Monday, February 16, 2009

Fat Boy whaaaaat?

Fatboy slim during his technical/alcohol related 'hick-ups'

Fatboy Slim. Famed producer, remixer and DJ. Everyones seen the amazing footage at Brighton Beach but that was a far-cry away from what happened at Sydney's Good Vibrations festival last Saturday!

I'm personally so glad I didn't go as I had being wanting to see this guys since I can remember but had to pull out at the last minute!

Apparently in the last half of Fatboys set technical problems arose that saw huge music 'silences' and mixing fuck-ups

Officially from the man himself
“The Sydney crowd this evening were amazing! Despite receiving a complete soaking from the biblical downpour that accompanied the entire set (I haven’t seen weather like that since back home at Glastonbury 2 years ago), they kept me going during the technical nightmare that was my left turntable going down and me having to do the last half hour of the set with one deck and some very un-DJ-like silences… Sydney I salute you!”

Errrrrr what!?

Can I point out the errors in his statement there
  1. It was raining all day on Saturday but not as bad as Glastonbury by any measure so nice deflection but no takers
  2. Turntable fuck-up? These festivals always have backup equipment and I can safely assume, as I was not on the tech team, that the main stage would have back up turntables that could be changed within a couple of minutes
  3. Doest FBS DJ on serato? In which case mixing could be dong completely within the software?
  4. So was he just having too much 'fun' then!???

This is what some punters had to say

katesfox says...
technical difficulties my ass - i was standing right near the front and he was clearly off his head - jaw grinding - kept dropping his headphones - when there were breaks in the set he would just stand there laughing (despite being booed by the crowd) until other ppl went up to the decks to help him out (at which point the camera hooked up to the big screen conveniently panned away) - not impressed at all! promoters must have told him to pick up his act for melbourne. he finished his set early and didnt even do an encore - biggest disappointment of the day.

He was off his face and spent more time trying to get the airhorns working than sorting out his set. Even when the set wasn't being interrupted by dead air and the Beachboys backing track he wasn't with it and to say it was dull was an understatement. Bloody disappointing for those of us the forked out the cash mainly for him. Apart from Fatboy the rest of the event was amateurish. The rain isn't controllable but whats with the poor sound quality and running out of booze?? Lucky the weather kept the numbers down which probably stretched the bar but for a bit longer. God helps us if it was hot and they ran out of beer earlier!

and this guy sounds convincing but its still the net! anyway:
electrosam says...

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED... No such thing as Technical Difficulties at an event like that. The amount of back up equipment they have on stand by at festivals like that you can guarantee that a problem will be fixed within a minute of happening. As many people are aware Fat boy is the biggest booze hound out there and off his face every show he does. 1,The turntables were brand new, straight out of the box..."no f@#k up there" 2,The tech guy was ready side of stage with another turntable.." Fat boy's manager would not let him on f@#k up there" 3, THE FAULT.......Flicking the wrong line switch on a RANE TTM-57...."massive f@#k up there" Why did Melbourne go smoothly, all the switches were gaffed down and clearly marked "DO NOT TOUCH". Fat boy, Sydney doesn't salute you. Your shit!!!! So glad i didn't pay to see reward was cheese...thanks Deadmau5 you fucking rocked it.

(edit this blogger officially HATES Deadmau5 after his recents comments, but for the conveinence of this post I'll leave it there)

PS we still love you fatboy

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