Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sydney 'blurred out'

In something a little off-topic I found today surprisingly much of inner Sydney remains blurred on google maps, due to what some say are fears of terrorist attacks!? Google says it removed the Hi-res images dues to image provider problems. However these images just happen to include; The Garden Island Naval Depot, the Lucas Heights Reactor, Parliament House and the Australian Defence Force headquarters in Canberra.

Found this on a article describing 51 sites blurred on Google Maps, check it here

Also have you ever seen Sydneys Oxford street from the air?...its quite..arty?!

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  1. Rumour has it there is a secret version of Google Earth, that updates live - available only to Governments, apparently for emergency situations, ie natural disasters...

    Careful what you say about Google on blogspot (owned by Google) =P

  2. yeah man so Ive heard...dont be surprised if my blog disappears tomoz!

    there was a website few years back offering flash videos of locations taken from a satellite but it was taken down!