Monday, January 26, 2009

Space Cadets - Thurs night wrap-up! - DJ Sets from the night

Space Cadets last Thursday welcomed to the booth new (and getting established) DJs that spanned musical styles of minimal, techno and electronica. Everyone played a great set so feel free to download some or all of them;

Dave Stuart - Started the night off with some seriously funked out minimal. Great track selection blended together was a perfect way to start of the night and the whole Space Cadet series really! Will have to get Dave back for a peak time set later on otherwise you can catch him at Red Box and Sunday School this weekend!

Download Mix Here:

Jamie Tek -I jumped on after to push things up with a set that really dabs in everywhere. Starting of with some Gaberial Arnada and pushing some classics like Mouth To Mouth (original mix please!) as well as some future classics like Micheal Cleis La Mezcla. It wasnt my best mix but still not bad if I don't say so myself!
Download Mix Here:

Alex Caminer - Alex always has some great tracks up his sleeves and he did not disappoint this time around. Starting off a little mellow he built up the minimal techno into some great grooves and rhythms by the end of his set. Everyone loved it!
Download Mix Here:

Nic Scali - Nic took over to take us into the midnight with a great pumping techno set. Not too intense but not chilled either this was great set!
Download Mix Here:

Stay Tuned for more info regarding the NEXT SPACE CADETS! Got some DJ promos? Or Visual promos? Or want to know more? email for all your comments/abuse!

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