Friday, September 19, 2008

Whats this all about?...

Sydney loves techno. (or Syndey 'heart' techno?) Everyone knows it and everyone loves it so I made this blog on all the happenings in the vast Sydney electronic music scene!

Yes we have the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and arguably the worlds most beautiful city harbour but at night (and during the day...but mostly at night) this city comes alive with party people, musos, DJs, bands, concerts the many clubs that beat on into the following day...

So this blog will aim to bring together the happenings of global and Sydney electronic music scene, while specialising on minimal, techno and tech-house releases and DJ's as that is what I'm into right now (so there!).

Having said that I will also post on the arts scene, festivals, club nights in and around Sydney (legal and illegal!...) , concept party's and other snippets of daily life downunder!!

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  1. long-time fan first-time commenter

    i want live recordings james... also maybe an article on Style of Eye - hitting SPICE in november

    also... Booka Shade at Sterosonics with Japanese Popstars - 22nd november at enmore