Monday, September 22, 2008

Deepchild back in Australia! (yeaha!) + Vid + Tour dates

Well one of Sydney's finest techno exports has returned!!! After a hektik touring schedule all around Europe and I believe some milling around/creating new album/DJing in Berlin Deepchild aka Rick Bull is back in Australia promoting his high anticipated new album Departure.

I saw him do a DJ set @ Bunker Bar few weekends ago which had the place absolutely packed and steaming! Check out a video of his Sydney DJ set @ bunker below + his European tour video after!

European tour video blog

..and in Berlin

also up coming tour dates, one in particular shouts out!

26 Sep 2008 (AU) deepchild LIVE @ La Di Da, Melbourne
2 Oct 2008 (AU) deepchild LIVE @ Supperclub, Newcastle…
4 Oct 2008 (AU) Sleezeball @ The Hordern Pavillion
4 Oct 2008 (AU) Fuzzy Parklife, Brisbane - Mainstage (dj) w. Metro Area
11 Oct 2008 (AU) deepchild LIVE @ Sugar, Adelaide
16 Oct 2008 (AU) UNSW Oktoberfest - deepchild LIVE set
17 Oct 2008 (AU) deepchild LIVE @ Ruby Tramp, Gold Coast
18 Oct 2008 (AU) Clique @ Will & Toby’s (DJ Set)
24 Oct 2008 (AU) Eat Musik @ The Bunker (dj set)
10 Nov 2008 (AU) deepchild LIVE album launch @ “Nevermind”>>>>>=EPIC

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