Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dane Austin - A 'mini'-interview

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present one of Sydney's well known minimal/electronic underground figure, Dane Austin. Interviewed fresh from his Sunday School gig and filmed on location in Sydney's infamous Kings Cross. Dane updates us on how his Cresent Music label is going, highlights of 08 & of course the low-down on the up-coming Channel warehouse party and to keep that on the down-low...

Dane Austin Myspace

Cresent music will be releasing an compilation CD soon check here for some of the artists signed and I'll post details on the up-coming Midi in The City Party soon. For those of us who dont know Midi In The City is a music event dedicated to live electronica. Last time it had a huge array of new and emerging talent from Sydney with everyone giving the night rave reviews. Expect the same for the next one.

As for the warehouse party? Stay tuned for my new section 'Warehouse watcher' (sounds creepy eh!?)

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