Saturday, February 21, 2009

Space Cadets - recap, sets & pics

"Space cadets are go!"

Space Cadets on 12th of February was another great instalment of this new Thursday night and I have the audio, pictures and videos here to prove it!

All DJs played excellent sets but don't take my word for it check them out in the brand spanking new audio-player I'll be using from now on! With a little help from my friends at Yahoo as well, and to download the sets RIGHT-CLICK and select download ;)

Also all pictures were taken by good friend DMS who has a great eye for photos, check out his awesome collection of pics at his flickr photos stream here

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Space Cadets 12th Feb

Andrew Myers - Warmed up the night bringing out some big techno tunes early but definitely set the mood of the night with more 'intense' tunes. Unfortunately I forgot to hit the record button but check him out with Alex Caminer below. Looking forward to his next set for sure!

Jamie Tek - Tek 12thfeb.mp3
I took over and played a great set, if I dont say so myself. Minimal techno was the order of the day with some brand new Luciano remixes of Loco Dices album, Stimming & Solomon songs that were EP only releases as well as some up n comers taken direct out of Richie Hawtins mix CD, Sound of Can Elles.

Living Room DJs -
Played a banging set of techno and Prog-house which really got the peeps dancing, the set flowed through nicely with some sasha remixes, I beleive, making there way through as well as some other techno that I can remember now. It was not too overwhelming (as prog can sometimes be ) but not to mellow so fitted well with the mood at that point, in other words a great set!

Zushy Woolstone - Woolstone 12thFeb.mp3
3hr mixtape man jumps on to take us back into the tech-house/minimal-house direction of the night with some funky tunes to keep everyone dancing. He definitely was building it up towards the end as Zushy prefers long slots to DJs so next time he'll get it! Have a listen above as there are some seriously good tunes to be heard.

Alex Caminer & Andrew Myers - Caminer and Andrew Myers.mp3
Alex Caminer, resident space cadet!, played half a set before going B2B with Andrew myers. They played a great techno set with some so-hot-right-now tracks, think Steve Lawler - Kalimba, as well as some great underground tracks.

LayerOne - Space Cadet resident VJ kicked things off with great visuals all night, my highlights included the dancing girl (check youtube vid below), space ship (above), cubes and many other random objects. Be sure to come check him out next time as well!


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