Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Muppet Grind

Muppet Grind is Deepchild's latest EP release out now on BEEF records.

Its quite a dark gritty affair that as the name suggests conjures images of evil muppets having a 'grind'. Well at least thats what I think...then again maybe it just me.

Deepchilds mix, although labelled techno, is by no means a strict techno track. It bridges on dark-pop with a banging 'gritty' kick drum and smooth talking vocals (pitched down of course and by the man himself in one of his 'looser-moments' apparently!) the whole way through it. As with many of Deepchilds tracks bass seems to warp in and out, accentuated by keyboard stabs that create that dance-floor edge. Expect to see this little number poping up in many peoples sets as it would work just as well with fulor elektro as it would with techno.

Jamie Stevens, the man behind Infusion, then graces the EP with a funky tech-house style number. It gets rid of the edgy kick drum in the Original mix and replaces it with something much smoother while the vocals are pitched back up with a driving bass line to keep up the pace. The remix does have a slightly 'warmer' feel that could be said to make it slightly more accessible, either way its a great remix.

Remixes also done by Weki and Syd-underground duo Shades of Grey who take it back to its techno roots to create a 'lighter version' of the original that will fit nicely into any tech-house set.

However if were to use 2 words to describe the release, I think the man himself said it best on his blog, "Gutter-Funk" my friends...

ALSO the official EP launch will be happening at Looskaboose in Sydney next week, 20th of February, with Christian Vance and Deepchild headlining!

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