Monday, April 13, 2009

Track IDs from Minilogue & Romboy Sets (Last Sunday!)

WOW, did Sebastian Mullaert (One half of Minilogue) play one EPIC set
! Not subscribing to the 'I only play unreleased songs' mentality that seems to be the thing these days with bigger name DJs, Minilogue took the entire floor on a journey of techno, minimal, house and down-right atmospheric disco pop! It had the entire floor heaving back and fourth in time with beat for his whole 4 hours right until the end. When looking back on the night between him and the other head liner Mark Romboy , although different style, Minilogue tracks were just a lot more interesting and engaging I found.

Here are a couple of tracks I could remember/ID from the night

Sebastian Mullaert Set Track ID's:
Minilogue - Animals (Luciano Rmx) + (Beat Pharmacy 6feet under mix??)
Minilogue - My Teenage Gang
Josh Wink - Everybody To The Sun - off his latest album, When a banana is just a banana
Katcha - Touched By God (Peace Division Remix) - 1999 techno!
A track from Richie Hawtins Transition CD that I cant remember right now haha
Mathew Jonson & The Mole - Dirt Road and A Boat From Sound Wave - I think this may have being the Jonson track I remember...
Gedez Track - ID'ed by another person but I couldnt find it online

Mark Romboy
Oliver Huntemann - 37 Degrees is the one I was meant to write!
Reboot - Ronson - the track that sent everyone crazy earlier on in his set
Reboot - Vandon - Overplayed but apparently went down nicely
Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter - House Ya

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