Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Whats that another NEW festival? (YHIHF)

The Tempest - Pic by dms

Another You Heard It 'Hear' First section;

Thats right ANOTHER new festival is in the works for early 2010! But this aint some 'done-on-cheap', falf-assed, half-day 'but lets call it a festival' project. NOOOO. It will apparently feature virtual reality set-ups, lots of street performers as well as really good production, just minus the huge crowds as capcity will be kept small-ish.

And the location? Its rumored to be on an Island on the harbour...

Modular will be apparently in on it but who else? I hope there will be a techno/electronica stage! There better be *Shakes Fist*

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  1. i got excited when you told me about this last night so i came here for more info. sounds good hey :D

    reminded me of Days Like This which was really good new festival.. they seem to get worse as they get more popular though (FMF for example) :(