Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This really grinds my gears....

Do you know what really grinds my gears!? Stupid promo emails that have outrageous claims like this email for example:

Quote from email
"...The event is going to be nuts with 5 internationals, 3,500 people, over 3 rooms and a massive production this is something never seen before in the sydney clubbing scene with no less than a 4 hour set from... "

Seriously. People, no, Promoter! (who I wont name) this aint fooling nobody. A big event? In Sydney? Oh wait! With Internationals DJs and big production!? OMG! No this never happens! You just have to ignore last Saturday with Great Stuff Label Party, then the Friday before that with Becks Berlin Sessions across three floors...oh wait then you have to ignore any ohter big techno parties and warehouse parties...Suddenly this stupid claim looks a little, well, false!

Now I understand promoters are there to promote but outrageous claims like this isnt going to fool nobody anymore these days with so many people that got out and many whom looking for good events with a good crowd. Nor do I believe this type of promo creates any particular 'special' interest in the events. If annything its probably just goign to work against the event as another 'lound and tacky club night', as lets face it, the promoters for these event love making stupid off-the-cuff claims like this as their often so depesperate to get anyone through the doors. My question is who are they really fooling? Do you think such stupid promo emails acutally create any positive 'hype' for an event?

For me, a more 'realistic' approach, nothing 'amazing or out of this world' just solid facts of what the event offers often come across better to the person who just skims these emails (if that) after a day at work...maybe not?

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