Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday for nightlife in Sydney....

The current NSW Government has being and continues to be one of the worst performing governing bodies in the entire history of NSW.

Today at 9am the NSW Government decided to impose the 2am lockout that so brilliantly failed in Melbourne but for some reason they believe will be a success in Sydney. What this means is that between the hours of 2am-5am
  • No one can leave and re-enter or enter the club
  • drinks must be served in non breakable plastic! - I mean what the fuck does that have to do with orderly behaviour, if some one is stupid enough to get into a fight and smash a glass, they'll use what ever other objects that are near by. Chair, stool, pool que should we ban these as well!
  • No double shot drinks or drinks with too much alcohol - because unfortunately here in Sydney we can decided when he have had enough to drink. We just have to be told by our oh so helpful government
  • 10min NO-SERVE periode in each hour between 2-5am, that is for 10min no alcahol can be served for every hour
Now apprently the some of the Hotels have already taken this to court this afternoon with a another hearing next Wednesday. What happened was the government fasttracked the law to be passed at 9AM today so as to avoid the hearing in court today and thus make it law today.

Alot of the bigger clubs have being excempted with speical condiditons but to be honest this is going to hurt all the boutique night clubs, the underground clubs and our music and art culture of the city which thrives on a all night open policy.

Will the law last? My prediction FUCK NO! Too many clubs will apply for excemption, and it will in all lickly hood increase violence as clubs, unable to make enough money with the tough restrictions proably wanting to close at 2 now anyway and avoid the hassel.

NSW becomes more and more akin to a police state, as the government and police decide when, where and now at what time we are able to have fun...

Feel free to download the offical Government Gazzette here for full information on all restrictions.

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