Thursday, May 14, 2009

Space Cadets Recorded Sets

Finally got these sets up! Sorry for the delays. I recommend to anyone coming by/reading this blog to definitely check out these sets. Even if you dont know what 'Space Cadets' is (its a clubnight!) or wasn't there these recorded sets show some of the great students DJs on the Syd underground. In particular our past 2 guest DJs Jeremy Nothman and James Burman both whom played really good sets and both of whom have being added to Space Cadets 'rotating- residents'. (yeaha!)

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Space Cadets on the 7th of May (In chronological order starting from 8pm):
James Burman @ Space Cadets 07-05-09: This is one superb funked up mix. Its a great show of talent to this once more 'commercial' DJ but luckily he has come to the 'dark' side.. Some of the latest house and tech-house tunes combined with James's great mixing creates a great flow and is a mix Ive had trouble stop listening too! Trust me you will be hearing more of this DJ in the future.

Nic Scali: Space Cadet resident jumped on after to deliver the late-night goods with some slaming tech, techno and progressive tracks. So, "Why do we dance?"...

Chris Leffers: Chris jumped on after Nic (around 12:30pm) to deliver some twisted electronic-discotecha! He seriously impressed us last time around with his great track-selection, effortlessly progressing through genres of electronica so we had to get him back for another. Its a great moody mix which kept the dance-floor buzzing until 2am, not bad considering it was a Thursday night.

Space Cadets club night 23rd April
Jeremy Nothman is perhaps the only DJ, so far, we have had the pleasure of putting on that insists on playing only-vinyl. And it is a welcomed thing to see these awesome deep-house tracks blare out through there analogue grooves. I believe if your to play only-vinyl, then it should be reflected in some quality lesser known tracks and that's exactly what's happened here. Have a listen, its great mix for chilling out (it was the first set of the night!).

Zushy Woolstone is a DJ who likes his long slots (I blogged on his 3hr mixtape while back) which is kind of why we gave all the DJs one and half hour slots for this night. With this guy you can hear the clear progression of tracks from the laid back-house at the begging to some proper techno at the end. A very nice mix.

Jamie Tek A little mix from myself with a collection of some new minimal stuff of the past few weeks and songs Ive being playing out over the past few months. Feedback always appreciated!

Alex Caminer
Space Cadet resident Caminer drove home the grooves with this closing set. As always gold tunes in here.


  1. Keep a close eye and ears on James Burman,he has GOT IT!He is going places.