela - Dedicated to the true house sounds of Sydney

Club Club - Chinese Laundry


Spice - Kings Cross Hotel (4am)

The Bunker afterhours - From 4:30am Bunker Bar

bSide - Beresford Hotel - The new night hosted by fbi presenter Lorna Clarkson with an eclectic mix of local DJs

Aquatic Boat Party ft. Dimitri From Paris - Syd Harbour

Sunday Sessions ft. Ben Morris, Robbie Lowe, Culbert, and Tim Jirgenson - The Deck, Luna Park - From 3pm an afternoon by the harbour

Final Gig Guide up Thursdays.
Send your event info to


  1. Just a heads up, the Mad Racket boxing day party is at an Adelaide venue called Dragonfly not the Kings X venue in Syd ;)

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