Friday, July 31, 2009

Harmonic 313 + Techno Videos (?)

Its a fair bet to say music videos can contribute to the success of a track in many ways but why is it that techno seems to be so under-represented in the music video world? Should music videos be confined to only be the most accessible types of music? Sure you have some of dance music world elite (Chemical Brothers, Tiesto ect) will release music videos but Im talking more about techno artists and lesser known electronic artists. Videos such as Claude Von Strokes classic Deep Throat has become some what of an underground music video classic and has mostly likely greatly aided in the success of the track and the brand development of his label, Dirty Bird.

One logical conclusion is that filming a band is just naturally more dynamic than filming a DJ or someone flicking buttons on their midi controller and thus, in some sense, making it easier to film and choreograph rock/pop music videos. However for me this just means dance and electronic music videos have to be more creative in their execution.

Anyway I have being keeping an eye out for techno-music videos and while this isnt one of Harmonic 313's techno tracks it is a good example of what can happen merging a world-renowned creative company from Syd, Sixty40, with one our great dubstep/techno artists with very intriguing results and will hopefully inspire other Aus artists to do the same.

From Sixty40's website:

The Beginning: Harmonic 313 (aka Mark Pritchard aka Troubleman aka Reload aka 1/2 of Global Communications aka 1/2 of the The Jedi knights…) came to Sixty40 for his first ever film clip. Despite releasing seminal records since the 90’s and being on Warp Records since 1994 and being the poster child for super-technical, superbly-crafted, bass heavy, crazy-ass electronica there’d never been anything to translate his floor-filling tracks on TV. Crazy. Sixty40 had to pioneer a variety of new techniques to take an entirely open brief into a eye-popping warning of extra-terrestrial doom.
The Idea:“Battlestar” is the story of a deceivingly sized binocular spaceship coming to earth and decimating an unsuspecting b-boy in order to conquer the universe.
The Dream
: Having long-loved animated .gifs made from old stereoscope photos (like this), we wanted to take this technique and translate it to moving footage. We knew Andy Uprock from the Sugartime Burlesque tour we did in 2007 (see the blog) and as he is the most avant-garde b-boy we know, he seemed like the perfect fit for this flick-tastic performance based clip.

Battlestar from sixty40 on Vimeo.

Also out on Crosstown records label from the USA. While this track probably wont win techno-track-of-the-year, its still one hell of a cool music video.

And in case you missed it:

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