Tuesday, November 4, 2008

lack of posts, so heres another article!

Hey peeps sorry for the serious lack of posts but with exams (uni!) around the corner my life has being reduced to staring at non-sensical questions...Trust me I have a whole pile of posts in draft which are yet to be posted!

So while procrastinating I stumbled upon this interesting article from the IrishTimes called Techno: Second Coming

Not that the title surprises me its more the fact that its in the Irish Times!? I'm not sure what type of newspaper that is but could you imagine Sydney Morning Herald doing an article on Luciano coming to play in December! ha! no way! their so disconnected from Sydney music culture it would be like reporting about how someone grandmother fell ill in Russia to them! In fact last time I heard anything from them was I believe a terrible internet article on how the reporter thought trance was crap and AvB was an idiot...

The article is basically about a techno oldie who, according to them, created the genre of electronic music...but have a read

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  1. Pfft... wut..

    Atkins is a god but techno was invented by high school buddies Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May!

    Git yer facts right Ireland ;)