Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Style of Eye Album Promo Mix! Tours this November!

Photo By Chris Davison
One 'long-time fan' of my blog (but considering its only being up for a week I guess this was a pre-emptive long time fan... thing...either way I'm flattered!) commented that I should put up some promo Mixes. Well to satisfy your thirst for music here it is!

Having taken the scene by storm with his epic song Girls style of eye is situating himself somewhere in the region of electro and tech-house or electro-tech and you heard this new genre-name here first! But seriously great, interesting new electro/tech coming out of this Swedish guy. Mayby the next Eric Prydz?...

Get pumped peoples because he is playing @;
13 Nov - Lost Baggage @ The Cross, with Shonky (Freak n’ Chic)
14 Nov - Afterhours Sydney Show @ Spice (this one will be very interesting!)

Of Eye “Duck, Cover and Hold” ALBUM PROMO MIX

01. Duck Cover & Hold feat. Emma Henley
02. Ona
03. Girls
04. Pad Problems
05. Number Two
06. The Prophet
07. Amelie
08. I See Them Coming
09. Clown
10. Galore feat. Stephen Simmonds
11. Horse
12. Banned
13. The Last Song

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