Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sunday School...need to repent? Come see Up-n-Comer DJs this Sunday!

Well its another Sunday coming up and you all know what that means! its SUNDAY SCHOOL TIME! For those who don't know, NO its not religious electronic music its a night for up and coming Sydney DJs playing Prog, Tech and techno.

Basically new DJs on the scene showing off what they can do behind the decks. Its very relaxed night so I encourage every one to drop by and have drink, have a dance and/or chill out in one of the big seats and enjoy the quality tunes in the comfort of the Bunker with its kicking sound system as well.

Or if your a new DJ wanting gigs or looking for new DJs for your night, definitely come and check it out...

Sunday School is at Bunker Bar (underneath The Bourbon, Kings X) with $3 drinks until 9! Free entry all night as usual.

So this weekend we have
7-8pm - Jamie Tek 8-9pm - Dave Stuart 9-10pm - Johann Mentz 10-11pm - Alex Marsh 11-12am - Element 12-close - Chris Combe

7-8pm - JAMIE TEK (ME!) opening the place out I'll be playing a very chilled out warm up set. Who knows what styles and genres this may cross...come find out ;)

My last Promo Mix:

8-9pm - DAVE STUART - The Sunday School fajer (think Austin powers) will be uping it a notch and preparing the floor for the new guys to strut their stuff. Expect nothing but excellent prog house from this guy. Here's a live recording of him from another Sunday School and its one of my favourite live mixes right now...
check it here

Droid Musak – Deepchild
Safari – Andre Kroml (james holden mix)
The Black Sniper – Dan Welton
Who Two – Marek Hemmann
Bummelzug – Daso (HOSH mix)
Womanizer – Peter Dildo
Muzak Express – Xpress 2 (Skylark mix)
Blackroom Entertainment – Tiger Stripes
Control – Dataworx
Scoville – Oliver Klien
A Fine Balance – Ned Shepard (Quiver mix)
Harddrive – Montero
Snorkel – Ido Ophir

9-10pm - JOHANN MENTZ - First time set for Johann and probably not his last. I believe there will be some great deep tech and house but take a listen here as this is the vibe his going to be setting;

also Johann has MORE mixes so if you liked that one be sure to check out for his other mixing styles + underground music group ;)

Subterranean Tales – Johann Mentz - September 2008 (Deep Set)
1. Jaguar Shoes (Ripperton’s Lonely Predator Reshape) – Kevin Griffiths
2. 8 Mile Road – The Asphalt
3. Back seat – Robert Dietz
4. Swim (Peter Dildo Mix) – Matthias Tanzmann
5. Pillow Head – Bear Weasel
6. Super 8 Motel – Jacksonville
7. Puta – Nikola Gala
8. Laugh Lines - Gruber
9. Keep On – Dan Berkson featuring Robert Owens
10. Noala – Nikola Gala
11. Moonraker (Magik J Remix) – Foremost Poets

10-11pm - ALEX M - Alex "must make mix" according to him and I second that! He is a Sunday School resident but being its more of a peak time set I'm sure he will get the dance floor moving :P

11-12pm - ELEMENT - Not his first time at Sunday School element will be bringing out the techno and peak time prog plus possibly playing some of his own tracks as well!
Check his latest promo here:

12-1am - CHRIS COMBE - This Sunday School resident he is currently making a new mix, but if its going to be like anything before expect nothing but quality, unheard of, up-front tech-house and techno!

UPDATE Chris has a new mix out check it below!

Mix name: time to move out

"see you soon and am pretty sure this one doesn't sound like crickets.. its more lady beetles making love.."

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