Saturday, November 8, 2008

Steve Lawler's Top 5

Originally from Beatportal there some great tracks that I think define the sound internationally right now have listen at the original link.

Wrapping up our Viva Tour live blog coverage is the man himself, Steve Lawler, who reveals exclusively to Beatportal five tracks that have dominated his club sets during this mammoth North American tour.

“Throughout the whole tour there have been some tracks that I’ve played during every set and they represent the sound that I play, taken from different times of the night,” says Steve.

Here are the big five tracks of the Viva tour. Get set.

1. Nyra ‘Tongue’ (Breakout Audio)

2. Dave Aju ‘Crazy Place’ (Luciano Remix)

3. Barem ‘Seeee’ (Minus)

4. Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann ‘Dios’

5. Steve Lawler ‘Kalimba’ (R&S)

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