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The Likes Of Loco Dice - Plays Metro This Sat!

Ahhhhhhhh! Loco Dice *said in quivery voice* plays at The Metro this Sat 16th May from 3-6am! I mean what can I say but EPIC! I can't wait for this techno heavy-weight to finally touch down on Aussie shores and when considering some of the other acts that have toured in the area of techno, minimal-techno its a surprise that he only now makes the trip down under.

But then again Loco was on a extremely hectic European tour for this latest album 7 Dunham Place before returning over to the USA, South America and now Aus and Asia. Currently at the forefront of his game he is a name that has become quite well known in all areas of dance music and only one of a few DJs that are constantly attributed to the rise of minimal-techno over the past few years.

His style can be described as chunky, rhythm driven minimal, techno and house with a flow that keeps people locked into the dance floor. However he is not one without critics (who isn't these days) having reached the top of his game in the European Hip-Hop scene and touring along sides of Snoop Dog, Jamiroquai and others his current 'techno-king' status is a far cry from this former DJ genre and many quote the fact that he is best mates with Martin Buttrich has something to do with his success for his relatively short (comparing to the other 'techno kings') career in techno.

Believe it or not the fact that his background is so different to many other artists in this area of electronic music I believe definitely attributes to this 'cool' attitude/cool factor he seems to carry with him and to every event he is listed on. This cool attitude that stems from his former hip-hop days is, in my opinion, a welcome addition on the techno/minimal scene that is so often plagued with moon-tanned
'nerdy' music kiddies. Even his album 7 Dunham Place is named after where he lived in Brooklyn while recording the album, just pressing play on the album and hearing songs like 'Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now' will instantly convey what I mean.

As in one interview on a German radio show Loco Dice describes that every song on his album has a history to his time while living in the Big Apple. The presenter goes one to talk about how Loco Dice come across as a very 'open-minded' DJ and that he not only likes electronic music but also other types of music, she also mentions how she heard that he loves to go to RnB parties with friends to which Loco Dice replies (loosely translated!) "That's right, I love to go to RnB, hip-hop parties when I have the time I'll be the first one there!" The presenter than asks him what is a perfect party in his mind, "The perfect party to me is when everyone is really dancing and everyone is open-minded...where people can go in and there's a good atmosphere like in a hip-hop party where its lots of 'sex', attitude but of course electronic parties are different haveing their own vibe..but for me its when you can just go into a party with sex(y), dirty-club attitude/atmosphere where everyone just goes out and have fun for 9 hours... "

If thats his ranking for a perfect party then this Saturday is sure to be a doozey!

Topping the bill on the main stage is electronic/prog-house man and Renaissance Mix Master Hernan Cattaneo who returns after a couple years absence from our fine land. I have heard some rave reviews of his last tour so no doubt he will surely impress again. Also appearing are the cross-over tech men Jesse Rose and Oliver$ creating a bit of a stir on the Sydney electro-house scene.

Sydney 'big-star' DJ Ben Morris has warm up duties and after seeing him play at nevermind various times I'm actually pretty excited to see what he has in store for us. Check out his Kink promo mix in the link below for some great songs.

Bringing this huge line-up together is the famed Melbourne institution 'The Likes Of You' (adding to the already long list of bizarrely named music organisers) easily fitting up there as putting on some of the best electronic parties in Melbourne. Teaming up with touring giant, Future Entertainment, this is their launch in Sydney as they come in to carve up a slice of the Sydney music scene. While there has being some nay-sayers (The Sydney-Mebls rivalry to anyone reading this overseas!) I think any quality edition to the Sydney music circuit is a welcome one and with 2 of the best companies in Aus we can and should expect an awesome party with good sound, good production, organisation and of course good music. Anything less..well that would just suck...So lets see come this Saturday.

Get tickets at InTheMix or Moshtix

Loco Dice @ Sensation NYE 1008 in Dusseldorf, Germany (his home city!) - Download Here

Loco Dice Radio-One Essential Mix 2008 - Download Here

  1. G Family feat Antonio Lyons - Night Shift (Phoonshal dub mix) - Real Tune
  2. Mirko Loko - Liah - Desolat
  3. Larsson - Ruanda (Ricardo Esposito dub mix) - Rotary Cocktail
  4. Reboot - Vandon - Below
  5. M Pittman - Chicago Nights - Unirhythm
  6. Livio and Roby - The Tuxedo Band
  7. Roberto Dietz - Klondike - Deep Vibe
  8. Okain - 717 (D-Julz mix) - Tsuba
  9. Mara Trax - Sambad (Between Two Flames mix)
  10. Andrew Grant - Coloradobonus
  11. Luciano and Mirko Loko - Mousa Big Band - Desolat
  12. Abonne - Bongospace (Windworld edit by Ion Ludwig) - Opossum
  13. Pedro (RPR) and Rhadoo (RPR) - Flote - RAL
  14. Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talkin Now (Luciano Luci gets Loco mix) - Desolat
  15. You And Me feat Mark Broom - Bournewood (90 Black Buttom mix tool) - Rotary Cocktail
  16. Daniel Steinberg - Pay For Me (Lauhaus mix) - Style Rockets
  17. Livio and Roby - Diverse - Cecille
  18. Brothers Vibe - Cuero Para Mi Gentle (Raw Skins mix) - Jersey Underground
  19. Unkown(Reboot Remix!) - Lemany - Enfach003
  20. Sebo K - Diva - Mobilee
  21. Tokyo Black Star - Game Over (Loco Dice 5AM at the Tsukiji market mix) - Innervision

Sneaky preview of his latest Mix CD and first in the series, The Lab 001 - Mixed by Loco Dice here

Also if you want to hear that interview I quoted (it is in German!) DL Here pt1 and pt2

Ben Morris - Kink Nevermind December 08 Promo Mix - DL Here

Videos of Loco Dice at Time Warp last month! Some techno bombs here, perhaps we can expect for this sat

1st track:Basti Grub-Oma vovo(Suara rec.)

1st track:Livio & Roby-Invers de palma

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