Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New release on beef -Euphonious

Another quality release from BEEF with couple of people I have never heard of till now, Zade and Kayne. Their song however is no little dity, its a solid tech-house stomper with great production and tight bass structure. The song for me is a little simple but then again thats the bueaty of this song. The high hats and drums in this song are pretty hypnotic too!

Murat and Shades of Grey both do great remixes, sure to hear them over the coming weeks! So support your local artist! Buy below

BEEF records is happy to present young English talents Zade and Kayne Cross in this extraordinary tech house/minimal EP. Euphonious is real dance floor filler with a powerful house oriented groove that is truly simple but totally effective. Murat Kilic remix has been creating buzz in the techno scene for quite some time now. It is state of the art peak time rework that will mess up every dance floor. Murat Kilic remix got already signed by Oliver Koletzki for his upcoming compilation on Stil Von Talent. That is truly impressive start for up and coming producer from Sydney. Shades of Gray remix is inspired by the latest sound of Freerange and Strictly Rhytmn. Perfect tool for Deep house DJs - atmospheric and groove oriented house filler. This combination makes this EP a must tool for any Dj.

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