Thursday, December 11, 2008

Luciano & Greg Wilson pics & Videos - one/two amazing party!


What can I say, the party is well and truly over and everyone has recovered but the vibe keeps on going, kinda like an aftershock of an earthquake. I cant not stop thinking of the epic break downs Luciano pulls and the awesome retro (never though I would say that) Greg Wilson so seemly effortlessly played out.

For those of you from overseas Luciano played a very special concert in Sydney on a very unique boat. The Boat party had its fair share of tales, closed toilets, someone getting a bang in the face but my favourite was Luciano ARRIVING BY WATER TAXI! As the boat left he was still arriving at the airport after playing another gig in Melbourne! How Jet-set is that!

Here's a little Video of it

Greg Wilson played on the top deck and was a favourite for many as we all waited until Luciano arrived. He played a perfect new disco/retro set as well as playing with his reel to reel player!! The man has a lot of experience and this showed in this amazing set. I have never heard anyone mix in songs like these in such a way in all my comparatively short life!

KEEP IT REEL (Back of Greg Wilson Laptop sticker ;)

Luciano stepped up on the decks to literally destroy the dance floor. His unique take on DJing is very South American to me with driving tribal rhythms that are overlaid with with technoy sounds. Everyone went a bit loco in DC10 style with loads of jumping up action check it out below;

and one of my fav songs of the boat set;

Of course those that didnt know, Luciano played a second gig that same night at Sydneys newest club NEVERMIND. Those that got there early were in for a treat as Luciano rocked up at 10 and decided to jump on!! He than went on to tear the place down with a definitely darker vibe taking us on till 2am where he had to call it quits. The man did look fair tired at the end of it!

Some of my favourite pics from BOTH the Yacht party and the KINK nevermind club gig. Be sure to check out the gallery for more ;) they're all high resolution pics in the gallery so feel free to make them desktop pics or whatever just nothing on posters with out emailing me first!!!

From LUCIANO @ Pulse Radio Yacht Party & KINK

From LUCIANO @ Pulse Radio Yacht Party & KINK

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