Saturday, July 11, 2009

Colour Visions 002

The new Colour Visions Mix is out, this time respected Sydney DJ Tim Culbert does the rounds.

A little late posting on this one, those of you on the dial would of seen/received an actual copy already, but those who haven't heard this mix yet I highly recommend having a listen.

Tim Culbert plays at numerous clubs and nights around Sydney and is widely considered as one of the best house DJs in Sydney combining the sounds of tech-house and prog-house styles this Colour mix is very similar to what Tim might play out about town.

The mix is very detailed in every transition and comes across as being very thought-out and considered, a quality that is often said of Tim's live sets. Sometimes a meticulously thought-out mix can loose its overall flow quickly but Tim's experience behind the decks (often along side Robbie Lowe) definitely shines through with a driving house mix that builds and flows featuring many great artists along the way (check track listing below).

With another strong mix, the Colour Mix series continues to grow in strength and following, Tim Culberts 002 mix is a great mix for any time of the day or night, well thought-out, well worth a listen.

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STL – Silent State [Smallville]
Jay Bliss, Homm & Popovicui – Bis Co [Diynamix]
Master H & Francois Dubois – Rise [Komplex De Deep]
Neurotron – Indigo (Damondo remix) [Night Drive Music]
Dyed Soundorom – I Care [Freak N Chic]
Ross Couch – A New System (Kirby remix) [Body Rhythm Records]
Jon Gurd & Dave Robertson – Dual [Mutekki]
Neil Quigley – Illusion [Vapour]
Nosmo vs Kris B – Grouse (Dub) [Ready Mix Records]
Francois A & Manoo – Today Is Tomorrow [Buzzin' Fly]

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