Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mark your dairy session 2

Likes Of You (from Melbourne) launches their series of parties in Sydney with Future Classic as they try to carve up a slice of the underground here in Syd. Not that I'm complaining at all, being hanging out to see Loco DJ for a while now...


Its an old set, so many of you will probably already come across it, but its none-the-less an awesome set, with a great mix of songs in typical dice style!
Loco Dice @ You FM Clubnight 22.03.2008
Download Part 1
Download Part 2
00:00 Loco Dice - Black Truffles In The Snow (Desolat/Promo)
00:06 Alix Alvarez, Franck Roger - Dub-M/original Mix (Real Tone Records)
00:11 Lemos & Keow feat. Fatboy - Nice Day (Resopal Schallwaren/Promo)
00:17 Los Hermanos - Los Hermanos (Guidance Recordings)
00:23 My My - Southbound (Ostgut Ton )
00:29 Steve O' Sullivan - Cheques Not Accepted (Sushitec)
00:34 Kerri Chandler - Kong (Promo)
00:38 Loco Dice - How Do I Know (Desolat/Promo)
00:44 Alejandro Vivanco - Rojo Pomodoro (Promo)
00:49 Martin Zadek - Zahara (White/Promo)
00:54 Gregoryhthme - Synchtroubles (Sushitec Purple)
00:59 Robert Dietz - Shemale Trouble (Be Chosen)
01:05 Anynimious - Deutschland Funk (Promo)
01:10 Marco Carola - A2 (Ante/Promo)
01:15 Ilavio Alicante - Vacaciones en Cile (Tonax/Promo)
01:20 The Reggisford Harris Projekt - Astral/Shelter Dub (Objektivity)
01:25 Sebbo - Watano Beach 320 (Desolat/Promo)
01:30 Loco Dice - Consequently Eccentric & Delicate (Desolat/Promo)
01:36 Sweet n Candy - Pancakes (Einmaleins Musik)
01:41 Clé - Nomads/Matthias Tanzmann Mix (Poker Flat Recordings)
01:46 Haloboys vs. John Coltrane - Bahia Party Swing/Mothership (Promo)
01:51 Rosario Internullo - Sentimente/Nea Marina Mix (Desolat)
01:55 Minilogue - Hispanola (Cocoon Recordings/Promo)


  1. i probably won't make it to Manning bar, but i'm grabbing that loco dice set right now :D cheers.

  2. its a cool set, especially the middle bit, still have to get a couple of those songs some great stuff in there!