Thursday, May 28, 2009

IMS 2009 - Live Debate - Digital Dreams So Hard To Meet? - Join in now!

[Comment From shortino ]
I think the methods today of selling music online are still far too basic. Most online music shops only sell some of the album art and a lot of the time there are very few ways to pay. The mentality of buying music online as a single audio file is extremely backward way of thinking. Why not release a info txt file, video, high-resolution album art. It's the most interactive platform (online media that is) yet buying music online is still such a 'dull' task. There needs to be more innovation in the area if there is going to be a serious shift to online purchasing.
Terry Church: Shortino: Couldn't agree more. The value of a digital file over a physical album is much less as the CD comes with the full artwork and booklet, yet the digital files are normally around the same price. That is bad value for money.

A comment I just posted on the current debate topic of the pros and cons of digital downloads right now. This event is being blogged live from Ibiza IMS conference. Join in now by clicking through below;

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