Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rejected from Spice..........argh!!!not cool!

A word of advice, before you go and check out this infamous after hours party, make sure you look the part. That is, to every guy, theres one girl, not tooo trendy (couple people got turned away in suits) but not too shabby (however they did make some exceptions...hmmm) BUT WAIT! This is spice!? Its Techno! Its all about the mmusic mannn Right!? IT STARTS AT 5 IN THE FUCKING MORNING! I wouldn't think there would even BE a door policy but alas my nieve little mind proved me wrong and I was rejected with 3 other mates from Spice becuase we were all guys (only 4 of us including myself!!)

Yeah to top it of my first time trecking it down there, just to see Sammy Gee punch out some minimal and the door wanker/doorman rejects me...:(

Anyway, managing a night that is official and starts at 5 is another ball game then normal club nights but then again when was Spice ever a normal club night?


  1. I remember back when Kikkon used to follow Wanna Break @ the Burdekin.. WB would finish & the first Kikkon DJ would come on.. one time the door bitch tried to kick all the breaks fan out from before (myself included) and charge us re-admission.. I told her where she could forcibly insert the entry fee..

  2. Sorry to hear that mate.

    They tried that when I was there with Michelle and one other friend, to be honest by 6.30am they were letting anyone in regardless of chicks.

    This is why I hate Reckless Republic, they say they're all about the love, when in reality they're a bunchacunce.