Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Great new DJ mixes from Jamie Tek & Zushy Woolstone

Now I've being avoiding post up DJ mixes for the simple fact that I'm trying to get this player working at the top of my blog that allows you-the readers- to STREAM new mixes from new DJs from Sydney and Germany...and whoever else I con into giving/stealing a mix off.

Anyhoo here are the two mixes and one is from me!

Jamie Tek Summer Space Cadet Mix - My Promo Mix from Jan09, not exactly cutting edge minimal but definitely some of the tracks that have being floating my boat as well as my few DJ sets over the last couple of months.

The next one is from underground man Zushy Woolstone who has done an epic 3HOUR mixtape! With some eclectic tunes on it from funky house to techy minimal to pulsating techno.

aptly named; An Afternoon with No Neighbours - Zushy Woolstone

We're both playing at the upcoming Space Cadets night next thursday 12th of Feb so be sure to come down and have a dance

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