Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday School review/recap 23rd Nov :: Awesome night! Awesome music!

Well another Sunday School past and it was no quiet one that's for sure with one first timer and the rest all showing us how much they have progressed over the past few months!

PHOTOS HERE: and on InTheMix Gallery section for Sydney

7-8pm - Jamie Tek; The new starting time for Sunday School even the staff were shocked to see me down there so early but all was good and we started around 7pm with people rocking up all through that hour. I played a pretty chilled out set with some trippy DJ Koze remix of Apologies and some Ricardo Villalobos 4WD remix slowed right down and chucked in for good measure (For those wondering Its one of my favourite tracks of year!). I think everyone enjoyed it and thanks for the great feedback to everyone!

8-9pm; Dave Stuart; Chucked it up a notch or better yet down a tone with DEEP being the order of the hour. Although Dave does play Deep most of the time this was a quite the groovy deep set that didnt overpower but didn't put you to sleep either! His set picked up the pace so for first time Johann Mentz to take over, promo below

9-10pm Johann Mentz; Johann played his first set at Sunday School and I believe first club set and by no means did it exhibit any signs of a first timer. His mixing was tight, tracks flowed and it was a very funky tech house style set. As I said to him later its always difficult (in my opinion) playing a funky techy set with out playing heavier style tracks to keep up the intensity. But he did it and did it well, promo below

10-11pm; Alex M; Alex M always has a unique take on Progressive styles and it really shined in his set last Sunday. With heavy influences on UK Prog stars (such as Sasha) his sets always seem to build and build even though he has only an hour to play with! Would love to seem over 2 hours? Either way every felt the intensity raise with hands-in-the-air action towards the end of his set!

11-12pm; Element; Well Element followed on nicely from Alex's set taking a risk by starting heavy (his words not mine!) and it paid off! It was progressive house at its heaviest and biggest sounding. His beatmatching was spot on and I liked a lot of his transitions too even though the music did cut out for a couple of seconds near the end of his set (note to Element; NEVER try moving a turntable when a record is playing...CDJs are infinitely superior muhaha) . But at Sunday School we're none to fussy of things like that so check out his promo mix below;

12-1am; Chris Combe; Yes Chris the techno head who seems to be able to ID every track I play haha. Combe put on his techno shoes and was unrelenting with some great techno songs that had everyone going, I found it hard to leave half way through his set as it just kept building in intensity, so much so that some fellow Sunday Schoolers just felt the need to keep on partying in Cross returning home in the daylight hours of Monday...
Be sure check out his new mix below;


Also on a side note Dave Stuart and Alex M are moving up to play/host next week event SHRUG at Civic Underground, 5th December but more on that soon!

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  1. You mean: If you havent been... "being"? lol

    One of my computers got formatted and i wasnt told... i had 3gigs of prog and tech.
    I would love to come to the bunker, when i dont have work the nxt monday. 6th of Dec doesnt sound too bad.