Monday, January 26, 2009

Dirtybird Cruise with Claude VonStroke - Pictures and Videos

The Dirtybird records cruise with Claude VonStroke, Christian Martian, Gucci Sound System and Emerson Todd went off on Sydney harbour last Saturday to a packed boat and up-for-it crowd as we all boiled away in the 40+C temperatures! Thank-god for the cool Sea Breeze!

There truly is no better way to spend a Sunny Sydney Summer day than cruising on the Harbour listening to some great music! Emerson Todd, also signed to Dirtybird Records, started things off on the main deck with a bouncy, funky minimal and tech-house set. I actually quite liked his set which in my opinion was a better "warm-up" set than what he had played for Luciano...although if I remember Luciano ran quite late so that was under different circumstances.

After Emerson, Christian Martian came on too take us into wonky tech land with some mellowish tunes to begin with before building it up for Claude to take over. Great set with great tunes = easy to dance too and thoroughly enjoyable.

Claude VonStroke then came on, too huge applause,and proceeded to show us his extremely unique take on minimal, techno, house and any other genre he wishes to drop into that!! As many a person said Claude VonStroke is like a true "party-DJ" with great track selection that wouldn't alienate anyone no-matter what type of electronic music you listen too. His sets went through many ups and downs, build ups and just plain minimal beats but it was his own productions that really hit it off, his recent-y Who's Afraid of Detroit track and of course Deep Throat both went down with dance-floor mayhem. As I mentioned to a few mates if I was going to have a house party and I could book any international I would put Claude VonStroke on that bill! (sydneylovestechno-house-sessions!??..if only)

So without writing up a huge review Ill leave you with some pictures and videos for us to track ID and illegally use without copy-right permission! yay! (pics are available in Hi-res download for desktop wallpapers ect. - If you want to use them on a poster please email me FIRST!

From Dirtybird Cruise

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