Friday, May 1, 2009

Richie Hawtin Twitter: Now playing Depths03

"...just checking my email everyone"

Epic. I've being waiting for some software to come along that would allow us DJs to automatically broadcast the tracks we're playing and here it is.

Ignoring the hype of it from Beatportal its just a little app that broadcasts the tracks meta data to twitter. From a coding point of view its a pretty simply little add on but when used with someone like Richie Hawtin suddenly you can see what some of the worlds leading DJs are playing RIGHT NOW!

So what was he playing? Literally updated a few minutes ago from his set in France as of writing this; Depths03. Before that Popof - Headcleaner, then before that GB Tribe - Rich Jones.Its also interesting as this app literally just broadcasts the file name so you can kind of get the idea of where the song was from ie downloaded offically, promo or off a blog maybe?

Check it:

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